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"Our Milky Way Galaxy is but an atom of dust in an endless mansion, that in all of existence, has never been dusted." -Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Giddy Delusions of Dreams

Remember last post, Passionate Guilt of a Writer, where I started off talking about Luminescence in the Darkness? Well started with a quote, which I am actually quite fond of.  

Seth Meyers (Image found using Google)
"Sorrow for what I did to a world I created before I delved to image it's beauty, but to preserve the planet would mean the story never happen." -Nekodra

Is that too egotistical to be proud of/attached to my own quotes? I also rather love:

"Our Milky Way Galaxy is but an atom of dust in an endless mansion, that in all of existence, has never been dusted." -Nekodra

“I am an Immortal Soul, locked in mortal skin, fearing I'll never be free again.”-Nekodra

Anyways, in Passionate Guilt of a Writer, I talked about how I am an idiot for not watching SNL actively till now? Well, I was going to start from the very beginning (which I have watched the first 5), but I am being a fan girl for Bill Hader and Seth Meyer (Seth has the most wonderful smile *Swoon*) and (Bill is so hilarious when doing game show hosts/suits are uber sexy, well he is sexy. Also Stefon is just adorable. Yes, I completely ship Stefon and Seth Meyers from weekend up >.> *cough* ) Also it was Bill Hader's birthday the other day and I am sure he won't see this but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

So anyways, I am watching more recent episodes. I do plan to go back to the later years at some point. I want to also go through Jimmy Fallon's years, because enjoy Late night with Jimmy Fallon and the episode he hosted was good times. When people talk about Justin Beiber, I laugh because I will forever only ever see Jimmy Fallon's Justin impression. You know, Jimmy is pretty fine looking himself. I wouldn't mind a hug from those three, Jimmy, Bill, and Seth. And being Comedians, I bet they are fun so hang out with. But anyways, all episodes are good times (that I have seen), not every skit, but on the whole- Awesomesauce. I started watching an episode with Jim Carry the other night, loved that guy since I was a kid and I just remembered I never finished watching it. I had to go to bed, early alarm for work. I am sad the current season is over, but breaks are needed, totally understandable. I bare no ill will, just want to watch more. I have no new shows to watch till fall, everything I watch has ended. Though there are a few new summer shows that look promising.

Spoiler for Shows Warning:

Corbin Bernsen (Image from)
T.T I am so worried for Henry! That was such an evil cliff hanger for the summer. I keep consoling myself that its Psych, they are not going to kill off a main character, right?! Right!?? And just because he is at filming, doesn't mean he is alive, because there are almost always flashbacks. And did you see the shirt Corbin Bernsen wore? Mean, taunting and mean. Lol. I know its to get hype and all that, and I know they end seasons like this to make sure you want to watch next season- BUT no, no you don't, those who love the show don't need a cliff hanger to want to watch next season. We already will want to, sure it makes us anticipate it, but still. I love the show don't get me wrong, just worried for Henry. I have my top favorite crush characters Shawn and Lassie, and then I have my top favorite Boss character which is Henry. I believe I mentioned this before in Shadows of Unwavering Blue, I think he is a wonderful father. Him and Lucien LaCroix from Forever Knight are the best fathers.

Doctor Who:
It wasn't long ago that over twitter Karen announced that our wonderful Amy and Rory Pond filmed their last episode. I am sure when it airs I will ball my eyes out. I am also super curious about the new companion, I saw her in the Titanic mini series that aired this last April, and she seems like a lot of fun and a perfect fit for a Doctor Companion. I am torn between wanting to see this new companion, but not, because seeing the new companion means we have lost Amy and Rory. Makes me tear up thinking about it.

Red Dwarf X:
I remember reading somewhere that while it would be ready to air this summer, of course it won't actually air till fall. *table flip* But I am eager to see it, from all the spoiler free reviews on those who got to see the filming. I hear its going to be great and still very classic Red Dwarf style. Yay! Arnold J. Rimmer, can't wait to see him again. I may have to go re-watch it on Netflix again this summer before it airs.

Vampire Diaries:
I finally watched the season finale the other day. I nearly had a heart attack when for a moment, no more then once they made it seem liked Damon was going to die. I also nearly cried because he was going to die alone because Elena chose the other brother. But you know what, she can have him, that means Damon is free for the taking. ^_~
Bill Hader as Stefon and Seth Meyers on SNL

End of Spoilers.

Side note on SNL:
You know you've watched too much SNL when you began writing various monologue ideas for various possible scenarios of how/why your getting the amazing chance to host SNL.

(Quick edit: Did I mention I also wrote a skit idea that made fun of my own stories? >.> )

My Book Projects:
Bill Hader as Stefon on SNL
I also started working on a movie script idea for a Vampire Romantic Comedy with my dream cast staring, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and David Tenannt (As Vampires of course). Then also Timothy Omundson (not as a vampire only because there needs to be some humans). Still only the very bare bones of plot ideas, so there aren't many characters, yet. There is also the lead lady, who I will foolish dream about playing but I know it won't happen, hence the more minor character that will be involved enough to get a scene or two with each dream cast male actor >.> *cough* But as gun-ho as I feel about it; because it feels like being on the set with those guys would be so fun and I would finally have gotten a chance to be on a movie set, but I must be realistic in my dreaming.

