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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meltdowns malfunction- Pineapples make it better

Well.... I had another post planed and started before I had computer issues, but its too-- not relevant for my current condition/mood.

So- I haven't worked on Modern Magic Magic for a few days other then, little notes taken, because my power cord stopped working. Which was okay, I knew it needed to be replaced, but since it still sorta worked, why spend the money? Well, I should have, I got the new cord today and I am typing this on my phone, so you can guess how it went.

This will probably be my last post for a while. I had started a story to upload with my next post, because its been a while and I wanted to treat my readers, but my phone somehow lost it. >.< I also really hate using the blogger app on my phone. Also any work done on Modern Day Magic will be written down by hand, and I am not going to count words by hand, so there won't be a word count to update.

So yeah...I don't have a working computer and hell- if I didn't really have the money to spring for a new cord till it was too late, I can't get a new laptop or even get this one fixed. I didn't even buy the cord, my boyfriend did.. And if fixing this is more then $100, well what's the point? I knew it was dying anyways and why put that much into it when I should just get a new one? If I had money that is.

I love my laptop, I do. But it's been having issues for a while. It randomly blue screens, it burns my legs from over heating. The keyboard will randomly stop working, some of the keys barely registered. I can't use it to draw on anymore because something lags or I don't know, but when I draw I can draw a pretty damn straight line, but lately if I try and draw on the computer the line hops and jumps about... The screen doesn't register right anymore... I have had to replace the battery, and now replace the cord twice. Honesty, I am surprised with how it overheats, it hasn't melted itself, or maybe it has...At this point, I think it's time for a new computer. Which I can't do right now until I find a job and save up--

But here's the kicker, most places you can only apply online now, well you sort of need a computer for that, but I can't get a new laptop until I get a job, and I can't get a job without a computer... Hmm I see a problem here. That is unless a place I already applied to calls back.

Sometimes it really does feel like life likes to kick you when you are already down. Buah, is really all I have to say about all of this. I will continue to work on with what I can remember of Modern Day Magic; no worries, it's safe on an external hard drive, I just don't have access to any other computer. So going old school and working on it by hand-- but unless by some awesomeness my
Laptopet suddenly starts working, or a new one drops from the sky, you may not hear from me for a while.

You can still email, phone works fine for that. and I am still on Twitter: @Nekodra

So wish me luck in somehow magically getting things to work out. And I hope things are going wonderfully for you, and if you are a new reader, my other posts are in more cheerier moods, I hope you enjoy them.

If you follow me on Twitter: @Nekodra, then you will know as soon as I post, and know if/when I have my computer up and working or I luckily get a new one somehow.

But I must keep positive, I am sure with this bout if bad luck, something good will sneak its way in somehow. I am sure things will work out, I just hope it doesn't take too long. ^_^;;

So on a positive note, warm baths help melt anger and Psych is less then a week away! 4 days! Oscars are tomorrow, that should be fun. Also a new The River is 3 days away. New how I met your mother is 2 days. There are things to look forward to and enjoy.

Only other downside is I am out of Pineapple Orange Banana juice.

-Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Friday, February 17, 2012

Split Musings

Checkers are so fun! <3
Oh my goodness, I just had the most insane burst of inspiration on my story the other day, I wrote over 4,000 words in one day! One day! That's so crazy compared to my average of about 500 - 1,000 a day. I am at over 31,000 words to my story. Its crazy! Its hard to believe. And it makes me so happy. I made such a leap in the story line too. I have separated some of the scenes into book one and book two. Most is in book one. Oh and I really hashed out the ending to book one, makes me happy.  Chapter 4 and Chapter five are coming together decently. While I have also written several other chapters that aren't quite in order yet, but have nice girth to them. I have actually started writing the Queen, so I am getting to know her better and she is about to make an Undead attack on Ember. I am starting to sort of delve into her personality, understand her and why she is doing what she is doing/going to be doing.

