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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Of Vampires, Pumpkins & Winter's Bite

I know I disappeared for a good while, busy with work (crunch time for a game I was testing, I worked 18 days straight and most were 10 hour shifts at one point. Actually wasn’t so bad and nice bonus with the overtime pay.) Also in general busy with stuff and writing. Distracted, etc… Hopefully this makes it up to you, I finally took the plunge, my first book is on Amazon now for the Kindle and eventually I will look into paperback. First though I plan to work on fixing some things before doing that. 

Also Remember you don’t have to have a kindle to read kindle books, there is the kindle app and you can download kindle for the PC - just throwing it out there for those who may not have a kindle, you can still buy my book. 
This is a collection of several short stories of a Vampire Nature, there are also some doodles for fun. Yes, there are one or two stories you might recognize that I may have posted here, but there are also many that have never been seen. Also they have been edited and altered, slightly.There are a total of 12 short stories of various lengths and I suppose 3 are actually poems -so 9 shorts stories, though not sure I am much of a poet, but they are formatted like a poem I suppose. Shrug. But besides the random poems, there are several stories, please if you enjoyed any of the short stories I posted here then you may enjoy these, so please buy? Please enjoy! 

I did change the cover art, for a period of time this had been the cover art:


Also note Vol.002 is well on its way and I will surely post here when it is completed and publish on Amazon. I am also still working on AVRC, have no worries if you were worried. In fact I did a bunch of writing on AVRC just yesterday. Modern Magic is still under construction as well. I will be adding a tab on the navigation bar for my books which will note progress on the ones I am still working on. 

You can buy a T-shirt - iPad case - iPhone case of the logo on Red Bubble, and other artwork of mine

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

From a Hiatus of Laughter

Yeah, I appeared to disappear for a while, didn't I? Distracted mostly. I have been working so much on A Vampire Romantic Comedy, book one is actually nearly done dialogue/script wise, yay! Nearly time to turn it into the novel. I am excited and I hope its as good as I think it is, and yes you read right, I did say book one. Though really, book one and book two might still just end up as one book the more I look at it. Actually yeah, I think it it will end up still one story. So scratch that, book one and two are back to one book. Probably a part one and part two sort of thing. Mostly because I like the title ideas, A Vampire Romantic Comedy In This Beginning and A Vampire Romantic Comedy In Hell. It amuses me, I want to break it up into two technically separate stories just to use those titles. lol.

Oh and for those curious, or something, I did make some adjustments and additions to the Dream Cast. Here is a lovely picture reference to how the main character list looks like and my dream cast of who I picture playing these characters should I ever end up lucky enough to see this story turned into a movie/ pretty much who I picture the characters as while I write and think about the story. By this point its so hard to picture the characters played by anyone else just because of how much time I have spent visualizing this story as I write it:

 Shhh, yes I have cast myself as Nataline >.> Let me have my dreams, this is a dream cast list after all. Annie and Ryan, I cast as such because, though they are more minor characters compared to the others, I pictured the characters looking similar to them and then when I was watching SNL I realized that they were perfect for those two characters. So while say Mikael, Matt, Theo and John where designed to fit the looks of Bill, Seth, David and Jimmy; Annie and Ryan were actually design first and those two just seem perfect for the part. Jason originally was a toss up between being Liev Schreiber and Fred Armisen and I finally made a decision on Fred. I also finally picked someone for Allison, for the longest time I had no one in mind for the main female lead, I thought why not stick with the SNL theme of most of the characters being played by current or past SNL actors and once I thought that, well I had to go with Kristen Wiig. She is an amazing and dynamic actress. All the actors/actress on this list are amazing!

I still will keep my fingers crossed as I write this story, that should this be made into a movie that all of them will want to play their characters. In case you don't know who these people here are their names and links are to their page:

Mikael: Bill Hader
Lord Gov: Jason Sudeikis
Matt: Seth Meyers
Allison: Kristen Wiig
Theo: David Tennant
John: Jimmy Fallon
Cody: Timothy Omundson
Annie: Vanessa Bayer
Jason: Fred Armisen
Ryan: Andy Samberg

But yeah, that is the list how it currently stands. Just felt like sharing so you can picture it properly when I show a glimpse of some of the dialogue in this post. A sample if you will. But what to show without showing too much? hmmmm... Gah, I am having a hard time finding a good quote that is interesting but doesn't give too much away....

A Vampire Romantic Comedy -Script-
by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Two male vampires and one mortal girl, equals love triangle.
An evil vampire master back from the hell.
What more do you need, what more do you want?
Shenanigans? Comedy? Don't worry, its all there.
Did I mention a vigilantly vampire hunter?
This isn't your typical romantic comedy.
To be honest, not sure if its sunk in or it I am dreaming. Possibly hallucinating. I know I didn't pass out, I never drink enough to pass out, I nurse my drinks... Vampire, really?
[ Mikael]
[ Mikael]
Think of yourself as ginger. Your going to get more pale, so those faint freckles you got are going to stand out more, and your just sunburn easier. Wear layers, walk in the shade when possible, and don't try to sun tan. It won't be pretty, all crispy and depending on the severity it can take a while to heal, can end it death.

Comes into the room, lips locked with another guy.
Pushes him to his knees. Waving Nataline over.
Walks over
Don't name him, just feed.
Fuck you, that's my brother!
Dawns on her
Eww, you kissed my brother!
I care why? You were hungry, I snatched a snack. Don't complain.
Theo can come too.
Wait, what is going on?
The three of us are going on a Tri-date
Not a date
A Trial date: that is what the tri completely stood for, I swear, not Trio date, but trail date.
Sure, but still has the word date in it.
Fine, the three of us are going to a movie together. Snuggling close in a dark theatre, Alli snug betwe-

Okay, that is all. I think those are okay to show, they are short and keep out anything that could be saying too much too soon, but perhaps are interesting enough to make you wonder what is going on? Right? Maybe? Perhaps? When its published you will totally buy it now, because your curiosity is peaked, right? Help build a massive fan base so someone with money it tempted to fund making this into a movie, right? Right? - okay, I am done, I swear. ^_^ Just having fun, promise. Though I do hope others enjoy this story and much as I enjoy it.

So, like I have said, I an writing this as a script first, which is nearly done and then I shall begin the novelization of it. Well, technically I have written some of it as a novel, the first few scenes, but once the script is fully done I was then of course actually focus on turning it into a novel. ^_^ I am excited.

Other Posts where I talk about A Vampire Romantic Comedy:
Giddy Delusions of Dreams: Posted June 9th 2012
Dreaming with Starry Eyes: Post June 16th 2012
Mr. Kill Without Asking: Posted July 1st, 2012

Hmm, its been over a month since my last post, do I have anything else to talk about? I am currently watching a Psych Marathon on Ion which is sweet. Season 7, gods I can't wait for new episodes. Please let Henry be okay! I am excited and nervous! I also hope they were able to do that Psych Musical episode.

Doctor who is due to start soonish, I believe. I need to found out if there is a set date or not. I am also excited but nervous. I am going to cry so much when Amy and Rory leave! I know it. I have seen trailers for it, and I am excited, just not going to think about the sadness. If I heard right there will be another Neil Gaimen episode, yay. Loved the Doctors Wife episode!

