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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts on Psych's Tao of Gus

My Review for “The Tao of Gus”

I just have to start today’s post by talking about last night’s episode of Psych (created by Steve Franks) don’t worry there will be a short story, as always. So about ‘The Tao of Gus’. LMAO I think last nights episode has to be the episode I have laughed the hardest and most at, just none stop laughing gold. In fact I am already watching it again, and I will watch it another time with my boyfriend. So I will see it at least 3 times, but likely more. Great, great episode! So a shout out to Tim Meltreger, who wrote this episode! It was awesome!

The facial expressions on Lassie (played by Timothy Omundson) in the beginning was hilarious, and his impression of his thoughts on how she has to smoking something was actually unexpected, to see Lassie do that and quite funny and not only the looks, but also the responses from everyone else was great. Then later one, Carlton’s relentless, and I mean relentless, snide and frankly harsh words about these hippies, was funny. “Why are we still talking to these stinky flag burners?” or “If it wasn't for the fetid stench of unwashed hippie pits we might not have found this place at all” and more, so much more. Oh Lassie, I can see your view on hippies, harsh Lassie, harsh, but I still love you!

On Gus (Played by Dule’ Hill), we have to talk about Gus, as it was a Gus centered episode after all. So Gus, our lovely Pharmaceutical Rep and Shawn’s life long best buddy, I think is slowly going over the deep end. Just a little >.> I mean, Gus dear, you seriously went a little crazy in this episode. So The Tao of Gus is about how he has fallen head over heels for another crazy girl who may or may not have witnessed a killing. Now we all remember the killer’s adopted daughter in Last Night Gus? Then the girl who thought she was a dude named Frank, in Shawn Interrupted. And who can forget Mira from a few seasons ago? But, I worry Gus starting to loose it, to be honest, but I think he just wants someone. I think he is probably a little jealous if not also baffled that Shawn of all people is in a serious relationship, and I think Gus is getting desperate for love himself with all this. But, well at least he is hilarious while going crazy, right? The lines Gus said, priceless. ‘Yeah, crime in progress cause she is stealing my heart, but I am not pressing charges.’ The delivery was outstanding on that line. You have to actually watch this episode, you can’t just take my word for it, and hear me type the quotes, you have experience the whole thing, tone in voice, facial expression, and everyone else’s faces when he does that. And there are more, so many more great quotes from this episode. Gus: Your silhouette should be on a mud flap. Shawn: That is the weirdest flirting I have ever heard. And probably one, of not my favorite quote from this episode, Juliet (Played by Maggie Lawson) with her line ‘Wow, I would like to apologize for my creepy colleague’.

Shawn of course has his priceless lines too, and honestly I think he did a good job not freaking out too bad over the whole situation. I don’t know if I could have stayed so calm. You could tell he was uncomfortable there, and a little freaked by how much ‘kool-aid’ Gus drank, but he still had his classic Shawnism. “Maybe a snowman did it.” Or “Shawn: Gus drive! Gus: There's people around. Shawn: Drive through them. Gus: They're smiling. Shawn: They'll die happy!” And “I think we have a children of the corn situation happening here.” I do have to say, I am little jealous of Dot, who was all over Shawn, but not jealous at the same time, because if I did get a hug from Shawn I wouldn’t want him to be uncomfortable and freaked out about it. And I loved, loved how Juliet wasn’t upset, because she could clearly see Shawn was uncomfortable and that chick was crazy, but instead was amused by the whole Dot situation. Juliet and Shawn really fit well, and clearly because how well Juliet took in stride of Dot throwing herself at Shawn.

I do have to say one thing, I want to see a Henry (played by Corbin Bernsen) centered episode, and also no Shawn as a child the last few episodes? Okay, only two. But, I love those, well for ‘In for a Penny’ that was a nice touch, with a Juliet flashback, I completely approve. What can I say; I absolutely love seeing the relationship between father and Son, and also how it has evolve over the years. But the least few episodes, I don’t know, there hasn’t been much Henry. (Okay, it’s was just last weeks and I am being silly, don’t mind me. I think it’s because I watch ‘In for a Penny so many times, looking for the darn pineapple, which I should have followed be hunch after the first time I watched it, because my pineapple skills are great and I shouldn’t have doubted myself, shame on me; that I forgot that previous episode till I poked at it and remembered just a moment ago and I am going to go watch them again after Tao of Gus) But at least he was in this one more then last weeks, which if I remember right he really was only in one scene, which was actually short lived. It made me ecstatic to watch the psych-out from ‘In for a Penny’ from the keyword Sport for the Psych app, that made my night. But the opening scene of this episode did have banter between Henry and Shawn, and I do love their banters. I love everyone’s banters, that’s what makes this show so funny, the interaction between everyone.