Though since that burst of inspiration its slowed down quite a bit-ish. I have two muses and I can seem to only be able to listen to one at a time. Currently my drawing muse is speaking a bit louder then my writing. While I have at least written a few hundred words each day, roughly, otherwise I feel guilty, I have more passion in my drawings then my writing at the moment. But it will pick up again, I think part of it is that its hard to focus on writing when I am visiting my boyfriend. Seeing friends I haven't seen in a while, actually going out of the house and spending time with people, makes it hard to get myself absorbing into writing. This post alone I have been working on for several days, maybe a week. >.< And who knows when I will actually post it, its hard to type when I really want to work on this drawing more. lol.

Modern Day Magic Recent Word Count:
Please remember, this drawings belong to me, Thanks!
2/08/12- 23,394
2/09/12- 24,432
2/10/12- 24,949
2/11/12- 29,024
2/12/12- 29,771
2/13/12- 29,859
2/14/12- 30,114
2/16/12- 30,854
2/17/12- 31,475 -so far today

Have I talked much about Once Upon a Time? Just a beautiful new take on old tales, wonderful. I eagerly look forward to Sundays. The recent episode, Sunday 2/12/12, had the wonderful Sage Brocklebank, who I normally know as the lovable, adorable, and just huggable Buzz McNab from Psych. Buzz is such a sweetheart with the cutest large grin. I don't want to say too much in case you haven't seen it. If you enjoy new takes on fairy tales, I suggest taking a look. You'll have to play catch up, I think its around 12 episodes so far, and its one of those shows that you really need to follow in order.

Again, did I mention fun? lol
Also, who else has been pulled in by The River? Wonderful, everything you love in creepy and heart stopping fear. The dolls, made me shiver. Something about dolls, they can make your blood run cold. Or losing the ability to see, that would be terrifying. Its wonderfully done. Its by the guys who did Paranormal Activity, so if you loved those movies, oh you will love this show. I still need to get my hands on Paranormal Activity 3, haven't had a chance to see it. Since I no longer work at a movie theater, I don't really get many chances to see movies anymore. Its very rare. I miss getting to see them for free, mini dream come true, free movies at a theatre. I love going to the movies. Anyways, The River, if you enjoy horror then you will enjoy it.

I have also now fallen for Sherlock, created by the same guy who is currently doing Doctor Who, Steven Moffat. Only on episode 3, but I enjoy it. There is just something about really smart guys who are hyper observant like him and Shawn Spencer (Psych). So fun to watch.

The only picture I could find, I am the blue one. >.<
In the world of games, I am currently taking a small break from Disgaea 2 to pick up Pokemon Black again to start breeding pokemon for Sakura-con. See I cosplayed as a PokeBreeder last year and well being a Pokebreeder I gave away eggs of various pokemon. So I am getting a start on getting a good selection of pokemon. Breeding them with my Ditto, and also leveling up and training a few pokemon to make them stronger before I use them to breed. So if you see me, a light Blue Pokemon Breeder with a tin bucket of pokeballs, ask me about my Pokemon eggs. That is if you want some baby pokemon. My Vulpix's are born with Flamethrower, will-O-Wisp and Ember.

In the world of Psych!
From USA's webpage for the Psych Calender Countdown.
Also, is anyone else excited when this saw this video? So close, its almost here, just under two weeks!

One last thing, I can't wait to get see The Secret World of Arrietty later tonight! I was really excite for this movie before I knew who was voice acting and finding out David Henrie is, I really can't

Okay, I think I have spend enough time working/writing/editing/yammering on this post. I am off to patiently wait to go to dinner at the Ram and see Secret World of Arrietty, by doodling and watching more Sherlock.

--Okay one more thing! Holy shi-! The epic long trailer for the next Kingdom Hearts game, its all in japanese, but still! Can't wait! Its almost 10 minutes, but if you are a fan like me, that's not long enough. Currently no date yet for America.