Woot, shows will be starting up again soon. Yay!

I wonder when SNL starts? Man, I would love to see it live, one day I hope. But it requires getting the money to fly down from Washington to New York, so hotel fare as well, and I guess from what I gathered from the NBC SNL website you can't buy tickets, but you enter a lottery?... huh? Does that mean I pay for it if I win or are the tickets free? There wasn't a price for tickets? There is also standby you can show up at 7am and possibly get tickets..? I am tempted to enter the lottery, in fact I may enter anyways and try my luck, I just cross my fingers is later in the season that way if I somehow win tickets for, I can save up for the flight and such. But perhaps if I don't win, I could save up and later in the season fly down and spend a week or so in New York and see about stand by, but then if I can't get tickets then I can spend a week in New York and make it a vacation so that its not a waste if I can't get tickets. Lol, perhaps I will fly down on a Friday and leave on a Sunday so I have two chances for standby. Sounds solid, right?

Still for a moment on the subject of SNL, I have watch so much SNL lately, lol. I can't get enough, while I am looking forward to new episodes, I may have said this before but it will be weird not to have Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg, but at least Seth will still be there. I guess he guest hosted or something on a show called 'The Today Show' or I don't know, but I guess rumors start flying that he would leave SNL and co-host that show permittedly. but he squashed that rumor pretty hard, saying how much he loves working on SNL and its an election year, he wasn't going to miss out on that. When I read that, I was pretty stoked and I laughed. Weekend Update with Seth Meyers is one of my most favorite parts of SNL, it will be a very sad day if/when Seth Meyers leaves SNL. I Just hope he keeps enjoying working there for a very long time. ^_~

Okay, I have yammered on enough. I have shown I am still alive and still working on my stories. Now enough chitchat and back to working on A Vampire Romantic Comedy.

Have a good day, while you all enjoy the icky sunny warmth, I am going to huddle in the shade of the indoors with the A/C and write about Vampires. Sexy Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, David Tennant and Jason Sudeikis Vampires.Yummy. And continue to watch this Psych Marathon until it ends and then probably more SNL.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mr Kill Without Asking

'Mr. Kill without asking...' - A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Lol, I just like that line, it amuses me so.

So, progress on A Vampire Romantic Comedy is going, AMAZING! I have written over 50 pages of just dialogue and minor notes of actions. Let me repeat that, over 50 pages of just dialogue. Can you tell how excited I am? How motivated I am? Not only am I putting my heart and soul into this story, and I feel what I have done so far rather reflect that, but I am so- excited and inspired to work on this. It probably helps that it is fueled by the hopes of it being made into a movie and dreaming of certain actors playing the roles of these characters, and the silly idea of being Nataline. Not that it will happen, but dreams are pleasant and motivation is good.

Aside from the over 50 pages of near pure dialogue, I have about 17 pages worth of the novelization. Everyday I am writing and working on this, even work days. That is how much I am loving this story, I fight through groggy tiredness from a 10 hour shift to type up the ideas I had that day. (I don't want to make the same mistake as I did with Modern Magic and fall behind on the typing up notes. x.x Oh Modern Magic, I swear I haven't forgotten you...) I have discovered that I really like this method of writing, working mostly on dialogue first then moving to writing it as a novel. I find it helps to pin down the plot and what will happen, getting that worked out first before getting off track with descriptions of everything.

Image from Amazon
Though I will admit, that due to Rick Gualtieri's Bill the Vampire series, I did slack of a bit on writing this week compared to previous weeks. Though I still managed to get some work done and finish the first two books of the Tome of Bill. Not that I am really complaining, I have a new favorite Vampire, Bill Ryder. There are three books out for this series. Bill The Vampire book one, Scary Dead Things book two, and The Mourning Woods book three. Which just came out and I am currently reading. So far loving it as much as the other two. If you enjoy comedy, horror, vampires and nerds, then I suggest this series. I laughed on almost every page. Kinda of makes me want to hide my attempted at a comedy book. >.<.....

Did I mention I have a new favorite vampire? Bill Ryder, give me a moment while I swoon some more.

Also speaking of Modern Magic. I do and still plan to finish that, but it is a long story. It will be a long-ish series, and for me that requires a lot more work and thought to plan all that out. I should try my new writing method. Plus I don't know what it is about Madori, but I am struggling to pin down her character and background. Aside from her, I have a lot on Modern Magic written down. Which is part of the problem. o_o Don't really want to type up all those notes I made when my laptop was broken. Goodness, I made a lot of notes.... Comedy, the dorky romantic comedy I have in mind doesn't really require a thick interwoven plot like a series....Although the last few scene ideas have seem to turn it a bit more complicated that originally intended. But it is fun and relaxing to write and everything is type up. (._. ) Also WOVaN vol 01, as I have said before is done story wise, for the most part. I feel it lacks something I haven't figured it out, plus it does still need editing which I plan to do. I should do, shame on me. Currently my goals have reversed. I want A Vampire Romantic Comedy to be finished and published first. Though maybe I should give WOVaN some attention again... While setting goals is important, I think tweaking them on occasion is still okay. Right? I am still on track for my main and original goal, have something publish ready by the end of the year. I have a good feeling about A Vampire Romantic Comedy.  And if not, I have WOVaN sitting right there.
Bill Ryder -Image from his Facebook

I shall cross my fingers and although being distracted by Bill Ryder in all his Sexy Nerd Vampire-ness, I will/must keep making good progress and work on my own stories every day.

Regardless of which of the two I feel are publish ready before the end of the year, I will have something. I am determined. One of these stories will be finished and published. The problem with having too many ideas. x.x Its hard to know which I will managed to feel is ready first. But finish I shall, but in the meantime, back to stalki- I mean reading about Bill Ryder in The Mourning Woods.

Umm..... Here take a sample from A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix
*scurries off to read more The Mourning Woods*

The Morning After
There is not enough coffee to clear the fog of coming back from the dead in a strangers bed.

