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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spoon Fed an Upgraded Life

A quick forward before the short story:
If you have wandered to this blog about the tweet referring to the Thank you that I would like as many people who work on Psych to see, “A Big Thank You”

 Also today's short story is longer then my previous stories.

Spoon Fed an Upgraded Life
By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Plugging into the Future
By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix (April 19th, 2027)
The Futures-Tech News
Tomorrows News Send Straight to You, Today!
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BImmortal Corp. has out done themselves, from Vamp-Upgrade, 15 years back in their starting up year. For those who never took the upgrade or have forgotten, Vu (Vamp-Upgrade), the discovering essentially of the fountain of youth, they were able to suspend your cells so their aging process is essentially taken a screeching halt, since the cells are technically no longer alive, illness can not infect them, and this upgrade can extent your life by 150-250 years. As with everything, it various from person to person, it’s not a life for everyone, and there are draw backs. The only real draw back is that Vu’s have to ingest almost daily the special serum, which can only be made with fresh O negative blood, because it spoils if not ingested within approximately 10 minutes of leaving the hosts boding into the Vu. There is also the slight sensitivity to sunlight, but nothing extensive, a little sunscreen and you’re golden for a day at the beach. On that subject, research has shown they still don’t know why we, Vu’s, eyes gained the iridescent tinge, or the sharpening of the canine teeth, at least that was released for public knowledge. 
The latest technology from BIT Corp. (BImmortal-Tech Corporation) is a hit, operations for the installations are booking fast and if you haven’t made your appointment yet, then you’re going to be out of sync with the rest of the world for virtually the next year.  
What’s that latest, you ask? Do you live in dial up? BIT Corp. has announced, what everyone on the Webs have been leaking for days, the rumors says Vice President of Biotech Implications, Matt Loren, was the one to have supposedly leaked this viral news and has now been exiled from BImmortal Island. Claiming he wanted to get controversy started up before it officially went public, look for that story in tomorrow.
The official announcement on BIT Corporation’s latest product was yesterday evening on their personal internet video channel, in which they had posted links on every website imaginable to get countless to tune in, and oh, how they succeed. The video is still looping for those rare few who have yet to view it. Here is the [LINK].
“ToBio-pad, where you have become your own laptop; forget your iphone, forget your Hp touchsmart, toss out your Mac, and make your installation appointment today!” Their wordy slogan used in the announcement video. Along with visuals of ToBio-Pad, short clip of the installation, and specs for the tech-lovers.
On the topic of specs, let’s look at some of those for a moment, to give insight for those of you who haven’t heard about this, for those who can’t understand the Geek lingo used in the announcement video, or those who can’t read enough about ToBio-Pad
This is an all in one, BIT Corp. brand, Touchsmart Tablet computer, its also your phone, your Kindle, video collection, gaming center, and as a standard with all computers, 7G or 8G wireless internet access, depending on what monthly payments you can afford, and if you really hurting for credits you can get the ancient 4G for free because what is the point of your computer if you don’t have internet?
For the installation, to start with, you pick left or right, the opposite of your dominate hand. Or if you like to use both arms, they do offer a special deal for getting one on each arm. Buy two, get the second 30% off, for a limited time offer.
Then based on your available credits or how much you’re willing to spend, you can pick: 2 in. x 2.5 in., 3 in. x 3.5 in., 3.8 in. x 4.5 in. Other then money can effect the size of your screen, that being the size of your forearm, because that’s where it will be placed. If your still growing you might want to wait for the child friendly edition, for young growing kids, you don’t want to be stuck with a tiny screen for the rest of your life.
Also the rumor is that if you are one of those you haven’t made your appointment yet, well then you made the right choice, because in next years models, the screen folds open, effectively doubling the current available sizes. In tomorrow’s article, Matt Loren tells why BIT Corp. is having problems with it, and why he leaked ToBio-pad before it was officially released.  