Okay the side notes and that's it for today. I may have to go play some Kingdom Hearts instead of drawing, now.

-- Please Comment, I would love to talk!
Also any tips, suggestions would be loved. 
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--If you have never seen Psych and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! Currently on a mid-season break and will return on Leap year, Feb. 29th 2012! 12 more days!
So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6.  I am so excited, can't wait for 2.29.12!
-- Please remember, Modern Day Magic belongs to me, thank you.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Thursday, February 9, 2012

TARDIS Checkered Traveling

Arch my African Wool Giraffe

Man, I want to go to Africa so bad. I want to travel in general. My big dream is to travel to another planet, but I worry that won't happen in my life time so in the mean time- I just want to travel everywhere and anywhere on Earth that I can.

My dad just recently came home from a two week trip in Africa. He climbed Kilimanjaro and went on a Safari. Which is what I want to do- not climb the mountain, but go on a Safari. Seeing the pictures, now I want to go even more. I am itching to go. Baby Elephants, Giraffes, lion with a fresh kill, the trees. I want to see it all. And I can just image the inspiration for drawing/writing it would give seeing all that in person. Just the pictures alone make me want to write and draw. Which you will see the result below. He brought back some gifts which included an adorable Giraffe made completely of dyed wool. The dyes made all natural with plants, which is awesome. He is so cute! I have named him Arch and he is a rather happy little woolly Giraffe as you can see by his large smile.

Arch's close up
Doodle of Arch by Nekodra
 Little Arch there inspired some doodling. I really like how it turned out the the picture does not do it justice. I need a working scanner again. >.<;

It was so fun to doodle. I just love drawing checkers. I feel really comfortable right now with my current style of checkered pictures I have been doing lately. Love it. There are parts that bother me, like the leg, his ear, but that aside I think it turned out really well.

I also got two awesome metal bracelets. Some really soft comfy wool slippers made by the same lovely ladies who make the wool stuff animals. Awesome wooden key-chain's, some cans of this energy drink called Shark, which was tasty. It tastes like Red bull but with a strawberry twist. The lite version is a little iffy. Has this small hint of cough syrup taste a second after that other tastes fade. Its almost not there, so I can at least finish it. But the original was really good and I kind of wish my dad had gotten a few more, but oh well. The can states is from Austria, which is were Red bull comes from so maybe its also imported, we have Red bull, so maybe I just never noticed Shark before. I will have to keep an eye out for it.

Progress of Doodle by Nekodra
There is talk of my whole family going on a Safari sometime in the nearish future- which is a lot of people. Our Europe group was numbered at 13 people and that is not including the 4 family members who couldn't make it on that trip. And man, I will never forget that trip. Two weeks and getting a taste of Germany, France, Switzerland, and technically I was in Italy too. Oh can't forget Austria, which was so beautiful. I loved Austria and I will go back. I also will be going back to Germany for this awesome town's 1,000 year anniversary. 1,000 years! That's so awesome. I want to go back and spend more time at every place we went, but Geneva. I am good never seeing Geneva again, had a really bad experience there.

But anyways, I hope plans work for that because I really want to go to Africa. If I do get a chance to go- I plan to hopefully bring enough money to buy one of every different wool stuff animal they have. I will also bring a fresh sketch book and take so many pictures.

To the right there is a progression of Arch's Checkered Doodle I did. I am also worked on one of the wool tiger my dad got for my mom. Not sure if I like it as much as Arch, but it came along nicely. Which by the way, Arch was drawn completely with pen, first lightly with BiC and then inked with Uni-ball. Gimp was just used to brighten the badly taken picture with my phone and then watermarked.

I want to share a wonderful blog:
I stumbled across this blog the other day. WordPlay: Helping Writers Become Authors. I have only read a few older post, but the post I found first was- Most Common Mistakes: The Case of the Vanishing Setting Which is wonderful and I suggest taking a peek. Now I have an urge to go work on my story and fix some setting problems I am sure I have. ^_^; I want to do it while that blog post is fresh in my mind.