Nataline groaned, placing a hand to her weirdly throbbing head. Talk about feeling like your waking from the dead. Nataline groggily thought.
“Ugh...I only had one drink..” She spoke a loud to herself, shifting under the chilly sheets, settling back in a more comfy spot, still partly wrapped in the warmth of sleep and unwilling to fully let go of its comfort. The last images of her dream etched on her mind yet out of reach to really remember. Someone had been holding her and that was the only abstract feeling she needed to not want to let go.
“I need coffee...” She muttered to the pillow and began moving to sit up and that is when she notice something was off about the feeling of that pillow. It was not the fuzzy softness of her space themed pillow cover.
“..and this is not my bed...” She commented, having yet to open her eyes, still unsure if she was ready to wake up and find out what reckless thing she might have actually done. She could feel cloths setting off the nerve endings of her skin, so that is a good sigh, right? Though she felt like a minor panic attack was hoovering on the edge of her near future, but her heart keep its oddly very slow and steady beat, yet her chest felt tight like it was racing.
“You had half a drink, but it was what I drank that knocked you on your ass.”
The voice came from her immediate left, and though it registered on some level as familiar Nataline still found herself making an embarrassing squeak of surprise and a comical flail of her arms as she slipped off the edge of the right side of the bed and unmistakable thump of her ass landing on the not so forgiving ground next to it.
“umpf...” She groaned, cracking open one eye to be greeted with Mikael bursting with laughter as his face peeked over the edge of the bed, where he was laying on his stomach. His long hair a bit frazzled from the nights sleep.
“Your a graceful one.” He commented, still laughing as he rolled onto his back.
“My eyes where closed, I was in a strange bed; not a proper judge of my gracefulness.” Nataline try to defend herself, with a glare.
“We will see about that.” He rolled back over to look at her, still chuckling.
Nataline paused to think a moment, studying his face. Feeling herself drawn to his eyes, but shook it off. He face was round but he had more of a square chin and his grin was a little lopsided. He had a very animated face, and she had a feeling that he was someone who could pretend to be just about any personality that he felt require to get what he wanted. She wondered if the way he was last night was anything true to his personality or just he working to get what he wanted. If she was honest with herself, he was damn fine looking and the suit he was in last night had lead to a rather attractive air, if you set aside the fact he was overly cocky for her liking.
“Mikael, right?” She recalled his name, that was a good sign she remembered meeting him at BRB Tavern last night, the image was slow and flitted across her mind of him getting cozy and introducing himself in that very attractive suit. No, that does not excuse him from kidnapping her!
“Good, you have a mem-” He started and was rather taken back by her sudden outburst.
“You sick pervert! Trust me, you said! Most fun you'll ever have! - No quote 'I will show you an eternity of fun'! Did you rouffie me?! You sick-” She rushed up to give him a piece of her mind and found herself already standing on her feet impossibly quickly.
“Whoa, head rush...” She held her head with both hands and closed her eyes as the world caught up with her. Feeling displaced from time for a moment. She took slow careful breaths that felt odd but a habit.
“You will get used to it.” Mikael waved it off like it was no big deal.
Maybe I am loosing it. She thought, and started patted her pockets for her phone which was not there. Shit!
“One, please tell me that being in my clothes is a good thing and you didn't just simply redress me and two, where in the fuck is my phone, pervert.” She turned to glare at him accusingly that he had taken her phone and this was a kidnapping after all. And while she should be scared, oddly enough she was not and instead just irritated that it had to be an rather a attractive and well off looking man had decided to drug and take her home with him. What did scared her was she couldn't remember anything after telling him that large ego's were not attractive as she walked away.
Well it was time to stop beating around the bush, Mikael pushed himself up to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Hey, just because I am a Vampire, does not make me a total monster. Name calling is hurtful, and you will get your phone back after I explain everything, and your panic attack is done.” Then waited patiently for her response, her pleading for life. For her to freak out and try to run away.
What he didn't expect was her lack of shock.
“Great. Lovely, as much as I would like to geek out that you are obviously a Vampire fan. YOUR NUTS! If you tell me you sparkle in sunlight, I am staking you myself. Regardless if you are or not.” She poked her finger towards his chest, glaring.
Ah, well once again she did not react as expected. Unsure if it was due to doubt or her being just crazy, Mikael resolved to put doubt completely off the table and see where that takes things. In the blink of an eye, Mikael had her pinned to the wall using his body to hold her still. He had one hand pinning her's above her head and the other held her to her side. He lavished her neck with a few kisses before he sank his fangs in the same place he had last night, opening a new wound over the healed one.
Nataline curled her fingers in attempt to hold onto something as the pleasure washed over her body.
“Oh~ Gods~” Nataline groan with passion and last night came flooding back. She tried to say something else, but she lost all train of thought, and suddenly it was over far too soon, and that moment of ice dumping on her washed across her body as he released her. Her eyes were half open as he looked down at her, licking his lips of blood....

-End of Sample-
 By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix
Bill Hader - image from google
It still needs some work, I am sure. I make silly mistakes that I haven't caught yet, and some I won't catch thus why will have others look at it at a later point. Hope you enjoyed the snip-it from the story. The dream cast for Mikael is Bill Hader. 
Have a good night.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dreaming with Starry Eyes

"You have to dream big while bracing for a possible fall, right?" -Nekodra

Jimmy Fallon (Image from google)
I am so giddy and excited! I finally thought of so many scenes for what I have decided to call: A Vampire Romantic Comedy. Its simple and to the point. I actually have dialogue now! I like to think its funny. It makes me laugh, does that count?
Well it also amused my boyfriend, so hopefully its decent. He already has a favorite character. Yay!

Goals this weekend: 
-Continue adding scenes to A Vampire Romantic Comedy
-Continue restructuring Luminescence in the Darkness
-Work on WOVaN vol. 01 if I get both samples. back

A Vampire Romantic Comedy:
I do still wish I could work with Seth Meyers or just a comedian to help make it funnier. I say Seth Meyers, because I know (according to his Imdb) that he is a Head writer on SNL. But really, I think anyone from SNL would be fun to work with. Hence also why 4 of the dream cast members are/or were once on SNL.

Jason Sudeikis and Seth Meyers on SNL (image from google)
Speaking of dream cast members, I added another. Here is how it currently looks for My Dream Cast:
Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, David Tennant, Timothy Omundson, Jimmy Fallon, Jason Sudeikis and me as main love interest's best friend. ^_^

Though things could change, turns out the character I was working with David Tennant in mind took some odd turns and now I might swipe Bill Hader's as the actor and David Tennant's will get Bill's original character. >.< So there is shuffling and changing, but for the most part I want to have those as my dream cast members. So I will need to think of something so David Tenannt is still there, because I am unsure if I will be keeping Bill's original character. I hope that isn't confusing, half the characters still don't have names and the other half, are only partly fully finalized.We will see how it goes.

Regardless I am making leaps and bounds in the story! That makes me happy. I am first writing it as a script and then I am going to adapt it to a novel and my goal is to have it published by February, we will see how it turns out too. That should be enough time. I have the plot written out, its just a matter of filling in those gaps and thinking of funny one liners. I have a few. Teehe, I am rather proud of a MineCraft pick-up line I created. That whole conversation is one big 'Nerd Alert!' which makes me giddy and double over with laughter. /sing "...Nerds are sexy and you know it.." /shot

Speaking of changing words in songs, I am loving working as a game tester. Though... There are frustrations just like any other job. I won't say details, NDA and all. But I will say, we need to make a Testers soundtrack. lol, we have broken into song, changing words to ones that apply to game testing more then once. I love the people I work with! Work days are full of laughter and nerd. Its heaven.

WOVaN I believe I mentioned was finished story wise, now is major edit time. I am so excited! Because of the subject matter, I am shooting to have it ready and on Amazon by October. Which feels so far away, but that is what I am shooting for. The cover art hasn't been started yet, so I'd have to wait on that anyways. Plus I can't afford my new laptop till next payday (Thorsday! so close! -note: misspelled on purpose-) and I need that to polish that stylized title I was talking about. Which again, I think it is boss. I can't wait to share it.