Back to the inner workings of ToBio-pad, scientist have combined the flexible batteries and the ground breaking discovering of using ATP (adenosine triphosphate – which is essentially the exchange of energy that is present in almost all living cells) a team of scientist have created a transistor that is able to harness that energy and it can be installed directly to the nervous system.  
For those who don’t want the screen on your arm or for those who want more options, then treat yourself to some new contacts. Don’t have bad eye sight; well that’s not the point. This places the screen of your computer just a few inches in front your eyes, and a touch pad can be installed in your arm, palm of your hand, or using your current T-pad.
"Our hope is to create images that effectively float in front of the user perhaps 50 cm to 1 m away," says Babak Parviz, one of the scientists from the team who worked on the contact screens.
With a few safety draw backs, BIT corp. claims ToBio-pad is completely safe so long as you follow their safety tips. Head CEO of BIT corp. Vincent Van Vital, had this to say in their announcement video, “Our hope is that everyone within the next year with have ToBio-pad. With your purchase of a ToBio-Pad, we will give you a free upgrade for your current model of T-pad, so it will wirelessly through ToBio-pad, charge itself when it goes below 20% battery life.  We are also working on a child version, Crus-pad (Childrens replaceable upgraded screen) that will be easily upgraded as they out grow the small screen that would have to be used for their smaller arms.
This is a step towards a brighter greener future, for our beloved planet Earth; we want to weed out any unnecessary energy waste by having alternative ways to charge our wonderful electronics. By using our own bodies to fuel and recharge our loved computers, then we minimize the energy we have to harness from the earth. We, BIT corp. have saved the trees by stopping the production of paper books and converting every book electronically into a large data base for all to access, we have created trees that are grown with sea urchin shaped nanoparticles to make bio-LEDs, so that the leaves glow to rid ourselves of those nasty energy wasting street lamps, we solved the oil gas powered car problem, we have almost completely ridded ourselves of garbage dumps by building Microbial fuel cells in every town, so each town can power themselves with their waste, and now we can power our T-pads that we use daily, for communicating via texting, calling, or emailing, that is used for many jobs at home so we can have more time with our family, our treasured T-pads that keep us in touch with the world, can now be part of ourselves and powered with our own bodies! Help us to help save our planet from our ancestor’s mistakes, for a brighter future for coming generations!”  

Also, as mention there is a free upgrade for your T-pad if you still in love with it, pre-installed their new sync program will to connect your ToBio-pad and your T-pad, so that when you want to work with your larger screened T-pad for homework, career work, or watching a Vid, a constant connected between all your computers will be there to make it quick and easy for all aged users.
Plug into the future, by plugging into your ToBio-pad today!

By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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Shaking her head, Nekodra outstretched her fingers on the screen and pulled them together, virtually crumpling the paper, and flicked it with her index finger, only to have it bounce of the rim of her virtual recycling bin. “Drat” She muttered as the screen flashes, Current Streak(s): 0 Highest streak(s): 14. Moving her finger across the screen to pick it up and dropping it into the virtual waste bin.
Unsure why she even bothered to re-read her own paper, she knew what the topic was, and she knew her job relied on spinning a good light on the subject, but that doesn’t mean she likes it, and that won’t stop her from sending the anonymous comment to herself under her pseudonym name, Vinni Vix Inkorus, which took weeks to set up properly through the Webs. About a month ago everything fell into place and the second identity was a success, now she could write the articles she wanted to without fear of losing her job. She knew how many views her articles received, so she knew that if she can respond to her articles quick enough to make it in the first few comments. Thousands would see it and maybe the masses will start thinking for themselves again, one can hope that a single question will cascade into many.    
A heavy sigh was slowly exhaled while glancing at her calendar, where only one appointment stood out to her among the sea of notes and reminders.

