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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Now a Offical Website

I now have an official website! Woot! 

The revamped cover and title for WOVaN 1

A small collection of Flash Fiction coming very soon

Also I have been working on Modern Magic once again. So happy, I forgot how much fun this story is to work on!

I know, this is a small update. Enjoy


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All the Jellyfish Creativity

Drawing and Videos
I have been told lately that I should consider seeing my works like at a farmers market sort of thing- but to be honest I am not really sure how to go about doing that. Nor am I sure anyone would be interested in my works- But its nice to hear that people thing they are good enough that someone may want to buy them.

I have some more Time Lapse videos in case you want to watch them. I enjoy watching drawing time lapse videos and its fun to make one- really interesting to go back and watch yourself draw something. Fun.
One: I felt like combing checkers and Jellyfish, it turned out amusing and lead to some better works later. There is also another one 'Blooming Colors' which I am rather proud of and I have made various variant works like it. They take about 2-3 hours, but its a lot of fun.  The other time lapse videos were more quick works taking only about 40-50 minutes to draw, but 'Blooming Colors' I more took my time with. Along with the the one titled 'Inner Jellyfish'.

This is the Purple Checkered Jellyfish one, just a quickish silly like doodling.

This is the Blooming colors one. A lot of work and more 'serious' then just the other odd doodles. I am rather proud of it. I like this style a lot.

 And here is 'Inner Jellfish' a crazy fun doodle. Its set to two songs from I Kissed a Vampire because that is the soundtrack I was listening to while I was drawing it.

Once again, I am still not in much of a writing mood. I have very much been majoring drawing- so I 'made' myself sit down and work on a few stories. I started on The Experimental Sons and then I focused on WOVaN 2. Not much work as I have done in the past, but at least its something. Bit by bit, I will get them done.

On a cool side note:
I was on twitter/facebook and saw a post by Halfbrick Studios showing someones designs for Jetpack ideas for one of their games Jetpack Joyride (Which is a rather fun game if you haven't played it.) Seeing those made me think, hmmm, what would be another cool Jetpack design and naturally I ended up drawing a Jellyfish and Squid jetpacks- which amused me and so I shared to the Halfbrick twitter account- well the one who runs the accounts loved the  designs- I don't know if they'd end up making those for the game, but that would be so awesome if they did. But they did share it on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and there were fans that loved that idea, so that is really cool.

I think I mentioned this in the previous post but Sakura-con, yay! I leave for Seattle tomorrow, picking up badges and then probably just hanging out at the hotel room. Here is a silly little Sakura-con Jellyfish time lapse I just sorta did in excitement I guess. Enjoy and perhaps I will update with Sakura-con pictures and the like afterwords.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jellyfish Doodles and WOTDS Oh my!

Time Lapse Videos:
I have become enchanted by the discovery of watching time lapse videos of drawings. I have started watching tons of them and I plan to watch more. In this enchantment I thought 'why not?' and I made a few myself- which I recently put up on my YouTube account, which had been blank until then- I mean aside from favorites and now a list of some of my favorite time lapse videos of the ones I have watched so far.

I don't know, I personally love watching other people draw, my favorite is one of my friends, but anyways in case you too enjoy watching others draw here are my time lapse videos. It think they look cool and the pictures turned out decently. ^_^ Enjoy?

Whee, some Radioactive Jellyfish, at least that is what I am calling this piece since that is sorta what it looks like. This took about 40 minutes to draw. Jellyfish and Checkers, they are what I draw best.

After using a Katamari song for the background on the first video, well I wanted to draw something Katamari-ish. So here is a Katamari rolling up some Jellyfish. This took about 30 minutes to drawing.

There is another one, but for some reason its not being listed under my videos. idk. It is a Pinkie Pie Jellyfish that I did for a friend for her birthday. Yes, as in My Little Ponies. ^_^; Can't draw ponies so Jellyfish instead, jellyfish are funner and easier to draw for me anyways. She really likes it which makes me happy.

Once again, I have been a bit on the lazy side/lack of ideas for how to finish a few of the stories in WOVaN 2, so I need to get myself back on the train of writing by making myself do a WOTDS.

February 28th 2013

Subitus (Latin)- Sudden
Gaudium (Latin)- Joy, Delight
Ineptus (Latin)- Foolish
Sedersi (Italian)- to sit