WOVaN is priority one, because I want to publish it first. I also want to get Modern Magic book 1 flushed out enough to seek a professional editor. So the Vampire Romantic Comedy will be very side project, but I need to research writing scripts. So if anyone has any good tips about writing scripts, toss them my way if you have a moment. It seems like it would be easier to write scripts, because its not full detailed writing like a book, but that will probably actually be harder for me and I still need to find out how they are formatted.

Back to WOVaN:
 Is coming along wonderfully! I almost have Vol. 1 ready to seek a professional editor. All but two stories are complete, and those that are complete are also as flush out as I can probably get them. Then the two stories that are left, still need an ending. >.< but what is written is pretty/mostly flushed out. So once I can think of an ending, I think its time to hunt for a professional editor. The cover has been commissioned, but I haven't gotten a rough sketch yet to approve, but I am patiently and eagerly waiting. Its being done by my awesomely talented friend, Miha, her DeviantArt. I did however sketched what will be, I guess the best description is icon for the series. A stylized version of the titled. I think its boss if I do say so myself. Once I get my new laptop and can flush it out more on the computer, I will show it off. I also have a few stories started and roughly written for WOVaN Vol. 2.

(Little edit: A few hours after this post was initial made, I finished up those two stories. Yay! So if anyone has advise on finding an editor, I am all ears. I have just never done this before and I will admit, I am really nervous. But, I must grow skin like stone and see how this turns out- once I find an editor of course.)

I know I haven't posted a short story in a few posts. Bad blogger, bad! I know its a pathetic excuse, but I have been so focused on my current projects that its hard to pull my mind away and write something completely random, but for you, My Dear Readers, I will try. This is going to be something completely off the top of my head, free writing, lets see if I will let myself post if after seeing what happens:

For Evergreen
by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

She stared out the water beaten window out at the evergreen trees, the amply source nickname of the state. Evergreen they are, and they have the house surrounded and isolated. The rhythm of the relentless rain was reassuring, relaxing, and for a moment she closed her eyes and let the heavy pounding of the sound carry her away down a calming river blanket of warmth. Nothing else existed but that sound and meditated silence of the world. A clap of thunder and everything swirled downwards, an interrupting sound, breaking her trance. Not that she had anything wrong against a good thunderstorm, it was just unexpected. She looked out at the trees again, baby birds just learning to fly fluttered from branch to branch with frenzied excitement, or trying to find a branch to shelter from the rain.

"Have you come to a decision yet?" He came from the front room, his golden eyes blazed in hunger. The door banged loudly against the wall, surely leaving yet another mark on the scarred wall. He growled like the wolf he was, cornering his prey.

"I already give you my answer." She stubbornly continued watching the green dance in the wind, taking it the hundred of subtle shades from bright lime to deep forest and everything in-between.

"And I am giving you a chance to be the smart girl I am beginning to think doesn't exist." He stomped almost comically like a drama queen, but he was a guy who is nothing but serious and cold.

"I guess you were mistaken." She knew those words would begin today's list of regrets, but she was reaching the point of no return. The break in her sanity people jokingly believed she reached years ago.

His hand gripped his chin, forcing her to look at him. Claws digging wounds into her cheek, which tried to rapidly heal themselves but the freshly populated skin cells found themselves blocked by the hard cold talons. The skin protested and cried in panic and that hurt worse then the initial tear and he knew it.

"Haven't you realized its hopeless? He never cared about you, if he did, he would have taken you with him."

"He assumed you'd follow him, rather then be petty by going for me. But, I guess he never calculated your stupidity."

"Whats that suppose to mean?!" He tossed her face away with a disgusted, causing her to hit the window with a sickening crack, spider rivets snaked out from the center of impact along the once smooth surface of the glass, but she hid the relief of her wounds now able to heal.

"If you had taken a moment to actually think, you would have followed him and do you want to know why?" She smirked in a taunting sing-song voice, pausing for his answer.

Uncrossing his arms, he pulled back his hand to slap her across the face. The sound echoed in the small cement room, "Stop with you condescending tone and tell me!"

"Then you could have caught up with him and dueled him on a more even playing field-"

She didn't flinched as her face suddenly splattered in his dark cold blood, a silver stake protruding from his chest, only inches from her face.

"Sweetheart, be careful, don't let any of that get in your mouth." Peering out from behind the shocked dying form before her.

"-You see, he never actually left town, in fact he was counting on you being petty. Ironically to stab you in the back." Carefully wiping blood away from her mouth.

He choked, mouth flapping open and close, unable to form any words, but he had clearly understood hers by the angered shock, the murder in his eyes, they then rolled up, as he crumpled to the floor with a last spasm before stiffening in death.
(The end)

Actually wow, interesting. I actually kind of like it. It actually- I caught myself off guard when it crossed my mind to have the blood suddenly splatter across her face. I hope that made up for the lack of short stories I posted.

Aright, I think that is it for the blog today. I am off to work of WOVaN and Luminescence in the Darkness. Please while feeling free to share this with friends, I did write this story, quite literally in 30 minutes, so remember it was written by me. Thank you. Enjoy!

If you want to read more short stories:
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~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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