Wednesday: 7am appointment for upgrade to ToBio-Pad
Apprehensive that Wednesday was looming near, as with all the mandatory upgrades she wasn’t looking forward to it, but being a writer for Future-Tech News, she had to favor her articles toward BIT Corp. - because they paid her checks in hush-hush way, and because that was a clause in her contract. She was required to take any and all upgrades her employer wanted her to. Not that her choice in jobs mattered on the subject, almost every employer these days determines if an upgrade is required in order to continue your employment.
What a world it has become.
Wednesday evening, 9pm.

Wincing, she poked the edges of the computer where her skin and technology met; it was red and slightly swollen. They had given her a host of likely unneeded antibiotics, to fight off possible infection while it heals and the skin adjusts to Bio-metal coating around the computer. Lying back in bed she reached for the bag of pill proscribed by the doctor, pulling them out one at a time reading over their ingredients.
            “Hmm, they weren’t paying attention when they proscribed this one; I am allergic to two of the ingredients. Doctors-” Sighing, as she tossed it in down silver and black abstract designed garbage can, almost unnoticeably shaped like a crescent moon and a star filling the rounded gap; she listened as the sensors beeped to acknowledge the new presence. The humming began, which was the sound of it analyzing the new item, 6 seconds later one of the trap doors slide open and the rush of air sucking it down, then a click as the door shut. The process started up again as she tossed two more pill bottles in. Looking at the remaining bottles, she set 2 of them on her bed side table and tossed the others in the garbage can.
            “Why they even bothered with pain killers, I have no idea, they cut several of the nerve endings, and I can barely feel the immediate area around the computer, so there isn’t any pain just tenderness which will pass like a new piercing, as the skin adjusts. Doctors, what a joke.”
Taking a deep breath, she hit the power switch. There was a pinch as she felt it start up, she could feel several waves pulling energy from the surrounding cells, and as the tech-support suggested, she down a protein shake, because until her body adjusted to the needed extra energy for the computer, she would have to make sure she ate more then her normal daily portions for the next week and a half, and by the second week start lowering it back to her normal amount. They also told her, each person will react differently and the degree of how much the permanent increase her portion size will vary, which will be a guessing game till she finds the right amount to suit her needs. If she is not careful, there will be an unhealthy lose of weight. It will range depending on her usage of the computer.
The highly paid ‘specialist’ warned her about over usage. If a user starts to get extremely tired while the system is on, they have to be sure and eat something or they could pass out, which it could cause the computer to crash, then it could send a backlash shock to the user’s system, giving a heart attack that is not survivable. They also gave her a complementary safety E-booklet, to cover their own asses.
            She went through the introduction, skipping through much of the tutorial, she wasn’t a newbie to technology by any means, and a lot of it she had already read, because she wasn’t going to accept this blindly, if she had to get it, she was going to research it intensively. Most of the safety warnings were common sense, not that it was all that common anymore with people blindly following the trends like lemmings over a cliff.
Already she expected to be doing an article on the increase of deaths in the near future as people who bought ToBio on a whim don’t pay attention, resulting in killing themselves by misuse of the device. The article, if it comes up of course will be spun in the light of, you signed the agreement and they - BIT corp. - will not be held responsible for misuse of the computers, and they gave you all the information to prevent these deaths. How it’s not the technology’s fault if the user doesn’t properly use the machine. It’s perfectly safe.
She rolled her eyes at the thought, already forming the article in her mind to be prepared to write it later.

Welcome to ToBio-Pad!
Please fill in the following information, we at © BImmortal-Tech Corp. thank you!

Enter User Name:
First: Nekodra
Middle: Kisuchi
Last: Dracula-LaCroix
                Marital Status: |
Taking a deep breath, to re-orientate her thoughts away from the impending thoughts that would overwhelm her, typing:
Marital Status: Widowed |
6 months ago, one of the zealots, of the factions against Bio-technology, which bio-tech was now the ‘norm’ when it comes to any new tech; their argument was normal of almost all the rare spiritual religion factions that still clung to the old ways. Clinging to their paper books, of which  the production of paper books stopped 7 years ago, an effort to preserve the few remaining true forests left, almost all mountains were sectioned national treasures across the world, and have been left nearly untouched, there for everyone to enjoy and visit for a small fee of course, because it cost money to not do anything to something. Then besides historical building, currently deemed important enough to keep around, any home made of wood or brick have been torn down, town by town, replacing family homes will all different sized apartment complexes, made of metal, ones for large families, singles, and the filthy rich, who are given several floors with a personal elevator to themselves, and only theirs goes to there floors.