I sent a sample of WOVaN to an editor and also another person. I have gotten one back and once I get the other back then maybe I can decided if I will go with a professional editor. I haven't quite decided if I can afford/ will go with a professional editor, yet. x_x I don't know. Its expensive and what if I never sell enough copies to make back the money spend on an editor and the cover commission? I am also doing my hardest not to mess with the stories or any of my own editing yet until then. Just patiently twiddling my thumbs and focusing my attention on another projects so I am not idling sitting there panicking over how horrible story probably really is: They are going to think I am an idiot to want to publish this and its not ready yet to see the light of day! Yes, I panic easily. Yes, that is pretty much quotes from my mini self in my head, you can add to it, her running around like a chicken with its head cut off. WOVaN is my first to be published baby, I am worried its not as good as it could be, but sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, put the pen/keyboard down and let your baby fly.

o.o Yeah, I kinda think what was a weird metaphor too.....

Some quotes I shared in the past from WOVaN:

"...Patted paws with deadly claws scratched the dirt and another howl rang through the woods, deafening from behind her, the hot breath sending terror through her body..." - WOVaN vol.01 by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"...head lulled, his vision swimming before him, seeing three, four, five versions of his attacker drifting in and out in front him; like a swarm of identical ghosts weaving in and out of each other as they sneered at him..." - WOVaN vol.01 by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"-crash from the front room, both in unison looked in that direction. Before their feet touched the ground, Seth found himself against-" WOVaN vol.01 by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

New quotes from my projects:

[N] "-Gee wiz, way to make a girl feel special."
[E] "You didn't let me finish, it was quite lucky. Fate, clearly. That I ended up with you."
[N]"You make me feel all bubbly and warm my un-beating heart."
  -A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

[N] "..and I won't be too much of a pain in the neck. Unless you want me to be."
[G] "Cheeky, I like it. You can certainly be a pain in my neck."
[E] "I don't know either of you."
  -A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

[V] "Uh- Shit..."
[N]"You knew about Vampires and NEVER told me?!"
Starts punching his arm, pissed.
[V] "Ahh-You have enhanced strength, please remember that."
[N] "Who said I forgot?!"
   -A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"...She stiffed at the sound of heavy foot steps. She had dropped her guard in a moment of confusion. Angry at herself for getting distracted, it would cost her life, this mistake..." -Luminescence in the Darkness by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix
End of Quotes 

Reply to Comments:
I want to say thank you, Rick Gualtieri who's book, Bill the Vampire, I am currently reading and absolutely loving! Laughing out loud almost every page. I want to thank Rick, for your comment and tips on my post Little Advice/Help
^_^ It helps to know that what I was thinking and so far what I have been doing is good- on the right track so to say. Its reassuring, so thank you! Also no worries about the cover art, its all her own work. She is doing a picture for the banner on my blog right now, and I have seen her Work In Progress. Plus, also I have known her for about 8-9 years, from my close knit high school group of friends.

Miscellaneous Other Things:
Last post, The Giddy Delusions of Dreams, I wrote the short story For Evergreen. I actually kind of liked how it turned out. I am thinking of perhaps adding to it (editing it). I may put it in WOVaN Vol 2 and add more to the beginning of the story. Little more of how and why it got to that point, but we will see. Would it take away from it?

I have also since that post, added to my document of my Silly SNL monologue ideas and making fun of my own stories with skit ideas. Is that sad? >.> One: doubtful I would get a chance to host SNL; and two: doubtful my ideas are up to par for their show. But heh, why not. It amuses me. I am having fun and that is all that matters.

Also on the subject of SNL-ish. I mention I added Jimmy Fallon to the dream cast, I watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on occasion with my dad and a recent episode he did an adorable video with Carly Rae Jepsen and the Roots 'Call me, Maybe'. It is forever what I see now when I hear that song and I makes me enjoy it even more.

I love Jimmy Fallon, I really hope he and at least most of not all of my dream cast members will want to play their respective characters- if I even somehow by some amazing luck, get to make A Vampire Romantic Comedy into a movie. Heck, I would be A-okay if they want to swap characters around! And Hell, if they want to change the story, add what surely would be better dialogue, I could could die on the spot and be euphoric! As I said, I would love to collaborate with them. Hey, nothing wrong with dreaming big.

I will leave you with that and now I will get back to work on A Vampire Romantic Comedy. Can't make the dream come true if I never finish the story!

Enjoy! And if you want to read random short stories...That I should probably go over again and edit them better. x.x But here are links..
The Short Stories Guide
The WOTDS Guide


Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Giddy Delusions of Dreams

Remember last post, Passionate Guilt of a Writer, where I started off talking about Luminescence in the Darkness? Well started with a quote, which I am actually quite fond of.  

Seth Meyers (Image found using Google)
"Sorrow for what I did to a world I created before I delved to image it's beauty, but to preserve the planet would mean the story never happen." -Nekodra

Is that too egotistical to be proud of/attached to my own quotes? I also rather love:

"Our Milky Way Galaxy is but an atom of dust in an endless mansion, that in all of existence, has never been dusted." -Nekodra

“I am an Immortal Soul, locked in mortal skin, fearing I'll never be free again.”-Nekodra

Anyways, in Passionate Guilt of a Writer, I talked about how I am an idiot for not watching SNL actively till now? Well, I was going to start from the very beginning (which I have watched the first 5), but I am being a fan girl for Bill Hader and Seth Meyer (Seth has the most wonderful smile *Swoon*) and (Bill is so hilarious when doing game show hosts/suits are uber sexy, well he is sexy. Also Stefon is just adorable. Yes, I completely ship Stefon and Seth Meyers from weekend up >.> *cough* ) Also it was Bill Hader's birthday the other day and I am sure he won't see this but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

So anyways, I am watching more recent episodes. I do plan to go back to the later years at some point. I want to also go through Jimmy Fallon's years, because enjoy Late night with Jimmy Fallon and the episode he hosted was good times. When people talk about Justin Beiber, I laugh because I will forever only ever see Jimmy Fallon's Justin impression. You know, Jimmy is pretty fine looking himself. I wouldn't mind a hug from those three, Jimmy, Bill, and Seth. And being Comedians, I bet they are fun so hang out with. But anyways, all episodes are good times (that I have seen), not every skit, but on the whole- Awesomesauce. I started watching an episode with Jim Carry the other night, loved that guy since I was a kid and I just remembered I never finished watching it. I had to go to bed, early alarm for work. I am sad the current season is over, but breaks are needed, totally understandable. I bare no ill will, just want to watch more. I have no new shows to watch till fall, everything I watch has ended. Though there are a few new summer shows that look promising.

Spoiler for Shows Warning:

Corbin Bernsen (Image from)
T.T I am so worried for Henry! That was such an evil cliff hanger for the summer. I keep consoling myself that its Psych, they are not going to kill off a main character, right?! Right!?? And just because he is at filming, doesn't mean he is alive, because there are almost always flashbacks. And did you see the shirt Corbin Bernsen wore? Mean, taunting and mean. Lol. I know its to get hype and all that, and I know they end seasons like this to make sure you want to watch next season- BUT no, no you don't, those who love the show don't need a cliff hanger to want to watch next season. We already will want to, sure it makes us anticipate it, but still. I love the show don't get me wrong, just worried for Henry. I have my top favorite crush characters Shawn and Lassie, and then I have my top favorite Boss character which is Henry. I believe I mentioned this before in Shadows of Unwavering Blue, I think he is a wonderful father. Him and Lucien LaCroix from Forever Knight are the best fathers.