Modern Day Magic:
Is coming along nicely. I worked on it the other night and the results of what happened made me super happy. I think I can declare Chapter one officially finished aside for minor tweaking and editing that I am sure it needs. Chapter two is nearly that point. Chapter 3 is getting close but I can't quite figure out how I want it to end. Then on to actually writing Chapter 4, which I had ideas noted and I just have to figure out if that is what should come next or if there needs to be anything else. Need to think of a Shenanigan for it, escalate from the pretty minor things of the first few chapters and have some sort of actual problem. Enough fluff and getting to know the characters, its time to jump into the shallow end, enough of this tipping of the toes. Then it will soon be time to drive into the deep end. Get all bloody.

I also need to think of a better name for the eventual slayer character. I am currently calling her Shina. I don't know if I like it and I can't settle on a last name. I really want to use Helsing as a last name because she comes from a family of Vampire hunters, but it doesn't feel right. Helsing is used too much. I don't know what to do?! *throws up hands in frustration* Gah.

But! I have settle on the Queens name! I am so happy and I think it fits. I feel it works. *nods* Shall I say her name? I have told you everyone elses names.

Queen Madori

Yes, I am aware its a drink. It also green, has the word Mad in it. It has a nice ring to it. Queen Madori. Feels right. I feel it really fits.

But what do I do about Shina? Gah. Other that that, again, things are coming along nicely with Modern Day Magic. Now with the Most Common Mistakes: The Case of the Vanishing Setting in mind, I need to go over those first 3 chapters and make sure I am setting the scene right. Already fixed a few things, added a little more to the scene. I see it vividly, but I need to make sure my readers can see it as clearly as I do.

Current word Count from the last few days:

2/03/12- 20,161
2/04/12- 20,967
2/05/12- 21,901
2/06/12- 22,068
2/07/12- 22,778
Still pretty distracted by Disgaea

Though I have been thinking- I know I want to self publish this book when I finish it, but there is one thing. What do I do about an editor? I want it professionally edited before I eagerly go to Amazon and set up the whole self publish thing. Does it cost a lot? How do I go about getting editor? I know I am a ways off from that point, but it just crossed my mind that other day and I can't get it out of my head. Where do I even start to look for one? >.<; When I get closer to it, I will actually actively start looking into that, but its still lingering on my mind.

Psych Count Down:

Other Promos Back in February and Psych Auto-tune Promo
Also can't forget the reveal of Psych Season 7 Officially announced 
Lol, I found this while looking for the Superbowl Promo, Psych/White Collar 

Which on the subject of Psych, I just finished the book Psych: Mind of Magic. I enjoyed it. If your a Psych fan, I suggest the books, well at least that one. William Rabkin captures the characters well, its completely Psych as you love it! But it book form. I can't wait to see how the other books are. Last I saw there are 5 in total.

Now I am reading the Doctor Who quick read, Magic of the Angels. Only a 3 chapters in so far, plan to read more later tonight. 11th Doctor is really growing on me, I have already laughed out loud to classic Doctor lines. Once I finish this quick read, I plan to debate which of the other 4 Psych books to read next or which of the 10th Doctor books I have yet to read. So many books I want to read! I also have about 50 samples on my kindle, its so hard to decide which book I want to read next. I also just picked up two sample books for studying, On Writing by Stephen King and 101 Creative Writing Exercises by Melissa Donovan who has the blog Writing Forward. Which reminds me, I haven't read a tip from 101 Writing Tips by Travis Thrasher in a few days. Note to self, at least read a few tonight.

So many books!