Sudden Delight

She bound up the stone steps and burst through the front door. “Danny!” She cried out excitedly, eyes scanning the room.
Mercury’s sudden appearance with the slamming of the door and unruly loud voice nearly sent Markus raging without mercy, but he held back and eyed the child. “Mercury!” He scolded with a disapproving scowl. “Control yourself.” Markus overbearing and ancient aura pushed at Mercury’s young and untamed one. His presence made her feel suffocated, even after 50 years she couldn’t get used to it. She was certain he only put up with her for Danny’s sake and should Danny ever fall out of love, Mercury was certain she’d wake with a stake in her heart.
Mercury’s violet eyes widened as he stood slow steps towards her. “M-Markus I-I..” She fumbled over her words.
“SIT!” He commanded and she did, the nearest chair found itself with a cowering small frame of Mercury’s body. “Why the commotion, Mercury?”
“Markus, forgive me. I was simply so delighted, it was foolish…” Mercury kept her eyes down cast and to the side as she spoke.
“Don’t give me excuses, tell me what it is.”
She bite her lip and tried to look up at Markus, but chickened out. “Danny- Danny called and said he had a special gift for me an-and I was just excited to spend time with him—I mean you to recently came back from your trip an-and you have been—“
“--Keeping him busy with studies.” Markus
Mercury winced, and then nodded.
“You have missed him.” Markus added.
She nodded again.
“Very well, he is in his room.”
Mercury relaxed cautiously and smiled up at Markus. “Thank you, sire.”
“But keep your voice down.”
“Yes, sire. Thank you, sire.” She scurried past him and up the stairs with a blur.
Jason walked in from the other room to stand beside Markus, hugging his arm. “You should stop scaring the poor dear, Markus-love.”
Markus broke into a wide grin and kissed Jason on the cheek. “It is just so fun, I am merely enjoying it while I can.”
Jason shook his head with a laugh, “You’re horrible.”
“Yet you love me.” Markus kissed him on the lips.
“Always.” Jason answered as their lips parted.


Is coming up here in a month. I am excited, so much fun! I love the atmosphere of Sakura-con and I look forward to spending time with friends I haven't seen in a while. Yay! 

I made myself a Ditto a while ago to have and because its perfect for my Blue Pokemon Breeder cosplay. He is soooooo fuzzy, I love it! I could huggle him all day and rub my cheek against the fuzziness of awesome. Yes, I did give him fangs. Lol, of course I did. Also he/she wants to hug you and make eggs, at least that was the attempt I was going for, for his look- His arms up and asking for a hug, smiling.

I was touching up my balls when I took this picture. Which I also made and painted myself. My roommates helped with the idea and the sanding and prepping the balls, but I hand painted our pokeballs. 

I believe that is it for today, short and sweet. Some art with video, a short little story and a little Sakura-con. 

Enjoy and have a good night!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Eternal Valentine

Happy Valentines Day to all! 

To any real vampires out there, Be My Eternal Valentine? lol, actually I already have my eternal love, my boyfriend of 5 1/2 years and I love him so much! I Love you!

I hope you have a love in your life because its so wonderful and if you don't well I hope you find it, or if you don't want to find it- (I don't really know what to say to that, sorry! I hope your happy!)

If you remember my last post, or if you haven't seen it, To Dreams, Guts, & Bucketlist I mention that what I wanted to be when I grew up. I made myself an 'official' bucket list. Which is pretty much on order of most wanted, sorta. As in 1 and 2 are pretty high up on if I could just pick one thing, but that doesn't mean the other 5 are any less important to me.

1. Play a Vampire in a movie/show  
2. Travel to just any and everywhere I get the chance to
3. Go see SNL live (meeting the cast would be an awesome bonus, lol)
4. Never stop dreaming
5. Keep writing and publishing my stories
6. Play an extra in a movie
7. Don't give up

Until I manage to find a vampire role to play in a movie/show I can play Vampire in a self done photo shoot. lol. Actually I have been taking pictures of myself as a vampire to use as stock for covers of my books. I don't know if you notice, but the cover of my book WOVaN: Short Stories - Of Vampires, Pumpkins & Winter's Bite the vampire on the cover is me and the blue background is a picture I drew a while back, called A Present for You.  Only that image where the link takes you has the lyrics to Let is Snow, I used the copy without that for the cover.

I look good in a set of vampire fangs, do I not?

I had some fun the other day taking more photos so that I have a nice range to pick from when I go to make the cover for WOVaN 2 and other books I write. I posted a few of my favorites on my deviant art account and I may post a few more. Here is the link to the folder of Myself as a Vampire. Take a look if you'd like. I will sprinkle a few here in the post and trust me, what I have posted on DA in minuscule to how many photos I have. No way would I consider even posting most of them or even a third, lol, just posting a few favorites. Not all of them turned out that good, but some are gems.

Look into my eyes, let me hypnotize.
Look into my stare, be free without a care.
Let me caress your neck, give you a little peck.
Let me take a drink, bring your life to the brink.
and when all is done, I will have had my fun.
Valentine's Day

Todays WOTDS word choices mostly come from today's holiday then from words of the day apps. Though a few are.