Doctor Who:
It wasn't long ago that over twitter Karen announced that our wonderful Amy and Rory Pond filmed their last episode. I am sure when it airs I will ball my eyes out. I am also super curious about the new companion, I saw her in the Titanic mini series that aired this last April, and she seems like a lot of fun and a perfect fit for a Doctor Companion. I am torn between wanting to see this new companion, but not, because seeing the new companion means we have lost Amy and Rory. Makes me tear up thinking about it.

Red Dwarf X:
I remember reading somewhere that while it would be ready to air this summer, of course it won't actually air till fall. *table flip* But I am eager to see it, from all the spoiler free reviews on those who got to see the filming. I hear its going to be great and still very classic Red Dwarf style. Yay! Arnold J. Rimmer, can't wait to see him again. I may have to go re-watch it on Netflix again this summer before it airs.

Vampire Diaries:
I finally watched the season finale the other day. I nearly had a heart attack when for a moment, no more then once they made it seem liked Damon was going to die. I also nearly cried because he was going to die alone because Elena chose the other brother. But you know what, she can have him, that means Damon is free for the taking. ^_~
Bill Hader as Stefon and Seth Meyers on SNL

End of Spoilers.

Side note on SNL:
You know you've watched too much SNL when you began writing various monologue ideas for various possible scenarios of how/why your getting the amazing chance to host SNL.

(Quick edit: Did I mention I also wrote a skit idea that made fun of my own stories? >.> )

My Book Projects:
Bill Hader as Stefon on SNL
I also started working on a movie script idea for a Vampire Romantic Comedy with my dream cast staring, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and David Tenannt (As Vampires of course). Then also Timothy Omundson (not as a vampire only because there needs to be some humans). Still only the very bare bones of plot ideas, so there aren't many characters, yet. There is also the lead lady, who I will foolish dream about playing but I know it won't happen, hence the more minor character that will be involved enough to get a scene or two with each dream cast male actor >.> *cough* But as gun-ho as I feel about it; because it feels like being on the set with those guys would be so fun and I would finally have gotten a chance to be on a movie set, but I must be realistic in my dreaming.

WOVaN is priority one, because I want to publish it first. I also want to get Modern Magic book 1 flushed out enough to seek a professional editor. So the Vampire Romantic Comedy will be very side project, but I need to research writing scripts. So if anyone has any good tips about writing scripts, toss them my way if you have a moment. It seems like it would be easier to write scripts, because its not full detailed writing like a book, but that will probably actually be harder for me and I still need to find out how they are formatted.

Back to WOVaN:
 Is coming along wonderfully! I almost have Vol. 1 ready to seek a professional editor. All but two stories are complete, and those that are complete are also as flush out as I can probably get them. Then the two stories that are left, still need an ending. >.< but what is written is pretty/mostly flushed out. So once I can think of an ending, I think its time to hunt for a professional editor. The cover has been commissioned, but I haven't gotten a rough sketch yet to approve, but I am patiently and eagerly waiting. Its being done by my awesomely talented friend, Miha, her DeviantArt. I did however sketched what will be, I guess the best description is icon for the series. A stylized version of the titled. I think its boss if I do say so myself. Once I get my new laptop and can flush it out more on the computer, I will show it off. I also have a few stories started and roughly written for WOVaN Vol. 2.

(Little edit: A few hours after this post was initial made, I finished up those two stories. Yay! So if anyone has advise on finding an editor, I am all ears. I have just never done this before and I will admit, I am really nervous. But, I must grow skin like stone and see how this turns out- once I find an editor of course.)

I know I haven't posted a short story in a few posts. Bad blogger, bad! I know its a pathetic excuse, but I have been so focused on my current projects that its hard to pull my mind away and write something completely random, but for you, My Dear Readers, I will try. This is going to be something completely off the top of my head, free writing, lets see if I will let myself post if after seeing what happens:

For Evergreen
by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

She stared out the water beaten window out at the evergreen trees, the amply source nickname of the state. Evergreen they are, and they have the house surrounded and isolated. The rhythm of the relentless rain was reassuring, relaxing, and for a moment she closed her eyes and let the heavy pounding of the sound carry her away down a calming river blanket of warmth. Nothing else existed but that sound and meditated silence of the world. A clap of thunder and everything swirled downwards, an interrupting sound, breaking her trance. Not that she had anything wrong against a good thunderstorm, it was just unexpected. She looked out at the trees again, baby birds just learning to fly fluttered from branch to branch with frenzied excitement, or trying to find a branch to shelter from the rain.

"Have you come to a decision yet?" He came from the front room, his golden eyes blazed in hunger. The door banged loudly against the wall, surely leaving yet another mark on the scarred wall. He growled like the wolf he was, cornering his prey.

"I already give you my answer." She stubbornly continued watching the green dance in the wind, taking it the hundred of subtle shades from bright lime to deep forest and everything in-between.

"And I am giving you a chance to be the smart girl I am beginning to think doesn't exist." He stomped almost comically like a drama queen, but he was a guy who is nothing but serious and cold.

"I guess you were mistaken." She knew those words would begin today's list of regrets, but she was reaching the point of no return. The break in her sanity people jokingly believed she reached years ago.

His hand gripped his chin, forcing her to look at him. Claws digging wounds into her cheek, which tried to rapidly heal themselves but the freshly populated skin cells found themselves blocked by the hard cold talons. The skin protested and cried in panic and that hurt worse then the initial tear and he knew it.

"Haven't you realized its hopeless? He never cared about you, if he did, he would have taken you with him."

"He assumed you'd follow him, rather then be petty by going for me. But, I guess he never calculated your stupidity."

"Whats that suppose to mean?!" He tossed her face away with a disgusted, causing her to hit the window with a sickening crack, spider rivets snaked out from the center of impact along the once smooth surface of the glass, but she hid the relief of her wounds now able to heal.

"If you had taken a moment to actually think, you would have followed him and do you want to know why?" She smirked in a taunting sing-song voice, pausing for his answer.

Uncrossing his arms, he pulled back his hand to slap her across the face. The sound echoed in the small cement room, "Stop with you condescending tone and tell me!"

"Then you could have caught up with him and dueled him on a more even playing field-"

She didn't flinched as her face suddenly splattered in his dark cold blood, a silver stake protruding from his chest, only inches from her face.

"Sweetheart, be careful, don't let any of that get in your mouth." Peering out from behind the shocked dying form before her.

"-You see, he never actually left town, in fact he was counting on you being petty. Ironically to stab you in the back." Carefully wiping blood away from her mouth.