Also slightly of topic, but not- its Doctor Who:
I am currently re-watching this years Doctor Who Christmas special and I have have to say, Doctor Who always knows how to pull on my heart. It really does. I don't think any show makes me feel quite like Doctor Who does. I can't describe it other then, swelling love. Makes me chest swell and twist in bursting happiness and sadness at the same time. Amazing that Doctor. Just amazing, and everyone who works to make Doctor Who something I can enjoy. Amazing and Thank you.

Alright here are the side notes and have a wonderful evening:

-- Please Comment, I would love to talk!
Also any tips, suggestions would be loved. 
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--If you have never seen Psych and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! Currently on a mid-season break and will return on Leap year, Feb. 29th 2012! 20 more days!
So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6. Here is the new promo. I am so excited, can't wait for 2.29.12!
-- Please remember, Modern Day Magic belongs to me, thank you.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ohh We're Halfway there- Ooh Living on a-

Doodled yesterday/today, it was super fun. ^_^ I like it

Modern Day Magic:
YES! Over 20,000 words. I feel accomplished. 21,543 to be exact. I have a few new 'scene' ideas. I expanded on chapter 2, which I also made a decision about the detective. So Chapter 2 is coming along nicely now. The next thing is when I visit my boyfriend from the 13th-20th, I plan to play some Magic and use that 'battle' for a scene between Danny and Ember. So we'll let the fates decide who wins, aka he will kick my ass. >.< But we will see, he plans to make several new decks with his two boxes of Dark Ascension he got, so maybe the one I play against won't do so well against my Human/Spirit Token Shitting deck...maybe. >.> *cough*

So the conversation is moving along once more for Chapter 2. The ball is rolling again with ideas for Modern Day Magic. It feels nice. Still feeling out the characters, I have Ember down pretty well. Still have decisions to make with Cole. Edward is hard to write, because I don't have a brother. Though there aren't really any scenes to write with him yet, but there is a past scene I am working on and its a little hard. I always wanted an older brother, someone who would have stood up for me through grade school, someone who I could have talked to. Someone to have played with. I was a lonely child, well I had my books and Tv Shows. Heh. But still a few big things that need to be figured out, but its coming along. *Bounces* Over 21,000 words! *Plays Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer* Ooh, better idea:

Only my boyfriend works at Gamestop and I am the one out of a job, but he is what keeps me going. I don't know what I would do without him, his support and love, honestly. I don't even what to think about it. *shivers* I would say that songs fits pretty well for this point in my life.

So Modern Day Magic:
I have plans for holiday chapters, the story starts off in early October. One holiday is pretty-- gruesome, so far at least. And with the magic, of course there is going to be a little Harry Potter tossed in, really, it can't be helped. lol.

Modern Day Magic Sample
The Most recent and last post with actual parts from Modern Day Magic for those who may have not read it and are curious. Please don't steal. lol. ^_^;; If you have opinions, please don't forget to say them. ^_~

Here is the current word count from the last few days:

2/01/12- 18,639
2/02/12- 19,759
2/03/12- 20,161
2/04/12- 20,967
2/05/12- 21,543 - so far today

Yay. I woke up this morning at 10am to my dad calling from Nairobi and I tried going back to sleep and I ended up writing about oh-- 200 words on my phone with ideas before I could pass back out of which I promptly did once my muse let me.

Then I had 4, yes 4, of those dreams where you think you're getting up. Then you suddenly wake up again, only once again you didn't. 4 times. I woke up with a slight headache from that. x.x Man and my boyfriend had bought me a pretty sweet swiss army knife and we were at this strange amusement park that apparently we both use to go to as a child. It was pretty nifty, old and rustic, I may add something like that to the story, it was actually pretty cool looking. Its so strange how dreams tend to re-write your history, fun, but crazy.

One of the times I 'woke up' all the light bulbs had decided to go out in the house and me and my mom had no way of getting more till my dad got back from Africa.

