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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Passionate Guilt of a Writer

"Sorrow for what I did to a world I created before I delved to image it's beauty, but to preserve the planet would mean the story never happen." -Nekodra

My feelings for the world I created in Luminescence in the Darkness, my Sci-fi Vampire story that I am writing specifically to submit to Asimov Sci-fi short story magazine. The story I recently send to a few friends to get their opinions and editing what they noticed. I had a feeling that towards the end it gets a little confusing and sort of felt a little flimsy plot wise, and that was confirmed. I starting to work out fixes, which of course came to me moments after sending it off. As I was waiting for the feedback, not wanting to really work on the story itself till after I get the feedback...well, back. I began really thinking about what a planet would look like to evolve the (what my boyfriend amusingly dubbed and has now stuck in my mind) Vamplien race. I started sketching out plants based in creating or consuming blood, in place of making sugar. Plants that exist without needing sunlight- which just clicked in my head, Chemosynthesis (That is the word that's been on the tip of my tongue for weeks) instead of Photosynthesis. I have grown to love the beauty and interesting differences yet similarities to Earth. A planet quite literal a world of Vampires. Is anyone really surprise that I would do this? I hope not. This is my imagination at work and I have a probably unhealthy love and admiration for Vampires. I am surprise I didn't write it sooner, to be honest.

The more I sketch and work to create the ecosystem of this world, the guiltier I feel for what I have done to it. The more I would love to visit this planet, though be careful, getting too close to a plant will leave you tired and a little drained. I can't wait to get my new laptop, which will take me about a month to save up for, but I can be patient. >.< I will be patient. The laptop I am eying and plan to get is the Acer Iconia, once I get it I can take my sketches for the Vamplien home world and put color to it. Which I will share when I do. Once I am done with this blog post, I plan to continue with the research of things so the science is decently believable. Its a crazy universe, I like to think there could possibly be a planet of Vampires. There is a world that is made up of burning ice- 6 Real Planets that put Science Fiction to Shame.

But aside from that, I know I need to tear down and restructure the story. Though I am a little unsure how I want to restructure it. So aside from some research to put a decent amount of science behind my world and the occasional sketch as I think of new plants, I feel I need to take a step back from the story. Let my unconscious muse over how to reassemble, then the next time I look at the story the answers will come to me like magic (because our unconscious mind is amazingly powerful and never stops working.)

So though I have been talking a lot about Luminescence in the Darkness, doesn't mean I have forgotten my WOVaN project, or Modern Magic. To be honest the only reason I haven't worked on Modern Magic but for an occasion added note here and there is the slight laziness and daunting task of typing up that entire notebook of notes. x.x I kinda wish I could pay someone to type it up for me, but I doubt they could read my handwriting. I feel guilty though. Its not only typing it up, but then rearranging the notes into the proper story order. I feel guilty. I hope Ember, Cole, and the world of Modern Magic isn't too upset and plotting my death. Though, if it was at the hands of Cole, I would be okay with that. But I really should make the habit of typing up a few pages a day, otherwise it will just keep piling up. I know, I know. Bad Writer, bad. WOVaN, I need to step back from to think how I wanted to conclude/continue the main story of the collection. I plan to look at that today and make some headway on that. Heh, 3 projects, my brain is overwhelmed, but I will finish them. I will. Slow and steady wins the race, correct?

Movies & such:
Putting projects aside for the moment, let me talk about a few other things before I head back to working on them and finishing this post.

Bill Hader (Agent W) -Josh Brolin (Young Agent K) & Will Smith (Agent J) in MIB III (Image from Google)
Men in Black III:
I just saw it and it was awesome. Your always iffy about sequels and 3rd's, then when its been years and years since the last one, you worry it will ruin things. Your treasured memories of the originals. But, honestly. I think they did a wonderful job. Wonderful. I don't want to say too much, because if you go in with high expectations, then it ruins the movie for you. So I will say this, go see it. If you enjoyed the first 2 or even just the first. Just see it, let your curiosity wonder if they did okay, and watch the movie. Besides, just because I loved it, doesn't mean you will. See for yourself. ^_^

Bill Hader & Seth Meyers on SNL (Image from Google)
While I have known of the show all my life, I only saw random episodes here and there. Why I never watched more is beyond me. Love the show. Always enjoyed the random ones I saw, so why I didn't actively watch it every Saturday, I will never understand. But since staying with my dad, I watch it every week. I have fallen for Bill Hader. He is my favorite, while the current cast is awesome and its sad to see Kristen Wiig leave, but we will see more of her, I hear she was many projects in the works. But while the entire cast is amazing, Bill Hader is my favorite. I have seen many of his other movies and liked him, I didn't realize his name and take notice, (that tends to happen a lot. I will like someone, but then they play one role that really sticks out and then you realize you have seen and enjoyed them in many other movies, you just didn't really put the name to the face and keep tabs.) But anyways, Bill Hader is awesome and I am slowly working on watching all of SNL through Netflix, which has from the beginning till 2010.

Bill Hader (Image found with Google)
While my main love is Vampires, I do love a good laugh. I love wit. Vampires and Wit, if you want to know what to use to seduce me. Get a Vampire comedian, scratch that, be a Vampire comedian and seek me out. Turning Bill Hader in to a Vampire wouldn't be a bad idea, also. <.<; *cough* Please?

No,no, who knows if he would want that, don't force it upon someone. That is how we get those depressed Vampires. So anyways, I tend to fall for Vampires and those who can get me to snort. Yes, if I laugh hard enough, I snort. People seem to think its cute and try to get me to do it again. >//< My boyfriend thought about making a drinking game with it, but discovered he was too good at making me laugh and everyone would have died. 110 shots in 10 minutes. I think it was also 2 am and everything is funny at 2am, I blame sleep deprivation for that insane fit of giggles with many snorts. My nickname on one of my softball teams was Laughalot. Get it, Lancelot, Laughalot? 9 year old's are so witty. I think in middle school someone used to call me Gigglebox...?

I love humor, just because I have my grouchy days doesn't mean I enjoy being upset. In fact I hate being upset. I love my boyfriend, he somehow knows the perfect moment to insert something humorous when I am crying or ranting, and turns my emotions on a dime. I love him, so much. Now if only he was a vampire... <.< I am kidding, love him even if he isn't a vampire. But have you ever laughed and cry at the same time? Its a strange sensation.

Back to Vampires and wit- I have a list of actors who I would love so see play a role of a Vampire, Bill Hader has just been added to the list. If I manged to miss it on his IMDB list of movies and he has played a vampire, you better leave a comment with the name of said movie. Though, I can't really take David Tennant off the list, >.< so close though in the Fright Night remake, which I still love. Watched again last night. Also not so sure about Nicholas Cage, Love Bites, that was a....interesting movie. >.< I think I will keep him on the list, in hopes of another Vampire role, though again...that movie is strange, was he even really a Vampire, or just crazy? I may need to watch it again, I don't remember it very well. I also still need to go see Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp, then he can be crossed off, once I see it that is.

Okay, I have rambled on enough. ^_^; Instead talking about Vampires, I should go work on my stories. If your in Washington, enjoy this day of sun, because I did a rain dance for the Gods and it looks like they were pleased and I can crawl out from this rock tomorrow to enjoy the comfortable chill of rain. Thank you Gods. Now if you guys could give me feedback on whats wrong with my Vampire Dance, that would be wonderful so I can please you and get my Vampire comedian.


Still would love tips for indie publishing through Amazon from my previous post, Little Advice/Help

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