He choked, mouth flapping open and close, unable to form any words, but he had clearly understood hers by the angered shock, the murder in his eyes, they then rolled up, as he crumpled to the floor with a last spasm before stiffening in death.
(The end)

Actually wow, interesting. I actually kind of like it. It actually- I caught myself off guard when it crossed my mind to have the blood suddenly splatter across her face. I hope that made up for the lack of short stories I posted.

Aright, I think that is it for the blog today. I am off to work of WOVaN and Luminescence in the Darkness. Please while feeling free to share this with friends, I did write this story, quite literally in 30 minutes, so remember it was written by me. Thank you. Enjoy!

If you want to read more short stories:
Short Stories Guide

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Passionate Guilt of a Writer

"Sorrow for what I did to a world I created before I delved to image it's beauty, but to preserve the planet would mean the story never happen." -Nekodra

My feelings for the world I created in Luminescence in the Darkness, my Sci-fi Vampire story that I am writing specifically to submit to Asimov Sci-fi short story magazine. The story I recently send to a few friends to get their opinions and editing what they noticed. I had a feeling that towards the end it gets a little confusing and sort of felt a little flimsy plot wise, and that was confirmed. I starting to work out fixes, which of course came to me moments after sending it off. As I was waiting for the feedback, not wanting to really work on the story itself till after I get the feedback...well, back. I began really thinking about what a planet would look like to evolve the (what my boyfriend amusingly dubbed and has now stuck in my mind) Vamplien race. I started sketching out plants based in creating or consuming blood, in place of making sugar. Plants that exist without needing sunlight- which just clicked in my head, Chemosynthesis (That is the word that's been on the tip of my tongue for weeks) instead of Photosynthesis. I have grown to love the beauty and interesting differences yet similarities to Earth. A planet quite literal a world of Vampires. Is anyone really surprise that I would do this? I hope not. This is my imagination at work and I have a probably unhealthy love and admiration for Vampires. I am surprise I didn't write it sooner, to be honest.

The more I sketch and work to create the ecosystem of this world, the guiltier I feel for what I have done to it. The more I would love to visit this planet, though be careful, getting too close to a plant will leave you tired and a little drained. I can't wait to get my new laptop, which will take me about a month to save up for, but I can be patient. >.< I will be patient. The laptop I am eying and plan to get is the Acer Iconia, once I get it I can take my sketches for the Vamplien home world and put color to it. Which I will share when I do. Once I am done with this blog post, I plan to continue with the research of things so the science is decently believable. Its a crazy universe, I like to think there could possibly be a planet of Vampires. There is a world that is made up of burning ice- 6 Real Planets that put Science Fiction to Shame.

But aside from that, I know I need to tear down and restructure the story. Though I am a little unsure how I want to restructure it. So aside from some research to put a decent amount of science behind my world and the occasional sketch as I think of new plants, I feel I need to take a step back from the story. Let my unconscious muse over how to reassemble, then the next time I look at the story the answers will come to me like magic (because our unconscious mind is amazingly powerful and never stops working.)

So though I have been talking a lot about Luminescence in the Darkness, doesn't mean I have forgotten my WOVaN project, or Modern Magic. To be honest the only reason I haven't worked on Modern Magic but for an occasion added note here and there is the slight laziness and daunting task of typing up that entire notebook of notes. x.x I kinda wish I could pay someone to type it up for me, but I doubt they could read my handwriting. I feel guilty though. Its not only typing it up, but then rearranging the notes into the proper story order. I feel guilty. I hope Ember, Cole, and the world of Modern Magic isn't too upset and plotting my death. Though, if it was at the hands of Cole, I would be okay with that. But I really should make the habit of typing up a few pages a day, otherwise it will just keep piling up. I know, I know. Bad Writer, bad. WOVaN, I need to step back from to think how I wanted to conclude/continue the main story of the collection. I plan to look at that today and make some headway on that. Heh, 3 projects, my brain is overwhelmed, but I will finish them. I will. Slow and steady wins the race, correct?

Movies & such:
Putting projects aside for the moment, let me talk about a few other things before I head back to working on them and finishing this post.

Bill Hader (Agent W) -Josh Brolin (Young Agent K) & Will Smith (Agent J) in MIB III (Image from Google)
Men in Black III:
I just saw it and it was awesome. Your always iffy about sequels and 3rd's, then when its been years and years since the last one, you worry it will ruin things. Your treasured memories of the originals. But, honestly. I think they did a wonderful job. Wonderful. I don't want to say too much, because if you go in with high expectations, then it ruins the movie for you. So I will say this, go see it. If you enjoyed the first 2 or even just the first. Just see it, let your curiosity wonder if they did okay, and watch the movie. Besides, just because I loved it, doesn't mean you will. See for yourself. ^_^

Bill Hader & Seth Meyers on SNL (Image from Google)
While I have known of the show all my life, I only saw random episodes here and there. Why I never watched more is beyond me. Love the show. Always enjoyed the random ones I saw, so why I didn't actively watch it every Saturday, I will never understand. But since staying with my dad, I watch it every week. I have fallen for Bill Hader. He is my favorite, while the current cast is awesome and its sad to see Kristen Wiig leave, but we will see more of her, I hear she was many projects in the works. But while the entire cast is amazing, Bill Hader is my favorite. I have seen many of his other movies and liked him, I didn't realize his name and take notice, (that tends to happen a lot. I will like someone, but then they play one role that really sticks out and then you realize you have seen and enjoyed them in many other movies, you just didn't really put the name to the face and keep tabs.) But anyways, Bill Hader is awesome and I am slowly working on watching all of SNL through Netflix, which has from the beginning till 2010.

Bill Hader (Image found with Google)
While my main love is Vampires, I do love a good laugh. I love wit. Vampires and Wit, if you want to know what to use to seduce me. Get a Vampire comedian, scratch that, be a Vampire comedian and seek me out. Turning Bill Hader in to a Vampire wouldn't be a bad idea, also. <.<; *cough* Please?

No,no, who knows if he would want that, don't force it upon someone. That is how we get those depressed Vampires. So anyways, I tend to fall for Vampires and those who can get me to snort. Yes, if I laugh hard enough, I snort. People seem to think its cute and try to get me to do it again. >//< My boyfriend thought about making a drinking game with it, but discovered he was too good at making me laugh and everyone would have died. 110 shots in 10 minutes. I think it was also 2 am and everything is funny at 2am, I blame sleep deprivation for that insane fit of giggles with many snorts. My nickname on one of my softball teams was Laughalot. Get it, Lancelot, Laughalot? 9 year old's are so witty. I think in middle school someone used to call me Gigglebox...?

I love humor, just because I have my grouchy days doesn't mean I enjoy being upset. In fact I hate being upset. I love my boyfriend, he somehow knows the perfect moment to insert something humorous when I am crying or ranting, and turns my emotions on a dime. I love him, so much. Now if only he was a vampire... <.< I am kidding, love him even if he isn't a vampire. But have you ever laughed and cry at the same time? Its a strange sensation.