So let me rewind a bit; I think I am just bitter about last week’s episode. Which really I did love it, and it was Juliet centered and I shouldn’t be bitter at the lack of Henry, because its one episode and William Shatner was amazing as Frank O’Hara. And I do love that episode. I should got back and watch, Shawn Interrupted and Deadman’s curve ball, to get a nice dose of Henry Spencer being a boss, do you remember the way he tackled that guy! I think I rewound and watch that a few times. It was awesome, and the banter at the end of the episode. Henry referring to a gun being pointed at Shawn again, “I am so tired of that happening.” I just haven’t watched those episodes in a while and I watch ‘In for a Penny’ too many times; I should go back and re-watch season 6. What am I thinking? Its just two episodes out of what, I think 86, 88, episodes. There was plenty of Henry in Last Nigh Gus, and I just can’t get over Shawn Interrupted when and also the way Shawn says, “That’s my daddy” absolutely loved it! And the awesome scene with Henry in Shawn rescues Darth Vader at the end, totally not surprised he would do that. Oh that teaser before the season started, had me on edge, dying to know what was going to happen and it did not disappoint! Plus, from the sneak peek for next weeks episode, it looks like there will be plenty of Henry. I think I just blindsided myself with my feelings lately of Henry Spencer is a boss, mood, which came at a bad time for current episodes, more referring to last week. What can I say? I think Henry is an amazing father. If I had to pick between Lucien Lacroix or Henry Spencer for adopting me, I would be baffled and at a loss for words. I wouldn’t know who to pick. I really wouldn’t. I don’t think I could choose, I would honestly probably reply with, “Can I have them both please?”

Anyways, I got way off track, back to Tao of Gus as I stated earlier, you can’t really take my word for it hilarity; you need to experience it for yourself. Now, I am going to go finish re-watching The Tao of Gus, then I shall come back and work on what today’s short story will be, and then I am going to re-watch season 6.

 Okay I lied, one more little side note before the story: I may miss 10th Doctor, but I have to admit, Matt Smith looks like a fun guy, and that video with him, Karen Gillian, and Arthur Darvill, singing the Christmas song, was great. They look like they have a lot of fun together, and I do sort of feel bad now, in my harshness of feelings towards 11th Doctor, and I think it was my anger and mourning for 10th Doctor death that fueled my initial hatred towards 11th. So 11th Doctor, please forgive me, you may never be 10th Doctor and I will always love him, but you are great in your own way. I have enjoyed these seasons with you, after I had calmed a little over 10th Doctors death, and I do look forward to the Christmas Special and next season. I still love Doctor Who, but 10th does and will always have a special place in my heart, because he was my first Doctor. But I no longer hate you 11th for replacing 10th. I think I will have to browse some of those suggested videos on YouTube from that Doctor Who cast Christmas song, because they look amusing… at least at some point, I still want to re-watch season 6 of Psych still.  But now I have an urge to go through an re-watch 11th Doctor’s episodes, now that I don’t have that haze of you stole 10th Doctor from us, point of view I had before. Which now I admit, I am a little ashamed at myself for. 10th died to save Mr. Nobles life, and that was heart wrenching on its own, that whole scene, but 10th Doctors last words, still echo in my mind. I admit, I balled my eyes out and I can feel it welling up again as I think about it.

*deep breath* To Psych, make me laugh. Well first, before I get distract again, I have been working and bouncing between this post and other things for almost three hours, without really getting anything done. Here is todays Short story, and then I can just focus on Psych. 

(--> Link to it on DA, so you can can a larger version of this image, in case you want to.)

