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Friday, December 30, 2011

Wait for iiiiiit


Yay, I am back, my lappie is working again. So happy! *huggles lappie* But I had to wipe his memory, so he has a new name, Lassoplet. <.< Can anyone guess where the Lass comes from? I told you I like to mash words, this one is three. ^_^ But anyways, I am back. I don't have word yet, cause I forgot my disc, but I can get one from my mom in a few days (Currently with friends to ring in a new year) but I can still write new stuff and now that I have my computer working again, I will start doing WOTDS again. I have been working on Modern Day Reveals, so I have been writing. 

But I do have something to post, a bit more edited and more...whats the word, substance to it. I added more to what I originally posted on Christmas eve, and the story goes a bit father too. ^_^ So Enjoy, I hope. 

Modern Day Revealed Magic (Was renamed later)

by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix
(I need a better title >.< )

'No fucking way, your a goddamn vampire!' she covered her mouth in shock of her outburst and swearing to a stranger.

She was just walking home from class, happened to glance sideways at movement she caught out of the corner of her eye and there he was, her childhood (adulthood) if you could be a superhero what power would you have, pfft superhero, open that to supernatural creature so I can answer Vampire; standing before her.

Her excitement sort of bubbled and took over, she ended up cursing at the guy, way to make a great first impression, smeghead. I need to lay off so many re-watches of RD.

He smirked, amused, of all people she didn't seem the type who would have paid attention to stories or movies about his kind. He gave her another once over with a smirk hovering on his lips.

She stood, both hands on her mouth, a cross of shock and awe etched over her pale and lightly freckled ruby cheeks. He was not sure if the rosy color was from the winter chill or emotions. Probably both.

Her hair was of a burnt auburn, but in the dark with his eyes he could see the roots growing out, light wispy brown with a hint of orange in the right light. Her eyes. Her eyes stood out with their icy blue, almost crystal, depth. The only thing that could make her eyes anymore beautiful would be the addition of iridescence, or green. He had a thing for green eyes. In her eyes he could see the way she was looking him over in be-withered belief and he couldn't help but note the wide eyed hope.

She was simply dressed, a grey baby doll styled shirt, with an image he couldn't piece tougher due to the black fuzzed scarf that was wrapped loosely around her neck. She wore a black and blue styled hat that was often associated with artists, only with a little more poof, and a few buttons scattered on one side. Which is how he noticed the ankh earring and star one, dangling from her ear. The pants she wore looked like black men's cargos, with the large pockets and a bit of bagginess from the lack of proper size for her frame. She was snug in a nice military styled black coat, with several pockets, it also looked like a men's with the square cut to it. The messenger bag that clung to her shoulders had weight to it, and didn't seem to like to stay where it was because she would fidget and replace it farther up her shoulder. She looks like a college student, so the weight probably came from textbooks.

He chuckled when she realized he was giving her the look over. Her blush deepen and she took a nervous step forward as he spoke, answering her outburst. "What would give you such a silly idea?"

She merely pointed to the partly visible foot the poked out from behind the garbage container that blocked part of that alley way. She coughed, clearing her through before she could speak. "That and the trickle of blood on your lips." pointing to her own to indicate where on his lips it clung.

She was intriguing indeed, "That's absurd" he really did damn this day and age sometimes. What happened to the days were sure people had heard myths of the demons so called Vampires (Or the multitude names over many cultures and languages), but they screamed and ran; but now they didn't run in terror, instead he found damn groupies or people who no longer scared due to over exposure in the movies. While it can make things easy for prey, but often their dull witted blind obsession creeped him out to be honest. Plus they were always so... bland or one demential that obsession drove their life and not only that, but they had it all wrong. He had never met a Vampire who didn't enjoy life to it's fullest, and these (often angst teenagers) harp on about some dribble on lonely path of eternity, forever brooding. Screw that, if I am living forever, I am going to enjoy myself, travel, and have all the time in the world to study varies topics and ologies.

But they were an easy meal, most of them didn't actually want to live forever, but instead were suicidal, and he was sure no one actually missed them.

But this girl, was an oddity. She not only knows what I am, isn't running away screaming, but also isn't throwing herself at me begging to die in my arms.

He licked his lip before speaking again, "It's just a bit of sauce-from dinner." Wasn't a lie.

"Yeah, sauce called blood and dinner consisting of death." She took another step forward, craning her neck to look at the body. "Cause that doesn't suspiciously look like bite marks on her neck, and at least according to crime shows, that unnatural paleness is a sign of massive blood loss, and I don't see any pools of it on the ground." She looked up at him with a look that dared him to explain that. I really need to lay of the crime shows, she thought to herself.

He almost laughed out loud as he noticed her height compared to him now that she was standing right in from of him.

"Well your short." he cringed, what was that? "Your just a child with an over active imagination, Vampires don't exist."