Valentine’s Day 2013
The deepest emotions of affections usually used plural.
Desiderare- (Latin) 
To Desire
a hollow muscular organ of vertebrate animals that by its rhythmic contraction acts as a force pump maintaining the circulation of the blood
a sweetheart chosen or complimented on Valentine's Day
Affection and tenderness felt by lovers

            Her hand snapped out, claws extended to tear flesh and the strength to crush bones with a cringing snap. Blood oozed down her wrist, flesh clung to her hand and fingers as she pulled out the still beating heart. The body dropped to the floor, blood quickly pooling at her feet as her lips widened into a smile, showing off sharp canine teeth far longer than any mortal would ever have.
            “A gift for you, will you be my eternal valentine?” She smiled shyly, holding up the dripping heart to admire and show it off. She brushed back a blood caked brunette curly hair with her other hand, away from her face from the disheveled bun it had originally been in as the sun set earlier that night.
            “You’re so sweet- you know just how to tug on my heartstrings.” He chuckled at his corniness, coming up to hug her from behind. He leaned down to nip at her neck with blood dripping from his lips and fangs. “And you already are.” He held her tight, cheek to cheek and eyes closed in happiness.
            They stood in a pool of blood, several bodies lay dead around the small room. Balloons, streamers of red and pink, little paper hearts and a banner with the words ‘Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary’ hung on the wall behind them. The walls were an abstract painter’s morbid master piece of blood and flesh.
            She blushed and turned in his arms. Her arms still coated in blood, smearing that blood on his white already blood strained shirt as she hugged him close with desire. “I love you.” She whispered into his chest, dropped the heart with a bloody splat.
            “I love you too.” He rested his chin on the top of her head. “Happy Bloody Valentine’s Day.” He added with a menacing laugh to the carnage around them.
The End

Its a bit short and a little horrific, but a fun little vampire horror super short story as a little bloody gift to my readers. Hope you enjoyed. 

Lets see, do I have anything else to chat about? I am excited for Psych, Feb 27th and I am also nervous for Henry's safety. I am excited for the laughter and crazy deliciousness that is Psych. But what of Henry? I hope he lives, I really really do. There are two characters in the world of fiction who I believe are wondrous fathers, that is Henry Spence of Psych and Lucien LaCroix of Forever Knight. I don't want to see Henry die, I will cry so hard. But its not my story and so I have no right or say to what happens. But in the world of Psych in my mind, well for starters Henry and Shawn are vampires so I don't have to worry about that at all, at least in one of the worlds in my mind. The other it is only Shawn and if I continue that story Lassiter may join him. Anyways, enough of my personal daydreams... moving on...

I am also excited for Doctor Who, but that is not till March 30th. I can't wait to see more of the new companion. I am rather intrigued by her story so far and I am so curious to see where it goes, she is fun. I have enjoyed her so far. I do miss Amy and Rory and boy did I cry, but I honestly loved the way they ended their story. Beautiful.Very well done.

Perhaps I should give you a taste of one of my stories, should I give you a taste from WOVaN 2 or The Experimental Sons? Or just something random? Hmmm.... choices.....

 Here is a small sample from WOVaN Vol. 2: Hunted

She turned around in the large room, peering at the dark crevasses of the wood walls. There was only a single light bulb in its glass decorative encasing on the ceiling in the center of the room, which left many shadows to play tricks on the mind. The smoothed log wood walls and polished flooring though sturdy gave little comfort of safety at this moment. She swore she heard a chuckle, a deep and in any other circumstance she might have considered it to be a sexy chuckle, but in the shadows of the room it sounded menacing. Dangerous.
“Who’s there?” She spun around again, wrapping her arms around herself. Long red hair spiraled out as she whirled around, a rippling red wave that floated down to rest at the middle of her back, natural near ringlets at the tips. She shivered in the chill of the unused room and her somewhat thin night clothes of lavender purple with spiraling white vines. She noted the window directly across from her was ajar, unsure how that happened, but too scared to go over and close it.
The chuckle sprang from the shadows again, only on the other end of the room.
“This isn’t funny.” She gulped and spun around again on the verge of tears. This is an old house, it creaks a lot. It groans in the night, just the house she reminded herself. It is just the old house groaning in age. The mind can play tricks, that’s all there is to it. There is nothing hiding in the shadows that crawled from deep in the forest. No boogeyman under the forgotten unused bed. No ghost child about to pop out of nowhere, with something bleeding and dripping only to not be tangible and not land on the floor with a creepy evil expression to give her a heart attacked. Nothing in the shadows…
She squeaked with a jump and bolted for the door.

End of Sample

Hope you enjoyed the Valentine's Day blog post, now I am going to go watch some new Big Bang Theory, (Love Leonard!) I have recently started watching this show and I have almost seen every episode now. I don't know why I didn't start watching this show sooner. Love it, so funny and full of geeky-ness! And to watch new Vampire Diaries (Damon is just yummy and I wouldn't mind being sired to him at all. Elena is crazy, I would never consider taking the cure if I had Damon and was a vampire.) And then perhaps to watch I Kissed a Vampire again for some vampire lovey dovey-ness on the day of love. Yay!

Hope you are having a good day!

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