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"Our Milky Way Galaxy is but an atom of dust in an endless mansion, that in all of existence, has never been dusted." -Nekodra K.D. LaCroix


WOTDS – Words of the Day Stories
So on many people are doing a collection of short stories based of the word of the day and I though perfect, I need to write more and I haven’t had many ideas -so- when I need to get the creative juices flowing I turn to WOTDS. Using it to get ideas to come to mind. Its amazing how well having something like a few words can jolt an idea into the mind, at least for me it works pretty well when I am short on ideas. Most of these stories are going to involve my Oc Nekodra in some way, at the bottom of this page are some pictures of her and a short quip of her Bio. I figure I can double dip and also use these to practice and flush out writing about Nekodra more, because she belongs to my series titled Dreaming Reality, that I plan to write and has been bouncing about in my head for 6+ years, but I can’t seem to just sit down and write it. So maybe this will help, not all of these are going to be canon to my world Dreaming Reality, but some might become part of it, depending how much I like it. So sort of take these with a grain of salt, ya know? And some won't even involve Nekodra at all, but random new characters that may end up a story of their own. Maybe.

Also yes, me and Nekodra share our name. That will.... eventually make sense. If/when I do eventually publish her story.

Side note: I have an app on my iPhone for words of the day, that has English and a few other languages, basically a collection of like 10 words of the day, so I will pick about 4-6 for each story, depending on which I can get to mash together. I have put my own little spin of short stories using words of the day, instead of word of the day. ^_^ Hence WOTDS.

So, I will post the link for each post with a Word of the Day story.

(Note: they will be missing any special markings above letters because I don’t know how to add them, heh. Sorry. Also some I can’t type the word, but I will give the language and definition.)

December 15, 2011
Conversazione - A meeting for conversation especially 
about art, literature, or science.
Libero (Italian) – Free
Schmollen (German) – to pout
Rationale – An underlying reason or explanation
Kosher – Proper, genuine, permissionible. 

Converzone, what? Link
(600 words)

December 16th 2011
Foment- To promote the growth or development of
Abrade- To scrape off
Etalage (French) – Display
Agire (Italian) – to act
An deiner seite (German) –by your side
Ikaika (Hawaiian)- Strong
Karwahe (not sure)- Carriage
Xi Mang (Vietnamese)- Cement
(ke) Niiche (Hindi)- Down/under
Gloria (Latin) –Glory, fame
Malus (Latin)- Bad, evil, wicked
Oculus (Latin)- eye
Oiche mhaith (Irish) – Good Night
Mediateness- The quality of being mediate

Oculus Etalage Mediatenss Link
(1,092 words) 

December 19, 2011
Ethereal- Of or relating to the heaven: heavenly.
Being light and airy: delicate.
Ectype- A reproduction; copy.
Venatic- of, like, or pertaining to hunting
Failing- A flaw or weak point
Veritas (Latin)- Truth
(Arabic)- Lesson
Souchou (Japanese)- Early morning

Deer, Deer, oh Dear Link
(1,369 words) 

December 20th 2011
Subterfuge- Deception by artifice or stratagem in order to conceal,
escape, or evade. A deceptive device or stratagem.
Lucent- Shining
(etwas) Loswerden (German)- to get rid of (Something)
Kala (Hawiian)- to forgive
Culpa (Latin)- Fault, Blame
Szczuply (Polish)- Slim
Da (Vietnamese)- Ice
Intai (Japanese)- retire

Lucent Trip of Light Link
(1,077 words)

December 31st 2011/January 1st 2012
Anamnesis- The recollection or remembrance of the past
Intuitive- Known directly, without apparent thought or effort
Uaki (Hawaiian)- Watch
Corpus (Latin)- Body
Pulcher (Latin)- Beautiful
Superare (Latin) To surpass, to overcome
(Arabic)- Film
(Arabic)- Computer
Leniwy (Polish)- Lazy
Thandaa (Hindi)- Cold

Untitled Link
(523 words)

Jan. 3rd 2012
Loke (Hawaiian)- A Rose
Conservare (Latin)- To preserve
An beal (Irish)- The mouth
Tani (Polish)- Cheap
Di ung (Vietnemese)- Allergy
Lekhiika (Hindi)- Writer
(Korean)- Face, features, looks

A Writers Forgotten Rose Link
(247 words)

January 4th 2012
Headlong- With the head foremost.
Without deliberation: recklessly. Without pause or delay.
Yue (Japanese)- Cause, circumstances.