There are reservations for the religions groups who refuse to adapt to the way the world has shifted, stuck in the 19th century. But once in a while, they sneak out of there towns, and disrupt things for the normal people. This time, it resulted in the deaths of millions of Vu’s (Vampire-upgraded), managing to poison a day’s worth of serum. Some Vu’s died from starvation from blood, because it took 7 days to clean the factories that make the serum that’s injected into O negative donors, and to flush the systems of every O negative donor in the world, because it’s a single factory of BIT Corp. that produces the injection, and they had to be sure that none where left contaminated in anyway. They also took time to upgrade the serum, in case they tried the same attack again, with the same poison. That was the official report from BIT Corps. Private Investigation Services.
Those who feed that day, before the discovery was made, suffered more then those who starved waiting for it to be safe to feed again, and her husband, Viix V. Dracula, was one of them. Those who ‘starved’ there bodies had gone into shock from withdrawal and there cells were unable to fully revive themselves, and they died almost like falling asleep. She had missed her scheduled feeding, because she had been so focused on her paper, she was doing a favor to a friend who was writing a book on the life of Vu’s.
She had to laugh at herself, part to keep sane and part because of the irony, she had been describing the sensation of feeding from another human, and the strange hunger that was nothing like missing a days meal of normal food which Vu’s still needed as well, just smaller portions. The hunger for blood was a more gripping hunger, almost like movies make us out to be, like a demon, an animal self that was clawing for life, clawing it take over and do anything for food, but that really only surfaced if you go days. She read horror article story about a family who didn’t have the credits to pay for a feeding for several days and they tore each others throats out trying to get blood, unable to make the distinction between each other and a viable food source.
 She was doing this now, because she didn’t schedule a feeding the day before to better help herself to describe such a feeling, on a minor level, but she was planning to be done with it that tonight, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling and to be honest it scared her.      
Her and Viix where being their silly selves and making a date of it, they had a very close friend who was O negative and one of the blood donors, they had been good friends before the Vu was created. It made it easier, then drinking from a stranger, especially the sensations of feeding, and unless you’re a promiscuous person, it’s not something you would like to do with a complete stranger. She had been looking forward to it all day, it wasn’t often they paid for double feeding; it was going to be a fun night.
She had to texted Viix, saying she was taking longer then she thought on writing this section of the paper, and to go ahead and feed, she would call up another of their regular donors later when she finished, because Ivianna had plans at 4pm and would be busy most the rest of the night.
People still keep telling her its not her fault, but that is a lie, if she had not been putting of that paper because of work and if she had not procrastinated they would have had that date another night, or if she had typed faster and joined him, they would have suffered together, if she had said come home, we can have our date in a few hours with someone else, instead of telling him to go head and feed, then the warning text to every Vu’s would have reached them before they had feed and they both might have lived, having each other to help work through the hunger as they waited for the ‘all-clear’.
There are so many things she could have done different, he only took the Vu because he wanted to live a long life with her and she had to take the upgrade because of work. He didn’t want to die long before her, leaving her alone as a Vu’s for another 100-200 years, the cruel irony life likes to throw about, keeping that small belief alive that there is some force out there that likes to pick on us, lesser beings.
