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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Big Thank You

Afterword that’s a forward:

            I wanted to put this first today, because I wanted it to be read and I didn’t want anyone to shy away or something because of today’s short story. I am really hoping that someone from the cast of Psych takes a look at this. Please read on, the next short paragraph is a small quip about the short story that will be after the big thank you. The paragraph that starts with ‘But I do want to say something that is a bit off topic' is the one I would love anyone from Psych to take a look at and pass on to any else who is involved with Psych no matter their role, someone who may not ever see this post but if you could just pass on the thank you for their work on the show -from just a fan- a big thank you. Maybe it would bring a smile and the idea of that makes me smile.

I don’t have too much to say about today’s short story, I wrote it back in my Senior year of High School, so about 4 years ago. Or maybe I wrote this later then that. I should probably date my stuff, oh well. I recently did a major edit to it, but the story itself is a few years ago, either way. I do have to say, I hope it draws you in like it makes me feel it does. This is why I post here. I post these to get feedback to know if these stories get the emotions across like I feel they do. To know if these stories sound as good out loud as they do in my head. I hope to get comments to better myself as a writer, I also would just love to talk.

But I do want to say something that is a bit off topic:

I just want to give a big Thanks to the Cast, Writers, Creators, any and everyone involved with the show Psych. No matter how small your involvement maybe, your still a part of it and I want to thank you guys. To the producers and USA for the show being aired, and whoever gave the final approval. However its decided that lets a show air and continue to air.  


It may not seem like much to you, but you’re wonderful and I hope it’s an enjoyable experience working on Psych! Because it’s certainly enjoyable to watch!
Because I am going through a hard time right now and I have tried many ways to try to force myself to get over it; to de-stress and nothing has worked. The only thing, the only way I can de-stress. When I truly laugh and feel happy is while watching Psych. I have watched all of Psych, 2 times in the last 3 months. A few episodes I have watched several times and I am about to restart from the pilot again, because no matter how many times I watch Psych, it still makes me laugh and lets me relax. It brightens my day when everything else feels so dark. I am not trying to get pity or anything. Everyone has problems and eventually things will get better, but at the moment, it sucks, but what helps to make it more bearable is having something like Psych that allows me to forget it for a time. Brings me back up for some fresh air. So Thank you Steve Franks for creating Psych. Thank you James Roday, Maggie Lawson, Dule’ Hill, Timothy Omundson, Corbin Bernsen, Kirsten Nelson, Liam James, Sage Brocklebank, Kurt Fuller, any one else who plays a role and all the amazing guest stars. The writers, the camera crew, snack bringers, the set creators, the light arrangers, if there are stunt doubles. I could go on because I am sure there are so many people who are involved and they all should be thanked, because this show is amazing. It has a wonderful mix of comedy and it makes at least my day brighter. Thank you!
From a Pineapple & Shenanigan Loving Fan, Nekodra.

 Just slightly horribly drawn Pineapple that I drew with Psych in mind. Its mainly the leaves that bother me. >.<

Here is today’s Short Story:

The Craving The Lust
By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Every so often, I just get this need; these cravings for blood, for lust, for evil, to see something sinister occur. To watch a Vampire feast, to watch him chase his victim like a cat and mouse game.  His long dark coat fluttering in the night by a wind that’s not there, his hair pulled back, and that grin adoring his pale face; to watch him toying and enjoying the hunt. The thought sends shivers down my spine. Oh, to look in the eyes of a Vampire as he corners his meal, as he closes in for the kill. Those swirling, glowing eyes of the immortal, as his hands close around my neck, tightening and pulling his victim close or pushing into a wall bracing himself close; into his lusting arms. To be the victim, the icy skin of his hand chilling you to the bone, and to feel his pearly fangs tear into the flesh of my neck, as my blood pumps to fill his thirsting throat, to feel him pull out my life and shallow it greedily. The seconds slow to hours as he drains his fill, taking in my soul. Could he taste the evil thoughts in my blood? What would he think, what would he do? Would he like what he saw, what he felt. -Mmmm, those shivers- Would he want company as such? –Mmm, such pleasure, such pain- Oh how his blood would taste. As he tore open his wrist, or cut a gash across his pale chest, would he pick his throat, which would his means of transfer? To press my lips against his skin, would it be cool, or warmed from my blood? And to drink, to taste the blood of this immortal, how would it feel for it to slide down my throat? Could I taste the difference, would it sate my craving? How I want to know the feeling of my mortal body dying, laying there nearly gone in the arms of such a wondrous creature, my Dark Savior, my Sire, an Immortal. The feeling as my last breath escapes my blood stained lips, choking, fearful, intoxicating because its only a mortal death, as he pulls my mouth from his blood. Feeling my body grow cold and taking comfort in the arms holding me, as the pain of the dying body consumes me and my eyes slip shut. Darkness wrapping my vision as dreams settle soothingly. Would he care enough to whisper a word of comfort that the pain will pass as my body dies? Or would he remain quiet as my mortal life slips away, with his blood coursing through my veins. Would I feel the changes as my body absorbs the blood, as it takes over like a virus, or will I slide unconscious, and he’d whisks me away to the safety of his home, his castle, his lair?  
When I open my eyes, the next minute, the next hour, or the next day, what would I see? Would there be a room with dark curtains and satin sheets caressing me. Would he be lying next to me, asleep because it was now daylight out, or would he be sitting in a chair nearby, watching, waiting, as the moon is high in the sky?  What would he say? And how wondrous would it feel? The connection with his blood pumping through my un-beating heart, the heighten sense as I hear people talking in houses along the street, their heart beats and their blood pulsing. Then focusing in on the one before me, what would he be like, what are his thoughts about me? What about me made me so lucky to be picked by him, or was it random, spur of the moment, or has he been planning, how did he pick me from the crowd? Why did I stand out? Would he grin, fangs glistening in the night? Would he hold out his hand, calling me to join him, to teach me the hunt, the wonders in the night? How would it feel to place my hand in his? To look into his unearthly stare, promising eternal pleasure, eternal joy, eternal life? To watch the world change over the centuries, see buildings rise and fall, to see such death and rebirth, of cities, of cultures, of species.
The thoughts swirl in my mind, and the taste of longing on my tongue. I shiver with lust at the thoughts, lying with my head upon my pillow, awaiting my Immortal. As dreams settle over my mind and the night carries on. I turnover and more thoughts slither their way into my mind.

By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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