Untitled Link
(352 words)

January 7th 2012
Tome- a volume forming part of a larger work.
Book; especially: a large or scholarly book.
Cimmerian- Very dark; gloomy; deep
Giu (Italian)- downstairs
Verruckt (German)- Crazy
Pneumatic- of or relating to air, wind, or gases. Spiritual.
Dispiteous- Pitiless; Malicious
Volare (Latin)- To fly, to fly away

Untitled Link
(774 words) 

January 7th 2012
Tome- a volume forming part of a larger work.
Book; especially: a large or scholarly book.
Cimmerian- Very dark; gloomy; deep
Giu (Italian)- downstairs
Verruckt (German)- Crazy
Pneumatic- of or relating to air, wind, or gases. Spiritual.
Dispiteous- Pitiless; Malicious
Volare (Latin)- To fly, to fly away
January 8th 2012
Profligacy- Reckless extravagance
Sin e (Irish)- Thats it
Dociekliwy (Polish)- Inquisitive
Bachcha (Hindi)- Child

Untitled Link
(967 words)

January 9th 2012
Harcelement (French)- Harassment
Guileless- Without cunning; innocent
Ashlar- Squared stone used in building walls.
Dubitare (Latin)- to hesitate, to waver

Untitled Link
(503 words) 

January 11th 2012
Kudos- Fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement; Prestige.
Expostulate- To reason earnestly with someone against
something that person intends to do or has done.
Olua (Hawaiian)- You (two people)
Aetas (Latin)- Period of life, age, time
Crionna (Irish)- Wise

Untitled Link
(347 words) 

January 15th 2012
Mutative- Indicating a change of place or state
Kumu (Hawaiian)- Tree
Mutare (Latin)- to change, to alter
Ignis (Latin)- Fire
Cupiditas (Latin)- Desire, Longing, Passion

Ignis, Cupiditas, Mutare Dreams Link
(565 words) 

March 20th 2012
Vernal- Appearing or Occurringin spring
Scivolare (Italian)- To Slip
Benefictium (Latin)- Kindness,Benefit
Silere (Latin)- to be silent, tobe still
Timor (Latin)- Fear
Alainn (Irish)- Beautiful
Alag (Hindi)- Different

Benefictium of Death Link
1,507 (words)

April 16th 2012
Nox (Latin)- Night
Vacuus (Latin)- Free from
Idir (Irish)- Between
Kaafii (Hindi)- Enough

Untitled Link
719 (words) 

April 23rd 2012
Finis (Latin)- End
Metus (Latin)- Fear

Untitled Link
293 (words)

Feb 14th 2013
Heartstring- The deepest emotions of affections usually used plural.
Desiderare (Latin)- To Desire
Heart- a hollow muscular organ of vertebrate animals that
by its rhythmic contraction acts as a force pump maintaining
the circulation of the blood
Valentine- a sweetheart chosen or complimented on Valentine's Day
Love- Affection and tenderness felt by lovers