His death and many others who feed that day, was far greater then the ones who suffered withdrawal from the serum, his death, each cell was slowly brought back to life, successfully, and on top of that being a shock to the system, the actual poison could then attack the now re-living cells, it was like Necrotizing fasciitis, but  it was a modified strain, somehow modified to eat slowly, most often only targeting the heart, likely because it was transferred from infected blood, what’s more mysteries is it only attack Vu’s, no donor died, other then those who commit suicide from guilt or other reasons, related to this Bio-terrorist attack.  
Ivianna had texted her, ‘911, [Link current location] HURRY’ It may have eaten slowing in comparison its cousin, but because it really only attacked the heart, and didn’t start from an open wound, thus the solution of cutting off the infected limb wasn’t possible, so it didn’t take long for it to damage the heart enough to kill the host.
She had made it there before he died, he was so delirious from the pain, he was one of the few that it attack multiple organs, lungs, heart, he had multiple ulcers because it ate through his stomach lining, it had even started on his brain, before his body couldn’t take it anymore and died, permanently. The organs were too damaged and there was no way to know what was infected, so there was no point in an emergency organ replacement surgery, the ability to print out organs so that ‘No longer will your loved ones die from waiting on the unfortunate death of a matching candidate, so they can live. Now we have print out any organ you need; now you can continue to smoke and just buy new lungs when yours become too warn again and again.” (BIT corp. CEO Vincent Van Vital, 2013, Printing Life.) She remembered that interview well, her first big article and the ‘honor’ of talking to Mr. Vital face to face, his charm was unbelievable and she had to take a cold shower afterwards, forgetting for a while that she hated BIT corp. with every technology replaced cell placed in her.
She can never be sure if Viix knew she was even there. But she liked to think her presence helped ease his pain, the little hubris in everyone, whispering sweet reassuring murmurs, ‘of course your presence made him better’, ‘of course he knew you where there’, ‘you love is stronger then anyone’s’, ‘there is such a connection between you both that in your next life, you will be together again.’  
The bacteria was resistant to everything the doctor tried, not even pain killers could ease the pain, it was such a shock to the system that body didn’t know what to do with them.
At first the doctor’s wouldn’t let her in the room, unsure if it was airborne, she told them,
‘Go to hell! I don’t give a damn about regulations, if the room is quarantined; Fine! I will be willing to stay until you lift the quarantine. I have my T-pad, I can continue to work as I sit in that room, for as long as it takes to prove its not airborne and what better way to test then having another Vu in the room!’ Voice raising as she talked, then pushed past them, she could tell none of them were Vu’s, leaving them no match for her, pushing them aside with ease into the chamber between the hall and into the blindingly white clean room, getting blasted by sterilizing mist as the door behind her relocked, out of the corner of her eyes she saw them key a code in the keypad and heard the five deadbolts click into place, she was lucky she got there when she did, those bolts won’t unlock until the number of days keyed in were up, not even the building on fire would unlock it, if your in quarantine and the building burns down, you stand no hope.
Nothing overrides quarantine, the fact that they didn’t even hesitate to quarantine her and Ivianna in there, means how serious of an epidemic it was, and she was sure every Vu was rounded up who feed today, along with every donor. Feedings where logged, and they won’t risk it being spread if it can be helped.
            The lock had been set for 7 days, her and Ivianna were trapped with the dead body of her husband, it was hard to bare, and hard to go through the denial stage with the hard fact facing her every moment.
There was good ventilation in these clean rooms, and someone was kind because they barely smelled the decaying body, there was always the aroma of cinnamon and spice or the scent of a rainstorm, someone did their research and found her favorite scents. It reassured her that some people still had a true heart.
            By the 3rd day, I had found the restrains the doctors used to tied down a struggling or convict patient, and had locked them around one arm and most sturdy object in the room, the door handle, having moved one the cushioned chairs over to it, I faced away from her, to help try and forget she was there. My eyes had become a vivid red I had never seen before; nothing was left of my ice blue eyes. My breathing had become spastic, vision boarded in red, and I swore my canines had even grown in length. I was scaring myself and I could see I was scaring her, which was also why I faced away from her.
