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"Our Milky Way Galaxy is but an atom of dust in an endless mansion, that in all of existence, has never been dusted." -Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sci-fi Loving Giddyness


 There will be a short story, but first I want to talk. I feel giddy and I want to talk about it. As per my morning routine, when I can't force myself to fall back asleep and dream some more, I begrudgingly stretch and get up, and I check twitter in hopes of awesome Psych things, though now  follow a lot of people, my twitter account which started as a means to stalk Psych information, now involves a lot of things that are semi-interesting, but off topic, I check twitter, email, which email involves the crossing of fingers for updates on Psych Fanfics, then facebook if I am too absorbed into the world of Fanfiction updates, and when I remember I check Dvice app and Blaster app, note this checking has all been on my iPhone who is named Ivianna, but thats neither here or there, and today I haven't look at blaster yet because of awesome-ness I read on Divce.

Days like today, make me all giddy, and not just because of an awesome Shules fanfiction that was updated with TWO chapters, but two articles I read on Dvice, make a sci-fi lover like me, heart to flutter with giddiness. Scientists maybe confirm latest warm, wet, habitable exoplanet [ <-- link to the article] Whenever I stumble across and read these 'falling into the goldilock zone' articles, makes the Sci-fi nerd in me, who's biggest dream is of colonizing a planet in my life time, heart skip a beat in guarded hope. I know finding Earth like planets doesn't me we will colonize it anytime soon. I know this, and it makes me so sad, if I was rich, or if I had a job period, but it sorta has to be a decent job to do this, but if I ever become insanely rich, by some crazy luck, you can bet your life NASA would get so much of my money, because if it comes down to getting needless expensive things or being able to give NASA the founds they need to research and make a ship that can travel hundreds of light-years, I am going to spend my money on NASA. Screw having pointless things if I can help fund something so-Amazing. I would only leave myself enough to be comfy which wouldn't take much and the ability to travel. Because I honest to the gods, I want to one day step into another planet.

But also, mentions of planets like this make me giddy not just in the hopes of seeing that planet with my own eyes, but of life on other planets. I have been saying, or at least believing, that there is no way in Hell, we are the only living creatures in this insanely vast and practically endless universe. For one, look at the diversity in the living creatures so far on Earth alone, look how different not only in how we look, we evolved, but in the complexity of how we interact and fit together, and really when it comes down to it, one little difference could have vastly changed our outcome, and statistically with how large the universe is, how close minded and egocentric can we, as a race, be to think we are the only ones with a planet housing life? On the grand scheme of things, thinking we are alone in this vastness is the silly and insane thought and belief. To quote myself  "-So how can us, humans, say where life can and can’t exist, when we haven’t traveled passed our moon? That’s like stepping out onto your porch or looking out a window and saying California can’t have life, I can’t see it from here." - Nekodra K.D LaCroix, from a short essay of mine. Side note: I live in Washington. Lovely rainy Washington, that's not sarcastic, I am in heaven on a stormy rainy day and in grump-ville when the sun pokes its head out, ask anyone who knows me in person. But Washington where there are lots of mountains and no matter how tall of a porch I build, I don't think I can ever spot California from here. lol. I wrote that in an essay for that Biology/English class I took last year.

So here is some insight into my belief system, call me crazy if you want, but everyone has a right to believe their own 'religion', and despite how much I joke about being insane and Queen of LaLaLand, I am pretty sure I am actually mostly sane, but really everyone has some small level of craziness in them and really its only bad if your a danger to yourself or others; moderation, everything in moderation, we are what is it, 75% made of water (googled it, huh 65% less that I recall, oh well) and too much water will kill you.

So some insight into my belief system, and I think to put a name to it, is: I am polytheistic, or also Spiritual, as a loose term I believe in The Force, more meaning I believe there are energies in the world and your beliefs, your thoughts, wishes, can influence them, I think there is the term Noetic Science, to use a term that doesn't make me look like a crazy Stars Wars fanatic. What is Neotic Science - I googled a link in case you where curious So to put in simply, how you feel, what you wish, dream, believe, influences those around you, in effects your little bubble of a world, more then you realize. Also, sort of think of it like Karma. Think of it like this, if your negative and believe negative things will happen, they do, they will, because you so strongly believe it will, that's why people may say or tell you, if you want things to get better, if you want to stop your bad luck, it starts will a positive attitude, and believe me I know how hard it is to switch from a negative perspective to a more positive. There is always kernel of truth, to things, that's where praying comes from, that's why people ask you to wish good luck for things, that's why when someone is in the hospital or just a little sick, you wish them good health. I hope that made sense....

