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The Short Stories Guide

Here is a list of which post has which short Stories and a quick summary of said story:
Quick side note, I will try and stay on top of updating this, but I may forget from time to time, so please forgive me. ^_^;;

Post on December 1st 2011 An Introduction of Sorts: Link
This post has the story titled, An Introduction of Sorts. This is sorta pretty much what the title says, its a view, and insight to what I will be mostly writing about and that is Vampires. Its a short 430 words that describes Vampires.

Post on December 2nd 2011 Shadows of Unwavering Blue: Link
 This post has the story titled, Shadows of Unwavering Blue. This story was created from a assignment for a creative writing class I took. Its the story about the relationship between a father tree and a ghost he is saving from the truth. Its 857 words, the details of the assignment was to write a story on a single image, with as much details as you can.

 Post on December 3rd 2011 A Big Thank You: Link
This post has the story titled, The Craving, The Lust. Its 772 words about what would it be like, on the night of being turned. About the craving and the lust to know what becoming a Vampire would be like. To go from being his victim to being his companion. Its a story that bounces, would it be this, or this, maybe this? I have toyed with adding more to it, but I like the idea of leaving it open ended, with the question, what would happen next?

Post on December 4th 2011 Spoon Fed an Upgraded Life: Link
This post has the story titled, Spoon Fed an Upgraded Life. Its a 5,307 word story that was written from an assignment in my Biology/English class. The prompt, my teacher had gotten from a book, I don't remember his name or the name of that book, but I think it was Micheal something, and he did the Jurassic park books? Where he used actual articles and formed a story around them, and used those articles in the book. So mine was taking bio-technology and seeing what articles are out there and taking them a step into the future of what they could lead to, if that makes sense. I also of course, had to spin Vampires into the story, so this is a Sci-fi version of Vampires. I tried to be as scientific as I could in the explanation of Vampires in this story. I was the only one who was brave enough to take this prompt out of the 50 or so people in this class, and honestly I think my teacher was proud that I did it, and with the results. Though the writing board people, who I had to submit this to at the end of the quarter, my teacher said I was too creative for them, and that's why I ended with a B instead of a A. That comment makes me smile.

Post on December 5th 2011 A Dance of Flames: Link
This post has the story titled, A Dance of Flames. Its a short 578 worded story about my Oc, Nekodra, and a performance she did at a festival, of which she won. So its a snip-it of her and her amazing fire skills, she had trained and trained to be this skilled with fire. Everyday she spends time training, to control fire like she does, and this is the result of her training.

Post on December 6th 2011 Sci-fi Loving Giddiness: Link
This post has the story titled, They Danced. Its a 551 word story that is a sister to A Dance of Flames, its not the same performance, but it has similarities and its more from the view of the audience, and its written a a bit of a different style, I guess you could say.

Post on December 7th 2011 Perception: Link
This post has the story titled, The Drug of Dreams. Its a 678 word story that's meant to be disjointed, a bit confusing, and a little off. Its about how it feels to dream, the haze it places over your eyes, and how it makes sense at the time, but somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that isn't real, but at the same time, you can't, you don't and you can't help but follow the script and history you have been given.

Post on December 8th 2011 Thoughts on the Tao of Gus: Link
This post has the story titled, Don't Loose Hope. Its a short 884 worded story that's meant to give off this feeling of just loss, and about trying to pull yourself out of engulfing feeling of despair. How hard it can be, no matter the kind and encouraging words that are given to you by someone you love, its up to you to pull yourself out, and only you can change the way you see the world. If you want to come out of it, all you have to do is believe in yourself and your abilities to see the world and situation in a new light.

Post on December 10th 2011 Lack of finished works: Link
This post has the story titled, Bite me. A 1,306 worded story about a timid girl who wants to know what its like to be bitten by a vampire, and she is in love with a Vampire and trying to work up the guts to ask her to bite me. Hense the titled, its a very old story I wrote about 8 years ago.

Post on December 12th 2011 I am not Completely Ms. Fluffy Vampires
This post has the story titled, Why so Random, Hell?. 1,037 worded story, where I show my Horror side. A Vampire finds a couple and terrorizes them, for lack of better words. Small warning, there is blood, horror, and implied rape. No worries, only implied, I did keep this semi-tame. Link

 Post on December 14th 2011 Thank Gods is Psych Day
This post has the story titled, To Hell with It, 1,710 words, which its just part one to a short story that I am hoping that I can make at least like a Novella or something.. I should look up what defines short story, novella, novel. How do I summarize this story?... Its about an insane princess who has made herself loyal to a Vampire who has been killing the servants of the castle in search of something. Link

Post on December 24th 2011 Merry: Christmas or Holidays
This post has two stories, one titled Modern Day Reveals, 1,401 words, about a girl who happens upon a vampire one night. The second story is Baffled (not likely to stick), 1,345 words about a girl who runs into a vampire at a bar. Link

Post on December 30th 2011 Wait for iiiiiiiit 
This post has an updated and edited version of Modern Day Reveals, 3,050 words. Link 

Post on January 19th 2012 Snowpocalypse
This post has another update to Modern Day Reveal, which has been renamed Modern Day Magic. 335 words, its just a look at the updated first page. Link 

Post on January 21st, 2012 Pineapplious Meltdown
This post has the last sample I will post of Modern Day Magic. 2,269 words of the beginning of the story. Is this a story you would consider buying and reading, though keep in mind its still a WIP? Link

Post on May 4th, 2021 A WOVaN Questions of Plans
This post doesn't so much have a short story, but there are quotes from Modern Magic and my WOVaN project. About 204 words worth of quotes. Link 
Post on June 9th, 2012 The Giddy Delusions of Dreams
This post includes a short story, which is about vampires, just not bluntly so. More implied. I honestly don't want to say much, for fear of saying too much and spoiling it. Its titled, For Evergreen, 647 words. Link

That's the stories so far. I will try and remember to update this when I add a new post and story. Enjoy, and I hope this helps to better track down a story among my rambles, and also give you a small heads up on what its about.

Enjoy, and thanks; remember I can't evolve as a writer from silence!

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix 

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