            And suffice to say, I wrote a more detailed and better article on hunger after I had mostly recovered from the whole ordeal. My friend, though reassuring her condolences, was very happy with the story; it made her book a best seller.
            On the 5th day, Ivianna killed herself, partly from the guilt, blaming herself for Viix’s death and regardless of what was said, afraid I would never forgive her, but mostly because my hunger was so overwhelming by that point. When I awoke from a fitful sleep on that 5th day; groggy rubbing my eyes, I saw I had broken free of my restraints, later I concluded that Ivianna must have been awake when I broke free of the restraints, and must have been afraid I would attack her in my sleep or when I awoke.
Ivianna had taken a needle from one of the cabinets and put an air bubble into her own blood stream. Killing herself, so that in my haze of hunger I wouldn’t feed and suffer the same fate as my husband. But its hard to actually know the reason, maybe it was simply being confided to a room with a dead body for an unknown amount of time, and that was too much, or the guilt of being the gun that fire the bullet of his death, or perhaps it was to save me from myself. Whatever the reason, her blood was no longer fresh, no longer substance that could sustain me, and I could feel the rise in anger at her selfishness of denying me blood, before the red haze faded slightly, and I regained better control over myself.
            I walked over, closing her eyelids and kissing her forehead, and turned facing my husband, and broke down. Sliding to my knees I held on tight to his hand and I don’t recall the 2 days the came after, next I knew I woke in another room, with an IV hooked up to my arm, connected to a donor I didn’t know. I had heard this was an option for those who can’t handle drinking straight from the donor, but it had never been something I had considered, I had made many friends who where donors and so I feed from them.
            We never spoke, after a short period he pulled out both our IV’s and left, but not before placing a box on the bedside table, containing my husbands T-pad, wedding ring, and his dark thick lab coat.
She still didn’t recall much of the week after either, and had been given paid leave for 4 days, but didn’t report back to work for 8. With the help of some programs on her husbands T-Pad, was able to make the fake identity, Vinni V. Inkorus which will allow her to spread the word against BIT corp. and expose their deceiving ways, by pulling of the blinders they’ve placed on the public, by getting readers to think about the truth of what they have done and are doing to our lives, to our freedoms.
An interview with Matt Loren had revealed the truth behind the attack on Vu’s. It wasn’t the religious zealots; it was BIT Corp. using them as a scape goat, because if anyone really gave it a second thought, only BIT corp. has the technology to make such a strain of Necrotizing fasciitis, only BIT corp. could have the access to contaminate all those donors. Only BIT corp. has the multimillion credits available to put the research into such a task and implement it.
BIT corp. has been spreading its wired tentacles into everything, infecting the world as they claim to being doing what’s best for us. Telling us the best ‘upgrades’ to live a better life, implementing plans that will make our lives better, without giving us a choice if that’s what we want, under the claim of selflessly saving our planet from the mistakes of our ancestors to better the lives of our children.
BIT corp. killed about half the population of Vu’s to save their own asses, our supply of food and water for the world was decreasing because there were millions around the world living longer then they were meant to over the last 15 years, which had caused the world population to sky rocket in an already over populated planet. Leaving only a few months before a notice in available food would crop up, before people started to notice how crowded schools were becoming with the increase of children from the increase of people who weren’t dying, as all those kids borne around that generation are getting ready to start to have kids of their own.
BIT corp. was so focused on fathering us, deciding our lives for us even though they did so without considering the consequences that the technology would have long term, as example with creating the fountain of youth, with the result of a population too large for our planet, they were so focused on controlling our lives and blinding us, they stopped looking to the stars, we stopped looking to the stars, we stopped searching for life on other planets, forgetting the option of colonizing other planets to accommodate our ever growing population, and cuddling of the masses as Darwinism just tossed to side, forgotten.
They kept us, the people, distracted by shiny new technology and chemically enhanced food, which stopped us from questioning as they spoon fed a ‘better’ life down our throats, with side effects that have been making our lives worse, and still we say nothing because we have forgotten how to question.        