Back to Vampires and wit- I have a list of actors who I would love so see play a role of a Vampire, Bill Hader has just been added to the list. If I manged to miss it on his IMDB list of movies and he has played a vampire, you better leave a comment with the name of said movie. Though, I can't really take David Tennant off the list, >.< so close though in the Fright Night remake, which I still love. Watched again last night. Also not so sure about Nicholas Cage, Love Bites, that was a....interesting movie. >.< I think I will keep him on the list, in hopes of another Vampire role, though again...that movie is strange, was he even really a Vampire, or just crazy? I may need to watch it again, I don't remember it very well. I also still need to go see Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp, then he can be crossed off, once I see it that is.

Okay, I have rambled on enough. ^_^; Instead talking about Vampires, I should go work on my stories. If your in Washington, enjoy this day of sun, because I did a rain dance for the Gods and it looks like they were pleased and I can crawl out from this rock tomorrow to enjoy the comfortable chill of rain. Thank you Gods. Now if you guys could give me feedback on whats wrong with my Vampire Dance, that would be wonderful so I can please you and get my Vampire comedian.


Still would love tips for indie publishing through Amazon from my previous post, Little Advice/Help

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Advice/Help

Asking for Advice:

I would like to ask for advice/help from any independent authors who come across this blog post.
While the books I would like to publish through Amazon at some point are not done, I am trying to make sure I understand the process before I finish one of the books so I am ready when they are.

Question 1: I was reading through Amazons page on KDP, and such, it mentioned that I have to have exclusive rights to my book to publish them. Do I have to do anything special, pay some company in order to claim I own my book- as in copy right or something- or is it by default mine unless I sold it to a publishing company?

Question 2: What about commissioning the cover of the book? I have commissioned it from a friend and she knows I want it for a book cover. Am I golden to use it as the cover with amazon, because I have permission from the artist?

Question 3: Is there a link you can give me to a good source for independent publishing, in case I have any other questions about the process?

Question 4: What do you suggest about editing? I know there will be errors that I won't catch and I would like to fix that, what do you suggest for getting a story edited before publishing?

Thank you so much, for anyone who helps me to answer these questions!
I have read various tips and such in blogs, but it never hurts to have a nice large rang of advice on a topic.

About WOVaN Project & Modern Magic:

The search is finished! I did find the story. I also found a whole bunch of old crappy stories I wrote 11 years ago as well. I did find a few old Floppy's which could have more stories. I am glad my parents haven't gotten rid of their old tower yet, we have a new one, but the old one is still nearby and it has a floppy drive, at some point I will boot that old puppy up and about a half hour later I can pop in the floppy and see what is on it, assuming they still work.

WOVaN is coming together nicely. If you haven't guessed yet, WOVaN is going to be a collection of short stories. It will be a series- I have MANY short stories. The first won't have too many, a small collection. There is a completely new story-ish, the first paragraph is from an old story I found, but after that is all new that I have been working on. I think it's at 3,000 words, it might end up as a Novelette and be the focus story of the collection and then a couple shorter stories. We will see how it goes. One story you may recognize from here, but I changed and edited it. Then some older stories I wrote years ago- fixed up and edited.

One of many Shrimp we caught. Big suckers.
I am still working on Modern Magic too, right now its sort of just typing up notes from when I didn't have a laptop (which is a LOT) and then trying to organize them in the proper storyline order. Kind of a daunting task at the moment.

How I am doing:

Started my new job last Tuesday! I work 4-10. Yeah, that is right, three day weekends baby. I think I am going to love this job! NDA doesn't let me talk details, but I work for Microsoft thru Volt, game testing. Don't look to me for leaks, I want to keep my job. XP Lol, but I am enjoying it. Bugging and Crashing a Natal (Kinect) game. Fun, fun. The people I work with are so much fun. I have finally found the perfect work environment. I don't want to leave this job anytime soon!

Me and a Shrimp. See! Big suckers.
Also speaking of fun, that last weekend with that super warm and sunny-ness- while me and the sun don't get along, I had a fun and packed weekend.

Friday- I went shrimping with my dad, grandpa and uncle Scotty. Spent time on my grandpa's boat from 6am to about 5pm. Good times. I am happiest on a boat. I want to have my own boat one day and just spend hours out on the water, perhaps a few nights. I love laying down on a boat and rocking in the waves. So calming. I can't describe how relaxing being on a boat is for me. Being on a boat rids me of nausea, that's how relaxing it is.

Cute little Dwarf Cuttlefish.
Saturday- I went to Pike Place Market for the first time- I know, whats wrong with me? I have lived near Seattle my whole life and I had never been to Pike Place. But I enjoyed it, and now that I have a job I want to go back and buy things. Several things. I will go back sometime later this summer. Me and my mom also went to the Seattle Aquarium. I love that place. I love getting to see all sorts of sea life, so beautiful. Also cute. I think my favorite part of the Aquarium is the Octopus and the Harbor Seals. Then- is it horrible that I went to the aquarium, loved and enjoyed seeing all the sea life and then I went to have dinner at Ivar's? <.< I love sea life both to observing and also eating. yum. ^_^

Oh, lets go to Book corner for a moment:

 I still have so many books I want to read, I have over 120 samples waiting to be read and about 34 books I bought or found for free waiting to be read. I recently finished reading Gunship by John Davis. (The links are for Amazon) I believe the third book is due to be released soon, but I am not sure when. I haven't read the second book yet, Glimmeria, but it is on my list- in fact I should grab the sample to remind me. I did rather enjoy the book. It had a nice Firefly feel to it. I can match parallels to some of the characters. While the format of the books was hard to get used to, it was a great story. You grow to like the characters and so you want to continue to see how they are, if they are okay. If you enjoyed the show firefly, you will surely enjoy Gunship.

Right now I am currently catching up on Asimov magazine and then I will be back to reading Blood Skies by Steven Montano () Which I HIGHLY recommend. I haven't finished it yet, I am only on chapter 3, but I have to say: The world Steven Montano has eloquently painted with words is breathtaking & marvelous.
Me at Snoqualmie Falls on Mothers day

I don't know if this really fits into book corner, its a blog. I stumbled across @Suzisquared on twitter last night and by proxy I found her blog - Vampire Sexual Secrets. I have read a good deal of it by now and I will read more later tonight. But I have fallen in love with her blog and her Vampires. Ideal. That is the best word I can use. I have been seeking out Vampire since I was 4- so ever since I can remember I have gotten my hands on anything Vampire I could and while I will enjoy them on some level, some not, some I do love, but more often then not I would feel something is missing. Her Vampires, are probably the only ones that have made me feel- 'I finally found it.' Like I can take a breath and relax because I have found what I have been looking for all my life. I can't wait to get to the actual story, I am so excited. I have been reading through the other parts of her blog, which talk about her Vampires, the characters, and explaining things. Then I will read the actual story, which I am antici------------pating. Sorry, Rocky Horror Picture Show, can't help it.

Oh, and have you seen the English trailer for Kingdom Hearts? I am so excited to play! Can't wait! Already pre-ordered at Gamestop, and there will be a collectors edition through Gamestop, so when that is pre-orderable I will upgrade to that. Release date is nearly here! 7/31/12!