She glared, "I am 23, and there is a kernel of truth to every myth. All around the world, almost every culture has a myth that involves a vampire. Different names, different depictions of what they look like, various 'abilities' and such, but one thing they all agree on is needing the blood of mortals, sometimes animals with do, and living forever, well except one book series, but still several hundred years is quite a feat compared to our maybe 100 at best, but average is what, 80? I don't know for sure, but with as many cultures that have a myth as such, it's more likely that there is is something out there that inspired those myths all across the world, then there not being."

He liked this girl- woman he corrected.


"What makes you think I would want to a vampire?" she refused to look at him, but instead pretended to read a book. As they sat on a bench in her backyard, well she had been sitting enjoying a pot of Kyoto Cherry tea and reading a book in the cloudless starry night, when Mr. Dracula, she hadn't learned his name yet, appeared from no where and had sat down beside her. Although with the lighter colored hair, he looked more Lestat by Tom cruise, then the Dracula she images, which is the one played by Richard Roxburgh.

"That blush and longing look in your eyes." he gave her a cheeky grin and a wiggle of an eyebrow.

She also needs to stop watching so much Psych, that reminded her too much of Shawn's signature grin, not that she really was complaining, no don't fall for it, he might have the ability to hypnotize, fight it.

"Rubbish." She went back to staring at her kindle, clicking to flip to the next page, pretending she wasn't glancing at him from the corner of her eyes. Peripheral vision, go.

"So what are you reading?" He leaned forward to look over her shoulder, smirking at the title which she had failed to turn of the screen before he saw it.

"None of your business." She stuffed it into her bag, picking up her cup of tea, gently blowing on it before taking a cautious sip, flinching lightly noting it was still to hot and set it back down. Way to forget your pinky test, dumbass.

"That was a Vampire novel."

"Your point?" Pretending a spot on the bench was interesting.

"You completely want to be turned." he smirked again, leaning closer. "You find me attractive, and that scene where he was bitting that girl, you found it erotic." he paused, his lips brushing against her ear. "I can smell it."

She leaped away, "Your creepy, did you know that?" if you annoy him enough, he probably going to kill you, just my luck, well he is probably going to kill you no matter what at this point, you know.

"Okay, yeah I admit, that last bit was unnecessary, but I am still right. You want to become a Vampire." he was amused and throughly enjoying himself. She was fun to tease.

Might as well indulge him a bit, "It may have crossed my mind." she turned away, trying not to blush.

He leaned forward, brushing her hair from her neck, hovering above her neck. "I could." he inhaled deeply, she smelt of citrus and roses, and that intoxicating coppery goodness. "It would be so easy." In a hushed whisper, unsure whither that was to her or himself; and he was having a devil of a time not biting her, he wasn't sure why he didn't just indulge himself. He inhaled deeply again, his fangs itches but didn't release them.

She resisted leaned against him, instead pulling away. "No" she fiddle with her hair, covering her neck once more, but the way her artery pulsed with her beating heart was etched in him mind, but he shook it off.

"Why, you want it?" He just wanted to take her already, but he didn't want to force her, if she was to survive being turned she had to want it, otherwise she would just die. You can't force someone to become a Vampire, the soul had to be willing, the soul has to fight for life, in order to be changed, and even then if they weren't strong willed enough they still died.

"Because I don't know you, for starters and the act is very intamate. secondly what if you are lying, I may have my bad days, but I don't want to die. I have yet to travel overseas and there is still so much to see and learn and what if you just kill me? and third, I have 't questioned you on the details."

He raised an eyebrow, "details?" well, at least he got her to admit it, good step.

"The truth behind the multitudes of myths, what parts are right, what parts are dead wrong, and what are the half truths. I not going to step into such a drastic life altering decision just because I have fantasied about it since I was 4." She wanted to face palm, way to sound like an obsessed freak.

"Since you were 4?" that caught him off guard, she was more of a fangirl then she let on. She maybe a fangirl, but at least she was nothing like those tween Cullen fans. The thought made him cringe at memories. Or a brooding suicidal.

"Yeah, so." she blushed, shifting nervously. Crapcrapcrap, shouldn't have said anything.

"You knew about Vampires when you were four years old? Where did you learn about them?" Now he was even more curious about this girl-woman. Maybe he could 'force' her, if it's something she was been pondering since she was 4 years old, if anyone was guaranteed to surviving being turned, she would probably have the highest percentage. A soul that has craved something so long, would fight the devil to get back to the body that housed such a possibility.

"I don't know, or don't remember, I was four, but I distinctly remember a sleepover at my friends for her birthday and we decided I was a Vampire and she was a werewolf because of the shape of our canines." her eyes glossed in memory, "Ever since that night, I have read and watched everything involving Vampires I could get. They fascinated me and I envied them." Great, now I sound even more like a crazy obsessed freak, no, like a psycho.