Articles used to for the base of the technology advances:
Bates, G.; Thornrton, J.; and Partridge, L. The New Science of Aging
Bland, E. Glowing Trees to Replace Glowing Lamps, Discovery Channel News, November 24th 2010
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Image of Nekodra, drawn by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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Honestly, I am still a little shocked and a bit giddy. I had hoped someone from Psych would actually look at the post I made yesterday, but I wasn’t holding my breath and I wasn’t expecting a reply, but Timothy Omundson did, he said thank you back in a tweet. That was nice, it made me feel good. I don’t know if anyone else from Psych looked at it, but I hope others see it too. So if anyone else from Psych stumbles here, it’s the post titled “A Big Thank You” that I posted to you guys. An honest thank you for any and all people involved, I just think you guys have made a awesome show, and I think you deserve a Thank you for it, and I mean ANY and ALL who are involved with the process of creating/working on the show Psych.
But, I already said this in yesterday’s post and I made a forward, so I won’t bore anyone by talking about it anymore, on to today’s short story, which is that Vampire Sci-fi story from my Biology/English class I mentioned in another post.
The beginning, which I hope is obvious, is suppose to be like an online news article, which at the end of the short story I have the list of references for the quotes and information that came from real articles. I hope it actually sounds like a news article, I feel like it does, but I wouldn’t mind some outside opinions on that.
 And yes, I used my Oc Nekodra for the story, though its not canon to her actual background, I have plans for Nekodra for a novel I am working on, I just borrowed her for the purpose of the school assignment, Makes it easier then worrying about creating a whole new character on top of the research. I do that often with her, for short story ideas for the simplicity of it. On my DA account, here is Link to Nekodra's Ref Sheet a very lazily done reference sheet. I am posting the link, because in order to read the rather badly done format of the text on the picture would be easier to read on DA then trying to put it here on the post. It’s your choice to look at it. I figure if anyone is curious about a snip-it of Nekodra’s (the Oc) background, here you go. I may post at a later date, a small quip about Nekodra and her background with some of the pictures of her I have drawn. Also her dead husband in this story, Viix V. Dracula is in fact Nekodra’s (the Oc) husband, His full name is Captain Viix Vladkin Ivan Dracula and he isn’t actually dead, it was merely for the purpose of this story.
I hope this story sounds as good as I feel it does. I know a few spots feel…awkward, at least to me. As far as I know there aren’t many stories that take a more scientific approach to Vampires then a supernatural one, and to quote Natalie Portman from Thor “Magic is just advanced technology we don’t understand.” I don’t know if I quoted that completely correct, and that came to mind because I watch Thor last night with my friends. I am a big fan of Magic and Science and I just love it when I stumble across a story that takes something like Magic and spins a plausible sounding scientific theory behind how it works, like the sorcerers apprentice, which I think was based off a book, right? I don’t know but when I have the spare cash I should see about that and get it, because I enjoyed the movie, so I bet the book is awesome, even though I think its an young adult, but eh. I enjoy the Harry Potter series.
But anyways, I am really proud of this short story/assignment for class, because I actually put a lot of research behind it, and a lot of thought, purpose behind certain things. I don’t recall all the meanings now, but several things where jabs about things going on, jabs at possible futures with the way things are, also an obvious one is a jab at mass mentality, and the how sometimes people on a whole, as a mass mob, blindly follow a trend. Like I said I don’t recall what exactly the jabs are and the specific reasons I made it, but they are there and where put there for a reason. <.<;;

Okay, I have probably bored you enough with my rambling, although if you are still reading, maybe I wasn’t boring you. ^_^ Either way, enough for today, all of you have a good night. I am going to go back to reading this Creative Writing website I found, which has some awesome tips, and watching more Psych. Ooh and I think a few of the Psych Fan fictions I have been reading had updates today, if I recall from my email.  Yay!

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~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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