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Friday, December 16, 2011

2 Red Dwarf 2 Psych 2 Indie Love #14

Yeaaah...don't mind the crazy title, I slightly wonder if my hyper mood is just my mind insanely rebounding from yesterdays breakdown, from one extreme to another...wheee... That and yesterday I slept from 6am to 6pm and I haven't slept since. <.<;;


I completely did not download 6 or so different word a day apps to give myself a fun array of words a day to use for WOTDS (Words of the Day Stories) >.>; Several of them being in a different language, but that makes it all the more fun! Plus, in celebration of my 14th post, because, 14 is the best number cause its twice as good as 7, but I still love 7 too, I wanted to try and use 14 words for today’s WOTDS. And, I am feeling a bit better today too, I have a solution for my problem and hopefully it works out, but until then, I refuse to stay upset. Screw that, I want to be in a good mood so I will! Remember it all starts with a positive mindset.
            So to start, YAY! Guess what today is, other then being my 14th post!? It’s the first day of shooting in front of a live audience for Red Dwarf X! I wish I could be there, but I shall have to be patient and wait till September for it to air, BUT, I can be happy in the thought that they are filming as I type, maybe, I mean the tweets weren’t too long ago, so its likely still filming! And also, only 9 days till Christmas, which also means 9 days till the Doctor Who Christmas Special! And if you haven’t heard the upcoming season with be the end of Amy and Rory’s story, which is sad, I will miss you Amy! The new companion has not been picked yet, last I heard. I hope she is at least close to as awesome and beautiful as Amy is. I also heard River will be around for a while, and she has grown on me, so I don’t mind that.
            These two months are going to crawl by as I wait for the second half of this season of Psych! It doesn’t help that the first episode of part two of this season is an Indiana Jones ep! That series and the Star Wars series, the originals of course, I watched countless times as a child! I grew up adoring those movies, and completely crushing on Indiana Jones and Princess Leia, also Han Solo! Those three were probably my first crushes! But yeah, so I am super excited to see what Psych does with Indiana Jones. Hmmm, now I want to go re-watch the three ordinals, not so happy with the fourth, I mean it was pretty funny, all the cracks about Jones being too old for this, but I don’t like the idea of Shia LaBeouf possibly taking over for Indie. Also not only is there the Indie episode, but Wayne Brady is on the list of guest stars for the second half! I love that guy, aside from Colin and Ryan, he is the best on “Who’s line is it anyways?” and also he has been on HIMYM several times.
            So! Good times are ahead! Can’t wait! Red Dwarf X, Psych, Doctor Who, and wish me luck on finding a job. >.< I could use it. And I am having fun with WOTDS, so shoving my stress to the side, on to the story!

Note to those who maybe new readers, if you want to get to know Nekodra a little before reading a short story on her, the WOTDS Guide has a quip of her bio, so here is Link to the WOTDS Guide

WOTDS December 16th 2011
(Note: they will be missing any special markings above letters because I don’t know how to add them, heh. Sorry)
Foment- To promote the growth or development of
Abrade- To scrape off
Etalage (French) – Display
Agire (Italian) – to act
An deiner seite (German) –by your side
Ikaika (Hawaiian)- Strong
Karwahe (not sure)- Carriage
Xi Mang (Vietnamese)- Cement
(ke) Niiche (Hindi)- Down/under
Gloria (Latin) –Glory, fame
Malus (Latin)- Bad, evil, wicked
Oculus (Latin)- eye
Oiche mhaith (Irish) – Good Night
Mediateness- The quality of being mediate