One time, I was at a pretty nifty school with past teachers I liked and I think Harper from Wizards of Waverly place was there. So was Ian from the first season of Doctor Who. I watched several episodes with the 1st Doctor before I went to bed. I admit, small crush on Ian. I was about to buy a Chai Tea latte with white chocolate from the star bucks on campus and I woke up! Gah, of course. I haven't had a Chai tea in so long because I don't have money and my dream couldn't let me at least have a sip before I woke up? No, instead in one of the dreams I ate a raw ball of meat, yes raw ball of meat. It tasted like a flavorless ball of mush. >.< uck.

Then one dream, I was in an art store and apparently wanted to learn to knit, but all the balls of yarn were 100 dollars, the starters kit was 1,000 dollars. I had no money, so I don't even know why I was there. The salesman was trying to get me to buy it all, he wouldn't listen when I told him I only had 6 dollars to my name. He kept showing me things I couldn't have. It was mean. My unconscious can be very torturous a lot of the time. 

Info on the Blog: 
If you haven't noticed, I can be very random with my blog updates and I am sorry for that, but I am just not a consistent person. And that's not going to change, so if you want to know when I make posts, I would either follow me on Twitter or follow by email or follow if you have an account here that way you know quickly and easily when I make a post. Just a little fyi. ^_^;

In case you haven't notice, I went through and put tags on my posts. A suggestion I got from another blogger. Here are some lovely tips from another blogger My Name is Not Bob and his post on 25 Ways to increase blog Traffic. I hope the words I pick work okay... I may have to go through and mess with them more, but I think I picked decent words for lack of better words. ^_^; So now you can see which posts I talk heavily about Psych, Red Dwarf or Doctor Who. Which ones have WOTDS, short stories, and when I talk about Modern Day Magic.

Psych Count Down:
(USA's site from Psych Calender Countdown)

Can't wait! Love you Lassie! And Psych is the only reason I will tune into the superbowl at 5pm on Sunday (aka later today <.<;; ). Just like I recorded White Collar just to watch the other promo, which of course was at the very end. >.< lol, I called that. I also don't know how many times I have watched it, >.> but more then I probably should have.....

Anyways, I think I have yammered on enough for 5:30am >.< I should probably go to bed. lol. But I will probably work on Modern Day Magic a bit more before I do. <.<;;

Night! or Morning!

Here are the side notes:

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--If you have never seen Psych and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! Currently on a mid-season break and will return on Leap year, Feb. 29th 2012! 27 more days!
So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6. Here is the new promo. I am so excited, can't wait for 2.29.12!

-- Please remember, Modern Day Magic belongs to me, thank you.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Psyched 2 Count Down

Its February! February means Psych! *Bounces* I cam almost taste the pineapplicious delight of Psych's return.
(From Psych USA's webpage, the Psych calendar count down.)
3 days till my dad gets back from Africa, 12 days till V-day, 14 days till my boyfriends B-day. 15 days till The Secret World of Arrietty. And only 27 more days till Psych!! Also 2 Months till Sakura-con! and 7ish months till Red Dwarf X >.< But anyways enough random-ish counting down. It is also the month where you are walking in a store and see out of the corner of your eye an aisle of pink. Nothing but pink o.o everything -pink- Its frightening. lol.

I actually haven't done too much writing the last few days. Sorta. Till today, o.o I did a lot of writing today, so yay for that. The problem I am having is- I want to write things that's too far into the book and they involve things I can't make a decisions on. >.<# Well having a difficult time deciding. Like this Detective, I can't even really finish chapter 2 till I make a decision about him and what he knows, or rather if he knows yet or finds out later. Gah. I would skip it and move on to other parts of chapter 2, but the problem is that it vastly changes where the conversation goes; its at a fork and the turn depends on what he knows. x.x;; Why can't I decide?!