"at four?" He couldn't let go of that part, so young.


"Your weird." He chuckled.

"You Mr. That's-just-sauce-from-dinner Vampire, are calling me weird." she laughed, placing her hand on his kneel as she doubled over laughing.

"Well you want me bad and you know it." again, what kind of come back was that?

"I think it's the other way around." She laughed again, and he loved the smile on her face and the way it seems to light her eyes, and he vowed to get her to smile as often as he could. Those who believe all vampires are nothing but cold heartless killers were wrong, sure they killed, like a farmer slaughters a cow to feed his family, to feed himself. But heartless, no, admittedly he may not have been fully sure of that himself until tonight, but he has always enjoyed life, enjoying reading, traveling, experiencing things he never dreamed would exist and would have never know if he hadn't been turned so long ago.

He gave her a mock glare. "Fine, ask." If he answered her questions, then perhaps she would say yes. She wanted to travel, he could actually show her the world, but not just as it is, but he could show her different centuries. She said there was so much more to see, to learn, he could give her eternity to study and he had a feeling, she craved what he could give her more then she let on.

She raised an eyebrow, "Ask what?"

"Your questions for the truth behind the myth." he paused, "you already know I drink blood."

"You have a supersniffer and your eyes glow." she checked them off on her fingers.

"Oops, I usually pay better attention about my eyes. I guess I have been distracted lately." he leaned close, making a move for her neck again, this time in was more joking then last time, he didn't want her to be upset at making the choice before she was ready, for the rest of time. Though in the end, she probably wouldn't be so upset, but he didn't want to take the chance.

She rolled her eyes, and blocked his path with her hand.

"You know that wouldn't really stop me." partly muffled by her hand covering his face before he leaned back, pushing her hand gently down so he could see her face again.

"So super strength too?"

"Yeah, but your so petite I don't need it to over power you." he patted her on the head, "I am still not sure I believe you are over 18. I am worried I've been flirting with a high-schooler."

She smack him on the arm.

"You dare hit a Vampire, are you crazy?!" but he broke into a grin part way through his mock angered speech.

"oh hush, it's not like I could hurt you." she smirked, turning on the bench to face him, getting more excited now, her childhood dream of interviewing a vampire, though being faced with it, it was hard to remember her questions.

"True." he returned her smirk, coping her movement so they were facing each other. He saw her shiver as the breeze picked up and he could smell the rain on the clouds. "It's going to start raining, we should head inside, where you can warm up."

She nodded, picking up her bag and cup of cooling tea, heading for the house and paused turning back around and almost bumping to him, which she would have if he hadn't sidestepped out of the way.

He looked at her questionably and she raised an eyebrow back, her stare demanding the answer to the question she had't asked yet.

"Do you have to be invited in?" She paused a moment, and added before he could answer. "Is it really going to rain, or were you trying to be clever and get invited into my home so you can feast on me whenever you like?"

He chuckled, she was a delight, and clever. "For starters you wouldn't really object to me feeding, be honest." He stepped to stand inches from her, trailing a finger along her neck, and her blush and goose bumps said it all.

She tried to respond, but stumbling over her attempts to deny it, but he cut in an answered the rest of her questions. "Actually yes, I do have to be invited, most of the time. See people have more power then they realize, if they believe their home in safe from 'monsters' then it actually is, even those who may not believe in beings like myself, have a protection on their house because what is it people always feel when they are at home, what's ingrained in your mind?"

"I made it home, I am safe and I can relax because I am at home." She grinned, at the knowledge. "is the cross the same way?"

"Any religious artifact actually, only if someone believe it holds the power to save them. Like I said, people have more power then they realize, witches come from people who realize and understand that. They are few an far between, it takes immense will power to over come what you have been taught, and that's that 'magic' doesn't exist. Also if I get into a house, that doesn't mean I can get into someone's room, or more if I am invited into a house that doesn't mean I am invited into their room, because--"

"When there is a storm, you dive into your room, under your sheets. Since childhood you feel your blanket can save you from anything, from the monsters under your bed."

He wanted to kiss her, she is the only one, in all these years, who he could actually converse with, and didn't go deer in the headlights, granite he didn't normally talk this long with someone other then his kind, and that wasn't often either. Their numbers were low and most were really unsure about turning anyone.

"Exactly." screw it, he leaned forward, brushing his hand behind her neck and pulling her up onto her toes as he leaned down and pressed his lips tentatively to hers, giving her the ability to pull away if she really wanted to.

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What do you think? Bare with it, its still rather in infancy. Still bare bones, and mostly an idea that I am writing down to get it written. I don't really have a plot per say, just some ideas. 

I don't really have much else to say, I am back and  I will start on WOTDS again. Anyways, the side notes and then I am back to re-downloading things onto my computer.

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