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Monday, December 19, 2011

Beyond the Stars excited

So excited about new Red Dwarf! <3

I just read this wonderful article from someone who was at the first shooting for Red Dwarf X and as excited for the airing of the new season it made me. I have to say what pleasantly caught me off guard and super ecstatic was that there is planned already for another season! "This isn't just a one off return season for a last huraah, it's what hoping to be a kick off to another run!!" -that was more or least a quote from the article, then my own words, though I am not sure if I quoted it exact of not, so I just want to state that, but that is my excited tone behind the words.

All I have else to say is, I beg of you, as tempting as it maybe to spoil and as curious I am to hear about each episode, for those who are so lucky enough to be at a shooting, don't you dare, dare breath one toe out of line about the show, because if there are spoilers you will ruin the chance of there being another season. *grins* Threat aside now, I wish I was able to go to a shooting, but alas I am jobless and in America...even if I had won a ticket through the twitter contests, which would be very unlikely, I would have no way of getting to the studios. I don't know where it's shooting, I just assume England somewhere. ^_^;;

Here is a Link to this wondrous article, that is completely spoiler free, while delightfully making you long for it to be September 2012 already, I will say as I often will say when feeling inpatient about an upcoming event; where is the TARDIS when you need one?! After a quick snog with 10th Doctor, I would want to make stops for the rest of Psych season 6, but first I want to skip ahead, watch the fist episode for Red Dwarf X, then make a U-turn for the second half if Psych season 6, pop back for the second episode of Red Dwarf, followed by the promised Musical episode for the opening of Psych season 7. There are too many things I am looking forward to and they are almost a year away! I don't know how I will handle the wait, not only that, but the second half of Psych season 6 is over two months away, and two month feels too long, so how will I manage the 9 months till September?

That aside, I hope you didn't miss me too much the last few days. At least it feels like several days *Checks date for last post* Yup, several sleep schedule is horribly wonky, but I may have fixed it, but I only woke up at 7am this morning because of horrible back pain...I need to find some pain relief, this bath isn't helping much, a little but not enough, now that the shock distracting excitement has worn down, I am now feeling the pain again.

Also I just wasn't in a talkative mood. I did work a little on "To Hell with it" and I did write a WOTDS (Words of the Day Stories) yesterday, but it was off, didn't include Nekodra or Vampires and I just didn't find it suitable to post. I have all day, so I will go find those pain relievers, maybe go back to sleep for a little while, then I will poke at seeing about writing today's WOTDS and working some more on "To Hell with it" though honestly I am feel the urge to work on "The Dreams we Weave", which is on of the novels I am working on. But at the same time I have been working on it in my head, and it wants to re-write several things and take a different turn the I have it currently going, so at the same time, I am a little peeved at it. So we will see where inspiration takes me today, but I will at least attempt a suitable WOTDS to post.

So while you begin reading the rest immediately, there is actually likely to be a hefty break here. I will insert the hours number for amusement later when I come back to this. It could be many, because I might be heading home for the holidays tonight, but it could be tomorrow. Anyways, to the mid-post break:
 .............9 hrs and 40 minutes later, after a good nap from 9am to 1:30pm, and not heading home yet, that will be tomorrow, I am back with today's WOTDS and working on edits and the Afterword for this post. Enjoy.

Note: to learn a little about Nekodra (The Oc) before reading a short story on her please take a look a the page titled WOTDS Guide, give you an idea what the WOTDS is and about Nekodra the character who stars in my WOTDS. Link to the WOTDS Guide

WOTDS December 19, 2011
(Note: they will be missing any special markings above letters because I don’t know how to add them, heh. Sorry. Also some I can’t type the word, but I will give the language and definition.)
Ethereal- Of or relating to the heaven: heavenly. Being light and airy: delicate.
Ectype- A reproduction; copy.
Venatic- of, like, or pertaining to hunting
Failing- A flaw or weak point
Veritas (Latin)- Truth
(Arabic)- Lesson
Souchou (Japanese)- Early morning

Deer, Deer, oh Dear
by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Alright, a simple lesson, a simple little new exercise for myself. Nekodra looked around the tall grass and bushes placed nearby, in search for any movement, for the ectype of a deer she had made, only it was about the size of a bunny and it was really a plushie and not an actual flesh and blood deer, but it was given enough energy and a sort of AI to move around and ability to pretend eat the tall grass, essentially acting very deer like, but super fuzzy and blue button eyes.
She was giving herself a lesson in hunting there were also a few bunnies wondering the tall grass, but it’s the deer she needs to find and if she ends up spilling the fluff of a bunny then she failed.
 Vertias be told, it was a boring day on this extremely early morning, having had woken up at this ungodly hour of 8 am and was unable to fall back asleep, and she realized she is always practicing her ability to control fire and as much as she enjoys it, and loves it, there was no real chance of failure anymore, currently she had no challenges when it comes to the practice of it. Without any new exercise ideas, she has reached max level with her fire element, and while it’s good to practice to keep said max level, she wanted something challenging today, so here she is, pretending to hunt a plush deer.
She created an enclosed area of a box shaped ceiling-less dome, with the insides of overgrown grass, large bushes, and a tree or three, scattered about. The grass came up to her hips, making it about 2 feet tall, some patched were shorter and there were some patches only an inch or two tall. The bushes were a dark green in comparison to the grass, with mistletoe like leaves because with it being the holiday season its was easier to copy something on the tip of her mind which happened to first be mistletoe, only it had long oval royal purple colored berries with a maroon spiral up it like a candy cane, again it’s the holiday season. The berries tasted like black cherry warheads (the candy, which sadly is hard to find now a days).
Nekodra likes to amuse herself with creating odd looking berries that taste like something else, plus it was good practice for her Eec ability (Energy Ectype copying, yes its redundant, and that what amuses her, its also a self given title to her ability of being a human copy-machine, which she pronounces eek.) it is good practice to splice two different things together, the texture of a juicy berry and the flavor of a hard candy, while making it look someone unique, which takes more concentration then a straight copy, that and its also not something in front of her to make a direct copy, but something she has to recall from memory meaning more concentration to get the details correct, then once she has the initial prototype correct, then she just has to make direct copies of that onto the bushes in a semi-random arrangement, but it’s the original that takes work to make correctly, and it had only taken her three tries to get how she wanted it.
There were also two trees that stood next to each other, not much taller then Nekodra’s 4’11” tall frame. They were mostly typical pine trees, but with red and green pine cones, cause she might as well have fun, and it tis the season. Then there was a weeping willow, with abnormal flowers with centers that blink with alternating purple and blue like Christmas lights, which matched the colors of the strange flowers, which sat at the edge of a small pond that took up one of the corners to the dome. The four walls of the dome were each 8 feet in length, and 8 feet tall.
Nekodra figured, start off simple, I can’t expect anything too challenging. When she has never hunted anything before, so level one, a small enclosed area, 3 bunnies for invalid targets that result in failure and 1 deer which results in success, all four made to be the same size.  
She paused; crouching in her right hand was a ball of fire about the size of a baseball, which she had been idling playing with as a yo-yo until she paused at the rustle from a bush up ahead.
This flame yo-yo was her first incarnation of being able to use fire, though now that she is more advanced with her usage of flames, once the ball hits something, she can have it morph, to say wrap them in flames like a rope and drag them back to her, or flick it back and forth and just bop them repeatedly, or actually catch them on fire, which no longer happens on accident, or at least not nearly as often and it takes a lot more to break her concentration now.
She watched, silently and holding her breath, the bush just a few feet in front of her, something had nestled inside of it, but the leaves were too thick to see, and she wasn’t going to cheat by simply removing the leaves of her self created bush, what fun with that be. No, she would inch closer, see if she can startle it out of the bush and into the open. She side stepped, in hopes to drive the bunny or deer into a clearing in the grass that was on one side of the bush. Her hand raised slightly ready to flick the fiery yo-yo. She neared the bush, once she was half a foot away, she leaped closer, landing with a small thud as both her boots hit the ground with the weight of her body behind them.
The creature leaped from the no longer safety of the bushes but not into the clearing, and it was in the shadow of the bush making its color hard to determine. Nekodra hesitated and with a second of doubt, the creature had darted off and she lost track of it in tall grass, cursing, she stood up straight and took in a sweeping glance around her.
            “Damn, I wonder if they lost energy and can’t move anymore.”  She looked around again, “Or maybe they are napping...” She cursed again, and plopped down, plucking a few berries from the bush. “I’ll take a break too then.” Popping the first berry into her mouth, relishing the sour taste as her lips puckered involuntarily. She was picking up another berry from her cupped palm, when the deer popped its head out from around another bush and bounced forward, nabbing the berry from her fingers, spilling juice it can’t actually eat down its plush mouth as it pretended to chew the berry.
She couldn’t help but burst into giggles, “So much for being a hunter.” She chuckled picking up the soft deer, which stretched its neck out and nabbed another berry from her palm as it past by. “Rawr! I am a hunter, you should run from me.” She brought the deer to eye level, with a mock glare, which the deer proceeded to tilt its head at her question as it chewed on another berry, the juice dripping off its chin and onto her pants.
She wanted to face palm, so much for an attempt at hunting. She set the deer back down and held out another berry to it. Well might as well enjoy the Ethereal feeling of this little enclosed area for a while longer before I take it down. She stretched out her legs and leaned back, using her hands as a pillow and started up at the sky, watching the clouds slowly shift when one of the bunnies landed on her chest. She tilted her head at the bunny on her, as another appeared pulling her hair mistaking it for food it could pretend to eat, with a sigh she spoke to the bunny on her chest. “I am supposed to be the huntsmen, not Snow White…” It tilted its head, and bounced off disappearing into a bush.

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Lol, this was fun. I toyed with the idea of it being a bunny and her mistakenly spilling its fluffy insides, but then I decided naw, she will be unsure and end up not attacking it, then having her take a short break, and then it hit me. How funny would it be for the deer to just end up walking up to her and stealing a berry? Answer hilarious! I rather like the outcome of this story, its fun and what I hope was an unexpected ending. 

So I have decided in honor, of the WOTDS with the 14 words and how fun it was to try to get so many words to fit into one story, that from now on I will do 7 words per story. While 14 its twice as good as 7, 7 its a bit better to work with, because some days have crappy words to work with, and then between the 12 apps for words of the day, it gives a decent range to pick from, while still having to use most of them. 

But yeah, that was fun, I hope you found it amusing too. And this story is diffidently cannon to the world of Dreaming Reality (Which is the novel I am working on that Nekodra is from.) Though later on in the series that will be Dreaming Reality, but cannon none the less. And I like this, doing these WOTDS and having them involve Nekodra I think is going to help me get more done with that novel. It gives me little one shots that I can plug into the story line. *Claps* This makes me really happy. Dreaming Reality is my little pride and joy, that really hasn't been written at all, but I want to, and I mean to, but I never end up doing it, and this is at least getting stuff written down and it makes me soooo happy. *bounces excitedly* Super Happy! in fact I makes me want to work on the beginnings of Dreaming Reality. See this little shot of a story would take place....oh roughly 7 or so years from where the story will start. 

So I hope you enjoyed that, I am off to work on the beginnings of Dreaming Reality, see you next post. Here are the side notes and then I am off:

 -Follow me on Twitter, because I will tweet every time I post on my blog and I will post a link.  Nekodra's Twitter and remember Sharing is Caring, retweet to your friends if they might enjoy this.
         -If you have never seen Psych, and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! You will laugh so much. Psych Wednesday nights, but currently they are on a mid-season break and will return on Leap year, Feb. 29th 2012. So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6.
         -Also if you have never seen Red Dwarf it’s a great British Sci-fi comedy, and a new season after many years will air September 2012 for Red Dwarf X. So excited they are currently filming, can’t wait!
        - Please remember feedback, I can’t grow as a writer from silence.
        -Also remember unless stated otherwise, these stories and drawings belong to me, I wrote/drew them, please respect that.

                                             ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix 

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