I have done more on later parts, bit by bit. I keep feeling like Cole is too nice and its slightly driving me up the wall, so I worked a bit on a gruesome scene with a insane vampire to get that need out a bit and when I am done typing this post I plan to go work on that a bit more. I like how its coming along. *bounces* I had a small break through on that chapter. With him I kind of want to show Cole is actually a little of an odd ball so to say. You first meet Cole and he is nice, he is a gentleman, and-- I really shouldn't say too much. This book is going to be humorous, but I also want it to have its horror moments and it will. Lets leave it at that, Prepare for some gruesome scenes. I keep wanting to share and I can't. >.<#

Spoilers, can't have spoilers.

I want people to read it and feel the shock they should, be surprised and if I say too much it won't be a shock. I have to keep quiet about details...*Places hand over mouth*

Also part of the reason I haven't written as much as I probably should have is because I recently got my hands on Disgaea 2 and its eating me. I played Disgaea one, a bit before it was stolen and I enjoyed the game. The perks of having a boyfriend who works at Gamestop is when he isn't checking out a game, I can have him check one out for me. I saw they had Disgaea 2 and though I never finished one, I picked it up anyways. <.< I don't want to give it back. lol. So his next paycheck he said he would buy it for me. ^_^ Yay! My Mage is a boss <.< I use her so much she is about 10 levels above everyone else lol. So much fun, but I am forcing myself to take a break and work on Modern Day Magic. I know myself and if I go too long without working on it, then it will slip into forgotten land. I refuse to let that happen. I want to finish this. I am really excited about it. So here I am taking a break from Disgaea <.< and I end up working on a post...heh.. But I did write before I started this and I keep pausing this to poke back at Modern Day Magic. So I am still working. ^_^;;

I have also gone through the various 'scenes' I have partly written out and have some of them actually organized now. Now that some of them are next to other parts that go with them, I am starting to fill in some gaps.

So many ideas. >.< While nice, is slightly troublesome, like I said I keep wanting to work on things that I can't work on yet because I need to flush out characters or make a decision on something. In some cases its just too early to decide. Some ideas are coming too early and they belong too far into the book that I can't even really write them yet because too much of it hinders on things that haven't happened. x.x I have hit a bit of a bump in the writing road, I will make it over it. Eventually...

Here is the current word count:
1/28/12- 17,263
1/29/12- shame
1/30/12- 17,766
1/31/12- 18,284
2/01/12- 18,639
2/02/12- 19,599 -so far today

Though really, I shouldn't be too hard on myself. Its the day two of month two of a new year and I am halfway to what qualifies as a novel. I started Modern Day Magic as a random little short on Christmas eve, not expecting it to go this far. I made a new years resolution a few weeks before new years, saying by next year I want to have a story ready for publishing, finished enough to figure out what to do about an editor. Beginning of month 2 of 2012 and I have a story that I have so many ideas for it most likely will end up a series. A story that's at the half-way mark of qualifying as a novel. I should be damn proud of myself so far. So I had a few days where I didn't really write, I also had days were I wrote over 1,000 words. I can't expect to do amazing everyday, just so long as I do something. Low writing days will happen, so long as I balance that will good days. So long as I am working on it period; all is well. I have over 19,500 words to a story, that's awesome!

o.o I should be damn proud and fine with what I have done, it 13 days, barely two weeks, I have written over 10,000 words. That's not bad at all. And really its not completely about how many words I add to the story, but that I get ideas for the story and such. That it develops as a story. I may not have written much in the ways of adding words that last few days, but I organized some scenes into there proper places. And by doing that, I did ended up writing quite a bit today. I also took from some of older writings and converted them to fit into the story which helped to add new ideas for the story.

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JadedDN: Yeah, no way will it be forks. >.< Either I will make up a town, or I will place it 50 or so years in the future and pick a town and shape it how I want, because its 50 years in the future, they can't argue with me on how the town looks. <.<;; Idk what I will actually do, but I know it won't be Forks. lol.


Anyways, here are the side notes and I am going to get at least a little more written for Modern Day Magic, I want to breech the 20,000 word mark and then back to Disgaea 2:

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