Oculus Etalage Mediatenss
By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Nekodra took a deep calming breath, her curl tipped bangs pulled back into a messy bundle of a bun, and clothed in a simple dark buttoned shirt and black yoga pants, rolled up slightly to keep their length from getting under her feet and her blue bag was still strapped to her hip, with is pineapple and ankh images contrasting with her dark clothing.
She sat out on a near flat rock about 4ft wide and 3 and a half feet long, which sat roughly 1 foot out of the water, and the rest of the 7 or so feet went down under the surface of the water in the middle of a small lake. The lake was only maybe 25 feet in diameter. The sounds of the waterfall behind her was soothing as she counted back from 10 to 0, slowly, calming herself into a deep and relaxing state of mediateness. Her forearms rested on her thighs, her thumb and middle fingers touching at the tips.
10 The leaves rustled in a short breeze that shivered the trees that completely surround and engulf this little hideaway, 9 and sun began to rapidly sink over the tree line, casting only a faint glow of light. 8 She faintly whispered, Oiche Mhaith, to the fading sun, as it finally disappeared, allowing the stars their past glory of shining brilliantly and vastly along the night sky with the utter lack of nearby lighting that current technology snatched away with a malus nature. 7 though her oculus were closed, she could easily picture the magnificence of the Milky Way above her, the image was calming, knowing that among all those billions of stars laying planets filled with life, and she one day hopes to step onto one of those planets and meet someone new. 6 Deep breaths, in and out, relaxing, calming, she thought, 5 and letting go of stress, of nosey thoughts, drifting away from earlier images. 4 Wiping the board clean, empty, with slow breaths, in and out. 3 in and out. 2 in and out. 1 deep inhale 0 slow exhale.
Eyes still closed, she moves to stand up, arms out stretched and her feet firmly cemented in place, solid and firm foundation, and imaging roots sinking into the rock and grounding her. With another deep inhale and slow exhale, Nekodra gathers herself, ready to foment, to grow and develop herself, her skills, her energies, her mind. Hearing nothing but the whisper of the wind and the waterfall, but not letting it distract her, merely there, existing in the background.
She brings her hands together, slowly, gathering herself, her energies and once her fingers from each hand barely brush each other, she snaps her hands away, in a bursting display; fire erupts from the space between and grows rapidly to fill the gap as the hands retreat from one another.
Just as suddenly she stops, hands held out wide, like she is holding the hands of fellow actors ready to take a bow after their act, but this act wasn’t over yet. Between her hands a beach ball sized bundle of flames, flicker, rotate, slowly, and controlled. Even and calm. In and out, deep and slow. The ball begins to shift, unfold, parts of it appear to abrade, and it takes the form of two horses and a carriage. In and out. The horses appear to stomp, inpatient, and with a flick and rise of one hand, the horses take off, upwards looking like Santa’s slay in the night. With that image in mind her other hand flicks and waves up, and ember rain float down like flickering orange snow. Pulling her hands closer together and a twist of her wrists, the carriage swirls into itself pulling the stomping horses with it, once again becoming a ball, smaller, compact. It shifts, becomes a pyramid, another shift, and it’s a cube. A flick of her hand and it begins to rotate, slow at first, and then picks up speed as she rotates a index finger. Then with a large sweeping motion it becomes a whip in her hand, then a snap of her other hand and it takes the shape of a sword. Letting go of it, it hovers vertically between her hands, which are close now, just barely brushing along the sword. She snaps her hands a little farther apart and it divides, becoming three, another short snap and there are 5, one more snap and it becomes 7. Turning her hands palm up, the swords become horizontal, then pulling one hand down and the other up, the numbers double to 14, two stacks of 7 swords, hovering in front of her. Flickering, calm and controlled, giving a warm soft glow in the night.
Suddenly but gently two strong arms wrap around her and she feels the body behind her, tall but leaning down and a head with long hair that starts to tickle her cheek, rests in her shoulder. “It’s just me by your side, sorry to bother you my love, but someone is here to see you.” His voice soft, barely a whisper, remembering the last time he interrupted with a little too loud of a voice, which snapped her concentration too quickly and she nearly set half the woods on fire and him as well. Not that the fire could kill him, but with quick ease and centuries of experience, his hand snapped up to douse with ice her flames before they went too far, which splashed into the water, cracking and sizzling, saving the trees from her shocked burst of flames.
Not letting the sudden intrusion break her concentration, Nekodra holds her breath, holds her calm clear mind, the swords waver slightly almost breaking shape, but stay put, they hold. With a slow exhale, the swords pulled in half, as she rubbed the tips of her fingers from her thumb down the curve to the other side of her palm, pulling the flames into her now enclosed hands. Releasing her breath slowly, she images the roots she had placed into the rock slowly retreat into her bare feet as she takes another deep breath. Exhaling again, she opened her eyes slowly, and turned around never breaking his hug.
“I was about to have target practice with swords, it was going to be dangerous for the nearby trees and fun.” She pouting for a second and broke into a mischievous grin.
“I am sorry; he was insisting it had to be right now.” He chuckled and kissed her forehead.

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Yes! Success of 14 words of the day and all bundled into one story! Though I wasn’t sure what the plural of oculus is…so just pretend its plural. Heh…
I am pretty sure I mentioned that Nekodra loves to mediate and train, and here is an example. She has spent years honing her fire skills and has impressive results, but she still can make mistakes if she isn’t careful, or if someone startles her when she is that deeply meditating and concentrating.
1,092 words of fun! Yay! Like how I worked in 7 and 14? >.> Hell ya! wOOt! I win. *throws up hands triumphantly*
Anyways, that was really fun, and just for those who maybe curious. I have worked on ‘To Hell with it’ but it was mostly the ending I worked on, which means I don’t have a middle to post as part 2, sorry, but I am working on it! I promise!
So, with that done, I am going to watch some Psych, then more Red Dwarf, then onto a Magic the Gather type 2 tournament at a local and laid back comic shop, with some fun friends for some good ol’ nerdy fun! Have a good Night!

The Side notes:

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         -Have fun and toss me writing prompt, I would love the practice. I will credit you for tossing the prompt when I post the resulting story.
         -If you have never seen Psych, and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! You will laugh so much. Psych Wednesday nights, but currently they are on a mid-season break and will return on Leap year, Feb. 29th 2012
         -Also if you have never seen Red Dwarf it’s a great British Sci-fi comedy, and a new season after many years will air September 2012 for Red Dwarf X. So excited they are currently filming, can’t wait!
        - Please remember feedback, I can’t grow as a writer from silence.
        -Also remember unless stated otherwise, these stories and drawings belong to me, I wrote/drew them, please respect that.

                                             ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix 

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