I believe that there isn't just one universe, I believe in parallel realms and other dimensions. I also believe that the gods not only that earth believes is and yes all gods from all religions here on earth, but also those of aliens, all exist somewhere in the vastness of time and space. I believe that all Gods exist, maybe not in the way they are idealized, but they are someone. Hmm, saying time and space, does make me sound a little crazy, but its really hard for me to feel like I am getting the idea across on just how large, vast, and complex I feel the universe is. Here is another quote of mine, in which I think sums it up nicely how large the universe is and just how small our galaxy, yes our Milky Way Galaxy is in the scheme of it, "Our Milky Way Galaxy is but an atom of dust in an endless mansion, that in all of existence, has never been dusted." -Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Does that paint the picture for you? Does that show how infinity small we are in the abstract craziness that is the universe? There is so much out there to explore, and it makes me sad to think that in my life time, I likely will never even get a chance to step out onto just one other planet. Just one. I would love to travel the universe, if only we could, but at this point in time, I fear I won't get a chance to see one with my own eyes.

As I said, this is all just an insight to what I believe in, I am in no way saying this means everyone HAS to believe this too. No, that silly. That's super silly, readers, don't think that. Believe what you believe, just give me the same courtesy and don't ask me to change what I believe. How fun would the world be, if everyone was the same? Pfft, very boring if you ask me. This world is so diverse, so many different things! That makes it fun. No keep what you believe strongly in your heart and dreams, cherish them, covet it, I think religion and belief is very personal and it shapes who you are, I don't think it something you should force onto another. Its something that's far too personal for that. I just wanted to talk about the giddiness I feel as scientist spot more and more planets that are similar to our own. Which led to some insight on what I cherish.

Here is today's short story, which is variation of yesterday's A Dance of Flames, and from a different perspective, written also a bit differently, and not the same preforamace, but a similar one:    

 They Danced
By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

            They danced, flickering with a life of their own. The soft glow reflecting in the eyes of those watchers as it transformed from the flaming grass rustling in the non-existing breeze to a tree standing tall to the left of the performer. The leaves rustled as the grass had done before it, some lightly falling to the ground and burning out. There was a silent pause as all eyes watched in curiosity, in wonder of what would happen. A few gasped and many fell more silent as a tiger appeared from behind the tree. It crackles and appeared to growl, walking forward to stare in quiet wonder at all who watched. The crackling and popping tiger sat before the tree and watched, waiting. Next to appear from behind the tree was a small and silent bunny, hoping and leaping a fatal path in front of the tiger. Lunging forward, that tiger landed on top of that small glow of a bunny. The combination of the two creating a large but controlled balled blast of flames that puffed up into the air forming itself into a serpent dragon. The serpent slithered and glided through the air as though it were water. Up and down, side to side and landed itself onto a branch of the tree. Wrapped around the branch, it appeared to hiss and stick out its long flicking tongue at the attendance before it.
            The performer, who was standing just behind the tree, softly waving her hands to and fro, movements that are only to be understood by the flames that could not see her but breathed and lived a life of its own,.  She herself seeming to glow and move much like the flickering and dancing flames she produced. With a single motion, the serpent swirled up along with the tree as though the plug in the tub had been pulled out. In one quick movement, the tree and the serpent became a large pulsing egg.  The egg floated and bobbed above the performer, hovering and waiting. Then shrinking with every pulse, ever so slowly till it was the size of an ostrich egg. A thick and large flickering leaf appeared under the egg causing the egg to roll down and off the edge to land on another flickering crackling leaf. Repeating the process over and over, till it land safe and softly on the ground in a glowing puff of embers.
            Waiting, the audience wondered in awe. Suddenly with a loud crackling, members in the stands jumped, as the flames swirled up from where the egg once was, higher and higher, thrashing and dancing. Upwards, like a tornado it danced around the performer. Then, she was gone. The flames had danced in front of her and when it moved from before the spot she once stood, she was no longer there. The attendance whispered, and gasped. Suddenly it exploded, towards the audience, but stop as sudden as it had began and was sucked back. When the haze of the flames had calmed, there she was sitting upon the flames of a large bat, and with crackling and popping of the dancing flames, they flew off stage with a bang, disappearing, but leaving petals dancing and flickering to the ground as the only evidence that they had been there.    

                                                              -Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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