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Wednesday, December 7, 2011



So today is one of those days, where you wake up and you can feel, you can tell your perception has shifted. Have you ever had one of those mornings? I think my unconscious was stewing over my post yesterday, because I have been trying/working for years to shift to a more positive way of thinking, and its hard, I have greatly improved but I forget. I get distracted very easily, and so after talking about it reminded my unconscious of what we have been trying to work on. To be honest, I have been depressed probably since I quit my job back in May, but it didn't really sink in, or I didn't really notice till a few months ago. Long story short, the only time I have felt happy over the last few months was when I was watching Psych, which is why I watched it everyday, to get a dose of happy, and because I absolutely love the show. But today I woke up, and I feel better. Things still suck, but that post I made, jolted my perception, into remembering I have control over how I feel, and even though I had been trying to make myself happy and trying to jar myself out of the slump, it never really seems to fully register in my mind, but something jarred it last night and I can only assume it came from reminding myself of my core beliefs, I will have to remember that next time this happens. So I learned something new about myself, and I feel a lot better, and I think this will help so I can actually start working on some new stories instead of posting and poking at old ones. Maybe I can even move past my writers block on my novel. 

Plus, there is now more to look forward to then just tonight's new episode of Psych, which I am super excited for, but also sad because it sounds like this is the last new episode for a while. But also, even though it won't be aired till September, even though it would be ready by summer, but in order to get the views they want, it won't air till Autumn 2012. So far away, but I hope its worth it. Which I should probably said what it is, Red Dwarf X, new Red Dwarf! Super excited for that. I am currently watching the first episode as I type, which I never notice that was the actor who plays Mr. Weasley till just now. But that's off point, I plan to go through and re-watch all of Red Dwarf in excitement for the (despite far off) airing of new Red Dwarf. I can't seem to find anywhere what its going to be about, all I know is what I can been getting through Twitter, which is a few pictures of them holding scripts, and a blog that the actor who plays Kryton has. A video of them doing The Cat and Kyrton's makeup. I am just happy its all the same actors. >.> Although as much as I love Rimmmer, he is a little old for me now. but I still crush for the younger Rimmer. 

Also yesterday after I followed Nathan Fillion on twitter, I remembered that he has a sorta new show, its on its forth season, so not that new. I had seen an episode a while back, and like it, but had forgotten about it. So along with re-watching Red Dwarf, I plan to get into Castle while its on its break till January. Lets see if I can get through 3 seasons and what is aired of season 4 before it starts again. But now I also want to re-watch Firefly. So many things, and I can only do one at a time. But tonight is saved for new Psych. *giddy* and its Timothy Omundson on character chatter tonight, I look forward to that. (turns out he is next week, oops but it was fun getting inside from the writer Tim Meltreger.) Yay, so fun. See there are reasons to be happy, and positive. Also I may have found a new show to add to my top fav list, I am now watching the first episode of Castle, and I am thoroughly enjoying it and this is just the first episode. Whee, funfunfun! Nathan Fillion is awesome, just putting it out there.

Hmm, but what short story should I post today?..... *goes rummaging through stories folder* 

Ooh that fits perfect with the whole perception title. But its half-finished, I will go finish that first. 

But side note, there is one more episode of Psych before the break, which the sneak preview I just watched through the Psych vision app on my iPhone, its got my interest and it looks pretty funny, but I have to wonder. Does something happen to Shawn in tonight's episode? Cause where was Shawn in all this (the trailer for next week) why are the three of them alone for the weekend, I feel something fishy is going on. But I will just have to wait till tonight's episode to see what happens, and then next week to find out about the lack of Shawn. Or maybe that's just the clip, and other clips with have Shawn? I do like how Marlowe was mentioned. I wonder if we will see her again, clearly they are still 'dating'. I will have to post that on the chatter and cross my fingers that it gets answered, my two questions to Maggie weren't answered, but there were a lot, I wasn't expecting it. Hoping, but not expecting, anyways, I am suppose to be working on today's short story to post it.