Don’t Loose Hope
By Nekodra K.D.LaCroix

The soft sound of fallen dying leaves being crushed by a small and light foot was faintly heard by the surrounding autumn trees. Arctic blue eyes scanned the forest and continued to walk, ears perked and in search for sounds, any sounds. Nothing was heard, nothing but the broken leaves being crushed by her own feet. Not even the sound of a bird, or the rustle of the wind as it sings through the leaves. Deafening and eerie silence.
With a soft sigh, her eyes downcast with sorrow. Closing them tightly, she wrapped her arms around herself, shivering, she slipped to her knees. Leaves protested at her presence on them, and the damp dirt ground seeped through her pants, unnoticed.
Alone Alone, all alone with no one here.
She could feel the silence, the lack of a soul nearby come crashing down upon her. Suffocating on nothing, she choked and gasped. Her small and slender body shivering and jerking with the unpleasant senses of loss.
Alone Alone, all alone with no one here. The mantra sang through her mind, slipping, falling and nothing below.
Something faint and almost unnoticed reached her thoughts and she opened her eyes. Artic ice eyes met another pair, but a whisper that wasn’t that, but yet completely solid.
'I thought I was alone, how did I not see you before?' She asked quietly, as she shifted, at the coldness that ground offered.
'You weren't looking right.' He replied simply and held out his hand, with a silently joyful smile on his face that wasn’t there. 'I have missed you.' He added, watching her get to her feet.
'My love...' She smiled and nestled into a hug. 'I don't want to leave again.'
'I know, but you probably will, but don't worry.' He lifted her chin gently with his pale and cold index finger. 'We will wait, as we have before and will again. We know you care and we know it’s not often, but we just treasure our moments with you when they come. Though we know sometimes you don't know or realize they have, like now.'
She tilted her head and smiled sadly. 'I don't like that; I never have and never will. That they happen, but I don't know when. I don’t like not knowing, not remembering, it scares me.'
'Don't worry, in time I’ am sure you'll be able to. Just promise you'll keep working on it.' He asked a small and sad smile reaching his lips as he gazed into her eyes. Her icy usually bright eyes were now shimmering with tears.
Nodding, 'I will try. I don't mean to forget. I don't mean to not know. I don't mean to be slightly afraid to try. Its not that I don't want to, I do with all my heart. Its not that I don't believe.' Her eyes shifted downwards in shame. "Its just that I’ am afraid. It’s just that I don't believe in myself. I don't believe in my senses, like I should.'
'I understand, but I miss you. We all miss you. It’s not the same to see you everyday, but not truly get to be with you. We love you, and we long to be with you. Though we will be patient if we must, but doesn't mean we don't hope everyday that we will get to be with you this time, and stay that way.'
A small sniffle left her, and she clung to him tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks and onto his shirt. 'I love you too. I love all of you. I feel so bad, making you wait. That you have to be patient. That you have to hope that you'll get a chance to be with me. It makes me sad. It makes me feel bad. I wish I could be with you all, everyday. Like I should be able to. Like I should if I wasn't chained down here. Chain and trapped in mortal skin. Bound here, trapped here.' Her words left in a rush, afraid it wasn’t going to last much longer and she had to be sure he knew, he heard.
Lifting her chin again, he looked hard and sternly, and yet with softness into her eyes. 'Don't talk like that. Enjoy your time there, with who you can, for the time you have. That time won't last as long as we will. Remember that. We can wait, we have the time to spare. But that doesn't mean you can't spend time with both. Just work in it. You'll get it if you keep trying, you were getting close before.' He smiled again.
'That’s true. I will try to not lose hope.' She replied simply as it all faded, as silence settled back down, with a drowning suddenness. 'I don't want to lose hope, but sometimes I relapse.' As another tear slipped down her cheek. 'I love you. I love you all. I miss you too; it’s been far too long.' She slipped to her knees once more as the silence surrounds engulfs her. 'Soon, soon I won't let the silence return. Soon, it won't be able to.' She muttered with determined timid-ness.
Alone Alone, all alone with no one here, that’s a lie I am just looking wrong. Why can I see better!

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There is and could be a lot more to this, and I do have most of the story and background in my head, but it’s not typed up. Just floating around in my head, like most of my stories. Although I now have three novel ideas started, and that’s something, okay two of them are mostly all in my head with only a page typed, one that’s way more figured out then this new one I started at 3 am last night. Then one that I actually have 40 pages typed up, (record for me) and notes for the ideas on book 2 and 3 for the series. That’s major progress for myself. I have never written 40 pages for a story before, and I have it all mostly figured out on where and what I want to happen. I am just a little stuck right now on book one, which I should finish more, before I actually start writing what I have planned for book two. So yay! Progress. But with my new idea, thinking more on it, it could be a series, and it could not be, and I am not sure which I want to do.

So one last quick side note and that is all for today:

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                                             ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix 

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