Bloody Valentine Link

Drawn by Miha

Nekodra Kisuchi Dracula LaCroix’s – Quip of a bio:
Nicknames: ‘Kodra
Earth Given Name: Natalie A. Bennett
Age: Technically 26, looks 16, alive for 22-sorta
Eyes: Arctic Ice blue
Hair: Bangs are dyed all black, the back is naturally red that fades to black
Skin: Pale
Height: 4’10”ft
Species: Cat demon turned Vampire
Married to: Captain Viix Vladkin Ivan Dracula
Sexual Preference: Personalities/Vampires, ‘Its matters not what someone looks like or what they are, but their personalities, their soul, and if you love them; but I will admit if you are a Vampire and I can see your fangs, I will jump you. Just saying, I may value personality above all when it comes to love, but everyone has their fetishes.” -Nekodra
Loves: Vampires, Vampire Kisses, Storms, People who make her laugh, Lemons/Strawberries, October/December, Space, Traveling, Jellyfish
Fandom <3's: Count Vladislaus Dracula, Anakin Skywalker, Victor Von Doom (movies), Prof. Severus Snape, 10th Doctor, Commander William Riker, ‘Psychic’ Detective Shawn Spencer, Head Detective Carlton Lassiter, Lenoard Hofstadter (note: She tends to image those not Vampires that they are Vampires. >.>)
Fandom crushes: Arnold J. Rimmer, Juliet O’Hara, Magenta, Captain Jack Harkness, Stefon, Justin Vincenzo Pepe Russo and many more that she wouldn’t mind jumping and at least getting a good snog from.
Enjoys: Meditation, Tea, Drawing, Dreaming, Reading, Video games, Movies/shows, Writing, Observing, technology, playing cards, tasty food, and training

Dislikes: Sun, waking up, spiders, close-minded people, complete egotistical asshole pigs
Weapons of choice: Batchette (the name of her machete) & Fire
Dream: To Travel the Universe & also would love to meet her fandom <3's or just to meet new people. She also wishes to know what it would be like to have father, and she took a shine to Lucien LaCroix, and has recently taking a shine to Henry Spencer. She believes both to be the ideal father and wants to be adopted by them, even though she is an adult and doesn’t need parents, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a father.
Favorite color: Iridescent blue is #1, but loves all colors but yellow and brown.
Favorite Flower: Passion Flower
Also: probably 87% Insane

‘Nekodra’ was in a coma from birth till about the age of 16, and at some point was then was turned into a Vampire by her husband Captain Viix Vladkin Ivan Dracula. Nekodra was in a coma, because her soul was suppose to go to that body, but because of someone cursing her in a past life, was forced to be trapped in a mortal body on earth, and in 8th grade she accidentally connected to the body her soul was suppose to go to and is now able to switch into it when she sleeps.

She possesses the elements of Fire and Lightening. Lightening comes from her mother and fire from her father- she has never met them, and assumes them dead. But, she can really only use fire, which she is outstanding with it, and never uses lightening. Sometimes when she is really angry it appears as though her fire sparks, but that is the extent of her lightening uses.

Because she has an abnormal abundance of energy, and can't use it efficiently, those who can see energy will see the bubble like drops of energy falling of her all the time. She has tried to control that, but hasn’t had any success. But she can manipulate her energy into solid objects, and this is how she gets her cloths, her Batchette, and most any other object she has. She can also act as a battery for others. She often refers to herself as “The Human Copy-machine”, “The human Battery” Or “The human Bon-Fire” even though she is a vampire, but human sounds better when you say it, and technically she has been human a lot longer then a Vampire.

She is determined to travel to any and all worlds/parallel realms/planets etc. she can get her hands on, and she is also determined to find the pockets of universe that holds those she wishes to meet, because she believes everything/everyone that does exist, has not yet existed, and will never exist, are somewhere in this vast universe, thus when someone creates a book/movie/game/etc it creates a another world, like how parallel realms work, for every possible choice that is made/never made/can be made, plays out somewhere in the universe- and so she will find them, just to have seen and talked to a few people she wishes to meet and just to experience anything/everything she can, see as many strange worlds she can step onto.

Personal Quotes:

"Our Milky Way Galaxy is but an atom of dust in an endless mansion that in all of existence has never been dusted."

"Ponder for a moment that if your mind is closed, your eyes will follow. If your mind is open so will your eyes & you’ll see the wonders the universe has to offer.”

-There you go, a decent taste of Nekodra that way I can focus on the short story idea, instead of worrying about explaining about Nekodra and such, make sense? 

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