Alright, I think I have talked enough. Sorry for the lack of Short Story or a WOTDS. Had a busy first week of work, still getting used to it and I am feeling a little off. So what writing I can do I am putting towards WOVaN right now. This blog post- I have been slowly working on since last week. So my apologies, next post I will see what I can put together for you to read. For now, if you haven't read some of my other stories here is the WOTDS Guide and Short Stories Guide. I will leave you with that and back to editing WOVaN for me.


Friday, May 4, 2012

A WOVaN Questions of Plans

Sorry its been a while, distraction, projects, and was feeling under the weather for a few days.

I purpose a question-

Modern Day Magic:

If your a new reader perfect, if you saw Modern Day Magic or Modern Magic written on the spine of a book that's chillin' on a shelf would you pick it up and read the summary? What would you expect it to be about? --  Please comment your response to this question or email it to

If your a returning reader, well forget what you have heard so far about the story, if you can set that known knowledge aside, understandable if not, once you know something it changes your perceptive. What would you expect a story titled Modern Day Magic or Modern Magic to be about? Would you pick up a book titled that? Knowing what its about, does it have your interest? -- Please leave a comment with your response or email it to

I am just curious if this title fits this series. I am having 'is this the right title?' worry. Does it fit the book, does it catch peoples eyes? I figured who better to ask then my readers or those who stumbled across this blog entry. ^_^; I am worried it doesn't give the image I want it to and the more I think about it, I feel it fits but that could just be that I have been calling it that for months now and gotten used to it. Though I omitted day, and I am growing to like 'Modern Magic'. The Modern Magic Series. But its hard for me to answer that question. There is going to be a lot of magic in the story, but first and foremost its a Vampire story, and Modern Magic says magic not Vampire. But what would fit, that speaks both Vampire, Magic, and a little fairy tale?

What about Bloody Magic or Bloody Hell? While I want it to be humorous and sometimes light hearted, it is also going to be a horror book. Bloody Magic, I think works on multiple levels. But does it give the right image? x.x Normally I feel my titles work well, but for some reason I am getting unsure about calling it Modern Magic.

You Missed a Spot By Miha - Her Deviant Art
I still have time before the story is to be publish, lots typed up, but it still needs lots of work. ^_^; So for now I will just refer to it as my Modern Magic novel, but the official title is not set in stone. When I do eventually publish it, I will be sure to leave a link and title.

I do have a side project I am working on that I have dubbed WOVaN, which are the initials. Unlike Modern Magic where I am unsure, I absolutely like the way the initials worked out and I like the title WOVaN. I am still heavily working on Modern Magic, but everyday I am also working on this smaller project, that will likely be published well before Modern Magic, because its not a novel series -well- it is a series, but not the same. You will see when the first book is ready to publish. ^_~

The cover art has been commissioned and I look forward to seeing the result. Its being done by my amazingly talented friend, Miha. She is the artist that the image I used for my Twitter picture.

 Yay, I finally found a picture from Sakura-con of my cosplay, I am the blue one. He also has LOTS of picture of other cosplays if you want to look at them. If you also took a picture of us at some point during the con I would love to see them, thanks!

This was found on Flickr and taken by DTJAAAAM

Those who follow me on twitter already read some of this, but I will put it on my blog because I can actually talk about it- I have such issues with the 140 character limit! Another reason I should finish with the facebook page, most of the time I really only need another 10 characters, but like Corbin Bernsen from psych, I could post a bit of a longer 'tweet' and share it to twitter.

So Van Helsing, the awesome movie from 2004 with Hug Jackman, Kate Beckinsale and Richard Roxburgh- I love that movie! I am not sure how I feel, I just found out they plan to do a  reboot of it and Tim Cruise is playing Van Helsing. I Love Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing. If the Gods are kind maybe Alan Rickman will be cast as Dracula- then I would squeal aloud like the fan girl inside me which I haven't done since highschool <.<; and that one 10th Doctor cosplay a few years ago... *cough* IF Alan Rickman by some miracle was cast Dracula, I fully admit he would not be Dracula in my mind, but a Vampire Severus. We all have our fanfics that play out in our minds from things we read, or watch, right? I am not the only one that does this am I? Though I keep mine to myself, I will never post a fanfiction anywhere, they are personal and the bulk is someone else's world. Plus I will admit, I tend to image certain characters as vampires. Okay, I tend to change most stories/movies/shows to involve vampires, in my mind. So all my personal fanfictions is just me bending the story to include and accommodate Vampires-- Back on topic of Van Helsing Reboot, of course this is just all me being very hopeful that something amazing comes from the reboot- I LOVE the original. It will always have a special place in my heart regardless of the outcome of this reboot. I watched Van Helsing twice while working on Modern Magic yesterday, for awesome background noise and the sexy distraction of Dracula. *cough* So if the universe wants to be awesome, someone of my list of actors I would like to see as Vampires will get cast as Dracula in this reboot. Keeping my fingers crossed. Though regardless of casting, I will watch the movie when it comes out because I am sucker for anything Vampire. Well almost anything -well- yes if it has vampires I will watch or read it no matter what. Whither I end up liking it is a completely different story, but if it includes Vampires and I cross paths with it, I will be drawn to it and won't get it out of my head till I give it a shot, for curiosity sake and for my love of Vampires.

There won't be a WOTDS today, but instead I am going to post a few quotes from Modern Magic, a couple others from a the WOVaN project. Let me know if the quotes have your curious about the stories. ^_^

"..Eyes glinted from the nearby porch light reflecting off them now that he was standing, his grin became soft. His whole demeanor inviting, calling. Hypnotizing. Like the Evil witch tempting children with a candied house of death.
“Again with the yet.”
“Come on, take a chance.”
“A chance of Russian Roulette.”..." - Current title: 'Modern Magic' by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"...Patted paws with deadly claws scratched the dirt and another howl rang through the woods, deafening from behind her, the hot breath sending terror through her body..." - WOVaN Project by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"....“If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask me. I am just putting away-” She peeked her head around the corner and almost dropped the books in her arm. “-some books...” Last night flash back in her mind, his hand holding tight to her upper arm as he threatened her life...." -Current title 'Modern Magic' by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"...head lulled, his vision swimming before him, seeing three, four, five versions of his attacker drifting in and out in front him; like a swarm of identical ghosts weaving in and out of each other as they sneered at him..." - WOVaN Project by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Do those quotes make you want to read the stories? Do they sound good? Are you looking forward to when I post a link that will lead you to buying the books? The WOVaN project, I am hoping will be ready soon. It partly relays on me tracking down this old story I wrote in middle school. I know its in a notebook somewhere, it just a matter of finding it. I never toss my notebooks, even school ones. I just have to find the box they got put in. I was damn proud of the story at the time, and I hope I still am. But I can't recall it well enough to just re-type, I need/want to find the original copy. Which I am working on finding between working on other parts of the project.

Also-- I did get the job I was hoping for! Yay! But I will still of course work on my novel ideas, no worries about that, but it will be nice to have a job again. Less stress which hopefully will lead to being able to work better. ^_^ Anyways, I think I have yammered on enough for today, May the 4th be with you! I am going to go work on 'Modern Magic' and the WOVaN project.

Please remember those quotes came from my novels, they may not be published yet, but they are mine.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix