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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rushing & Rushing Around

Note: to learn a little about Nekodra (The Oc) before reading a short story on her please take a look a the page titled WOTDS Guide, give you an idea what the WOTDS is and about Nekodra the character who stars in my WOTDS. Link to the WOTDS Guide

WOTDS December 20th 2011
Subterfuge- Deception by artifice or stratagem in order to conceal, escape, or evade. A deceptive device or stratagem.
Lucent- Shining
(etwas) Loswerden (German)- to get rid of (Something)
Kala (Hawiian)- to forgive
Culpa (Latin)- Fault, Blame
Szczuply (Polish)- Slim
Da (Vietnamese)- Ice
Intai (Japanese)- retire

Lucent Trip of Light

She bolted down the slim alley way her large cloak fluttered out behind her as she dodged the empty cardboard boxes, broken wooden crates, and things she didn’t want to dwell on what it could be. She looked to the lucent object in her right hand briefly before looking forward again, raking her brain for any way to get rid of her pursuer. Plus she just didn’t want to think about the puddles she occasionally couldn’t avoid in this broken down and grotesque city, reminding her of the one time she had traveled to Geneva back in her other body.
Her eyes widened at a solution struck her, and she wanted to face palm at being so daft, but she had to concentrate while not tripping over anything. Using the cover her cloak gave her, she tucked the lucent object safely into her bag that was strapped to her hip, and then held out her hands, palms up in front of her, focusing as best she could while weaving to avoid objects.
What appeared to be a small black blob appeared in her handa, which shifted, formed, into a small version of herself, large black cloak included, thank goodness for the chill of late fall nearly winter, that made her wear it tonight, it certainly will help with this subterfuge. Once she had that down as best she could get, she focused on the small copy of the lucent object, placing it in the same hand she had held it in, giving it the same glow. Then, the simple task for the copy of herself which while looking very similar, it was actually a plush version of herself easier to create while running, then something that looked more detailed and fleshy. Also when the guy caught up with it, she could image the look of frustration on his face. She gave it a simple AI, one simple task, just run, avoid objects, and try to avoid a dead end for as long as possible, just run. Focusing, she gave it energy, a battery so to say, to keep it going, to run.
Run at least till it ran out of said energy and collapse, which hopefully will be long enough for her to be long gone by the time it was discovered to be a fake.
She stole a quick glance behind herself, he was a ways back, but she would need more distance to be sure it worked. Taking a deep breath and summoning what little energy she had left, she exhaled and broke into a burst of a sprint, spying the perfect spot up ahead, and if she could get enough distance between her and him by the time she reached it, that is should be seamless.
She faked a trip, stumbling off to the side, behind a large garbage container, which completely hid her from view. She dropped the copy of herself, which grew to match her size by the time its black booted feet hit the ground. It blinked a few times, looking dazed, mindless.
“Run!” Nekodra hissed to her copy, pointing to the original direction she had been heading, it darted out from behind the container they had ‘tripped’ behind, stumbling a moment before adjusting to itself and continued on without a problem. Nekodra watched it for a moment, relieved that from behind with the length of the cloak and the boots and pants she had been wearing, there was no difference in how they looked from behind, and it certainly didn’t look like a plushie. The front was a different story, but that doesn’t matter right now.
Taking a short, calming breath, she looked to the left, down the alley way the container almost blocked from view. “Oh, Sweet love, thank you luck.” She muttered to herself, pushing off the container to dart up a nearby latter, her dark cloak blending into the surrounding shadows. The lights for this alley way looked like they had broken long ago and even she couldn’t see if they alley dead ended or continued on.
She was most of the way up, when she heard his foot steps, she paused leaning her head down and crouching so her cloak covered her entire body, and held her breath. Steeling herself for the possibility of being discovered, coming up with a few plan B’s, one of which  included a host of copies to ambush him to the ground while she ran off, another included lighting the box below the latter on fire to keep him from pursuing her up the later.
Her heart almost stopped, when she heard him pause, his breathing was heavy and she could hear his wheezing from her spot on the later.
“Damn bitch.” He muttered before darting off again after her copy.
Once his foot steps had faded, she let herself release her breath, slowly, nervously.
“I forgive your harsh words and I don’t blame you.” She snickered, “I just thank the Gods you are a daft moron.” She chuckled quietly as she made her way up the latter. “And yay for being short and for large garbage containers that make good cover.” Her heart still racing, but was winding down as she reached the roof of the building, and laid down on her back for a moment, while the adrenaline wore off.
She giggled again, “That was fun, what a rush.”
After a few minutes she sat up, realizing she shouldn’t stay here long, once he caught up to the copy and realized it was a trick, he would come back to the one place he lost sight of her for a moment, in search for a sign of what direction she went and would good would the copy have done if he found her here.
Standing up and brushing the weirdly texture dirt off herself, she looked around deciding to head off following the alley she had hidden in, trying to avoid slipping on the ice that clung to the roof tops. She was completely worn out and ready to get home and retire for the night, perhaps after a nice warm bubble bath, then bed. She padded the bag at her side, overly cautious in making sure it was still there, before jumping down, landing soft and gracefully down a dead ended alley way, that lead away from where she had come from and where her copy was head, thanking the gods this town was a mass of mazes.

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I don't really have much to say at the moment, I know what a shock. No new Psych episode to yammer about, I finished re-watching Red Dwarf and the new season isn't till September. I am re-watching Couplings as I work on this, but after I post this, I am going to take a break and re-watch some Firefly. Oh yeah, I still need to catch up and watch Castle, I am only half way through the first season. I believe in January is when the second half of season 4 will start, I will have to check that. 
As for todays WOTDS, I don't know if that will be cannon or not, it certainly was fun to write. Don't ask, I have not idea what object is and why Nekodra is stealing it. It was just an amusing idea that fit for the words for today.
As for the title, *shrug* seemed amusing and worked for the subject of the story, kinda. lol, just want sort of popped into my head when I looked up and saw I had yet to title this post, thinking what should I name it, and pop there was a title.
Okay, like I said, I can't really think of anything to say. I am going to go watch Firefly now and play Angry Birds seasons, which I have completely mastered this years advent calendar so far, three stars on the 20 unlocked levels, and all the feathers. But its fun to go through and see if I can beat my own scores. ^_^ 

Night Readers!
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