The Drug of Dreams
by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

                She woke up dazed and confused. Come On! COME ON! She felt a tug on her arm, and she opened her eyes. She couldn’t recall this place, and then she felt the history wash over her. This was a friend of hers, the one tugging on her arm. They were going to a festival today; a strange circus, an arcade place with rides and shows. She felt the seat belt pull her back, and she unfastened it, still a bit dazed. Her friend, Tamisha, or Tami for short; her long black loose hair covered her view as she stumbled to keep up with her. She turned to look back, Silly, lets hurry or we’ll miss the show! Her vibrant emerald eyes glimmered in the dark of the night air. It made me want to follow, and why not, she’s been my friend of years, ever since I can recall.
                We ran, through the trees, thick mossy trees, vines dangling here and there. Somewhere in the distance I can hear a waterfall. Then it all gave away suddenly, to a clearing of small buildings, of tents, of rides and things to come. And I was alone. I looked around for my friend with the emerald eyes, but she was nowhere to be seen, she had faded away it seemed.
                Drawn, I walked forward, an orange danced before me. There was a large bon fire, with people dancing around it to a music that I can’t hear. The flames are memorizing, they flicker and sway, the embers dancing to the stars. The logs belong, glowing, emanating the heat, breathing the core of the beast. The tamed and the wild orange flickering red.
                Someone comes up from behind me, a voice I recall, but cannot remember. A friend, another friend I have known for as long as I can remember. I can feel his hand rest on my behind, it startles me, but I cannot find a reason to refuse. He pulls me towards him, and we embrace. I feel like I am falling, but with nowhere to land, and I can’t see anything. But I can feel his hand, and I can feel his lips touch mine, it feels wonderful and then I wonder why. He is a good friend, but he loves guys.
                Everything crumbles away, and with a splash I open my eyes. I see another friend, flamed with red hair and short. Running up with a grin adoring his face, he latches on hugging me as those he hasn’t seen me in days. I know I haven’t seen him in days, because I don’t know him, but I do. Known him for years, he could be my twin. I feel he fog, slowly lift. These aren’t my memories, but they are, they are becoming my memories. Overriding, powerful, and why would I refuse, I love him.
                Gunfire, and I jar awake, I feel out of it. I feel blinding pain, but behind a glass wall. I can see the pain, I know it hurts, but I can’t feel it, but I do. Suddenly I am on the ground, I struggle, but I can’t move. Its wet, slick, thick, did I fall in a puddle? No, that doesn’t feel like water. Someone is calling my name, but that’s not my name, but I know it is. My name on the lips of the one I love, soft green eyes, and always raving about his hair. I laugh, at the thought that he loves his hair more then me. I know that’s not true. The ever joker, the eternal boy. He sounds frantic, why, what’s wrong, is he okay? My name, over and over, it starting to sound weird, like when you say a word too many times, or it looks like its spelled wrong, but you know its not, but your convinced it is. You’ve been looking at it too long. Suddenly there are arms around me, why so many hugs tonight? But I like it; I never want this hug to end, then everything is gone.

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That was half written a few years ago and half written tonight. Its also really short, sorry, but it seems a good length for what it is. It is also suppose to be disjointed and a little hard to understand, like with dreaming sometimes. Sometimes you can see how foggy and weird, confusing and false a dream is, but yet you can't ignore it and you believe the false history that's give to you. I have never been high on drugs or anything, but from what I have gathered from shows (I know, awesome references <.<;;; ) that I would image it to be something like that. But with dreams you can't help but follow the script, as you tumble down the rabbit hole. Ya' know? I think it was base off a dream I had, and particularly disjointed and as you can see, strange dream. I hope I kept the style up okay as I sort of finished it, I mean it could probably go on longer, but oh well. I hope I was able to pick up that weird writing style again okay, and that you can't tell where the break was. ^_^ Enjoy?

As always, a quick side note before I go off and eagerly await tonight's new episode of Psych, while studying the character chatter with Timothy Omundson once it starts, (I miss read it, turns out Omundson is next weeks character chatter.) and watch some Castle while I wait:

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                                             ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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