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Thursday, December 1, 2011

-An Introduction of Sorts-

-An Introduction of Sorts-
by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

            How I long to feel my teeth piercing through the soft tender flesh. To feel the warm wine of life slip down my throat. Oh, how to feel the heart slow to a stop beneath my hands, griping the shoulders of the body on their knees before me, slowly slipping, fading, falling, dying.

            Gods, and how I do so love the portrayal of the Vampiric eye. The energy, the vibrate Immortal glimmer of blue, of red, or orange, illuminating, pulsing. An eternal eerie shimmer which shines from those powerfully old and knowledgeable windows into the shadows of the night, across centuries of life.

            Another thing that’s so, alluring about a vampire. Their poetic and eloquent nature. The sheer way it naturally flows from their lips, drips off their body and surrounds them; the way it engulfs their very being, and cracklings in the air. How can you not be seduced by their graceful flow through time, through centuries? That air which dances around them; through them. Their eyes; that draw you, that seduce you into a world you thought to be but a myth.

            I shall attempt to write in these pixilated pages of such creatures. I see no reason as to not take the time to fill its empty space with something of gruesome alluring nature like that of a vampires kiss. Of the eloquent nature that flows from the soul of that of the so called, Damned Creatures of the night. Rather misunderstood, that of the immortals know as Vampire, bloodsuckers, Nosferatu and many other names. Even they at times, fall prey to them. Feared, hated for their power. Hated for their immortal strength so few mortals ever learn and feel for themselves. Hated, because the mortals reject what they cannot understand. Reject what could, what is more powerful then them, rejecting the truth that mortals are merely prey.

            It’s sad how so many strongly fear what they merely do not understand. Fear to a point where they shun and kill, not bothering to understand. Closing their minds to the truth, in which they refuse to hear. Blocking themselves from realizing that we are all one in the same. Refusing to admit there is no difference in all kinds. We do the same. We survive with what means that are needed to live on, with the life that we live.

            All one can do is hope that a day will come in which closed minds will open and realize, and then move on to live their life as we live ours. One in the same, but all unique.

-The Rambling of an Immortal Soul,
locked in mortal skin;
fearing it will never be freed again-

Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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I love how the background turned out, what do you think?


Yes, most of not all of my stories will involve Vampires. Not necessarily the main focus all the time, but there likely will always be a Vampire character. Because, yes, I do have a fascination if not an obsession when it comes to Vampires. Although I do not approve of sparkly pansy-ass vampires. Glittery Vampires, really? Really?!
I digress, anyways. I don’t know what first drew me to Vampires and I don’t recall how I knew about them, but they have had my attention since I was about 4 years old. I swear, truth. 4 years old and musing about Vampires. I am the definition of that shirt, ‘Screw being a princess, I want to be a Vampire’ when I was a little tike. So I don’t have a first vampire that drew me into their world, because I was probably too young to really remember, but I do have a favorite. Lucien LaCroix, from Forever Knight. I guess I consider him to be the ideal Vampire father. There are of course other Vampires I am a fan of and I admit I have a habit of imaging characters from shows/books/movies as Vampires. I wouldn’t mind have a vampire Shawn Spencer pushing me up against a wall and drain me of my blood... *cough* Anyways…regardless.
My stories, as I said will mostly involve Vampires. I am very much a Fantasy/scifi writer, it’s what I prefer to read and it’s what I enjoy writing. I do have a Vampire Sci-fi short story which originally was done for my biology/English class last year, that I will post at some point. I want to re-work/flush it out a little more before I post it. I am rather proud of it. Actual research was done and most of the technology was gotten from actual articles but spun to be used for something else -sorta- it will make sense -hopefully- when you read it. It was a writing prompt that had to do with…that guy who wrote Jurassic park -I think- Michael something, he did a story that involved actual articles but spun for the purpose of his story. I haven’t read that story, though it did sound interesting, but that’s what my teacher said the idea for the prompt came from. This was a hybrid class of Biology and English mashed together, I love it. It was a great class with two outstanding teachers.

Again I would like to restate, honest criticism please, no need to be rude. I am curious; do these stories, writings, actually sound as good out loud as they do in my head? I am posting them here for feedback, comment please and thank you. I hope to have stories published one day and I want to get random strangers thoughts on these short stories, so that I can better myself and better the novels I am working on.
Also, again, I know its early in my blogging, so I don’t really expect much yet. But for those who would like to follow me on twitter. I will tweet whenever I update my blog, with a link to it. It seems like a good idea to me, let me know if you are interested in that. Nekodra's Twitter
Also, note for fun, feel free to toss a writing prompt at me. I will make mention the prompt and who commented it when I post the story that resulted from it. It sounds fun to me and gives me a way to practice and stretch my typing fingers. ^_^ 

Please remember that these stories and occasional pictures belong to me (unless stated otherwise), please do no steal them. Feel free to share this blog with friends 'Sharing is caring'.

Have a wonderful night, I am off to re-watch last nights Psych 'In for a Penny' with William Shatner. <.< I must find that Pineapple, I forgot to look for it last night. Also like all Psych episodes, it was wonderful. I loved how Juliet centered it was, getting to see her as a child, getting to know her character a little more. I hope this means we might see more of William Shatner on the show, that seems fun, and seems plausible. 
This seasons has been a blast so far. Are you a Psych fan, have you been loving this season too? Psychgasms- I have been having lots of them. Though I have to admit, I kinda want it to be the future (where is a TARDIS when you need one?) Because I want to hop into one and perhaps after a short make-out session with 10th Doctor, pop over to Psych season 7 with it starting in seconds. Steve Franks has promised that the first episode of Season 7 will be a musical. I am ecstatic! I don't know about you, but I am dying to have a soundtrack of their singing. I have heard snip-its of their singing, from psych-outs and such, I love their voices. I want to hear them sing more >.> they should form a band called the Psyched Pinapples, or Psychic Pinapples, The Pinapples? lol, I am sure Shawn can come up with a way better Pineapple themed band name then me and he should. Because I want to hear them sing more often and I want to have the soundtracks of them singing.

Which side note, if you don't know Psych on USA <-- that's a link to the USA Psych page which is fun of Pysch-O fun. 
Anyways, enough of my Psych rambles, have a wonderful night, see you next post.

                                                ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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