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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lack of Finished works


It took me a while to figure out a short story to post today. I finally found something that was finished, but it is also completely random. Most of the stuff I stumbled across in my tangle of folders on my computer were either completely unfinished, or just not quite done. I am not sure when my next post will be, because I need to either write some new random short stories, or I need to finish up some old ones I have. But also, I should spend some time on my 4 novel ideas, yeah, 4, I said three before and I don’t have a new one, I stumbled across an old one that I actually rather like and I should finish it. So, I am going to try and get myself to work on those novel ideas some more, which maybe I will post a paragraph from them, to get opinions or something. I don’t want to actually post my novel’s because those are something I want to flush out and eventually try and send to publisher…which I don’t really know how you go about doing that, plus these novels won’t be done for probably a very long time, I am very much in the early stages of them, but I should work on them more, or I will never finish them.
            Well, actually I have two short stories finished, but they fit together and I am trying to figure out how I can merge them nicely and add more to them to make like a novelette or something, idk. Which is why I don’t want to post them either, I have ideas and I just haven’t figured out how to put them in place yet. But I do have a few new short stories started, from some prompts I found online, I just need to work on them some more and finish them.
            So today’s short story, I wrote, oh god back in 9th grade, so that was 8 years ago. So please forgive its crappiness a tiny bit. I went through and messed with it a bit, but it’s essentially still the same story and everything, just a few mistakes fixed and some re-wording here or there.
            I need to work on my stories, but after this I need to make something to eat and veg a little. I don’t know where this headache sprang from, but I think I need some more Psych to try and forget it, and then I will play more SuperMario 3D Land. Yeah, you will come to know, I am a horrible procrastinator, but I have gotten better, but I have and always will be a procrastinator.

Here is today’s story:

Bite me

Slamming her against the wall, her body pressing close to the smaller frame under her, one hand wrapped around her throat and the other held tight to her waist. “Is this what you wanted?” Her voice was seductive; her menacing smirk hugged her lips and her long blue hair whipping in the wind of the chilly October night. Glowing amethyst eyes looked down at the sound of a gasping moan that had escaped the shorter ones lips. Her smile grew; fangs sparkled in reflection of the nearby streetlamp.

Arching her back, the smaller ones eye’s slid shut as her head titled upwards and to the side, leaving her jugular venerable, exposing her underling desire. Her long deep crimson almost black hair tamed with a braid was catching painfully on the brick wall behind her, but she wasn’t paying attention to that; her mind was focused on the one pinning her hard against that brick wall. Absorbing the feeling that feminine form pressing strongly against her, holding her tight by the neck and waist, feeling the sensations that washed over her; shivering at the lusted the quickly spread through her body.

“What else was it you wanted?” she nibbled at her ear and then made a slight motion towards her neck; then she laughed at the half gasp that was cut short at the unexpected lack of fangs piercing the soft flesh of her throat. Shoving her hard against the wall, she turned away and started to walk off.  Listening to the small grunt of pain from Nicky, Lea knew it hadn’t hurt her; Nicky had thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking over her shoulder, Lea said “You should learn to speak up, voice what you want or you’ll never get it.” She probably enjoyed it more then she should, torturing her lustful friend like that. She knew exactly what Nicky wanted but refused to give it to her, until she voiced it herself.

She slumped against the wall, her heart racing as she shifted being slightly uncomfortable between the legs, and her cheeks were hot and flushed. Silently she wondered how many more times she was going to chicken out like that and not tell Lea out loud what she wanted but then it crossed her mind, do I really have the right to ask such a thing? But, instead she always quietly mumbling in her own mind, and never spoke out loud her desires. Never having the guts to say what she wanted and because of that, she was letting Lea slip through her fingers.

Suddenly a surge of confidence raced up her body, pushing her self off the wall, Nicky raced after Lea before her confidence vanished. Moving swiftly she bounced to land a few feet in front of her, “Lea, I desire to know what the bite of a Vampire would feel like.” The redness that lingered on her cheeks deepened, and she almost wondered if she shouldn’t have said anything, kept it to herself; until she found herself being roughing pushed against the nearest wall. Then all regrets vanished. A loud gasp of surprise and pleasure rushed from her lips.

“That depends sweetheart, do you trust me?” Lea’s head cocked to one side, “Do you believe that I shall not kill you?” Her voice was sincerely curious, or maybe she was still toying with her friend.

“Yes, I trust you. I would not have asked, if I did not trust you.” She stumbled over her words, caught off guard by the question.

“Why?” She pressed lightly against her, playing with the button of Nicky’s shirt, pondering at the thought of taking it off, but they were outside, not at one of their homes.

“Why do I trust you?” She took a moment to gather and arrange the words correctly, seeing Lea nod her head once, she tried to arrange them faster, now that she knew that she had the question right. “I trust you, because if you truly wanted to hurt me or kill me, you would have done so already. If you disliked my company, you would not be here now, am I right?” She looked up at her with arctic ice eyes, unnatural for mortal, but then Nicky never seemed like she was meant to have been born mortal. “And, even though, at times my mind tries to be doubtful and think otherwise and though I tend to show that, I’ am sure. Deep down I know that unless I did something severely horrible, then I have nothing to fear from you, because you care about me, because I’ am important to you.” She blushed, but was truly happy to finally say that out loud. Something about saying it a loud boosted her confidence, enough her mind liked to act otherwise. Even though most of the time it had her well convinced; she was unloved. But that was not the truth. The truth was she loved Lea no matter what, and Lea seemed to love her back, and only unanswered questions was wither it was the same type of love.

Lea played with a strand of her friend’s hair, twisting it around her finger. “Very true, if I truly disliked your company, I could easily avoid you.” Pausing, she wrapped her arms around Nicky and hugging her tight.  Guiding her head slightly to the side, Lea swiftly moved her mouth near Nicky’s neck. “You are also correct; you are very important to me, pay no mind to what your brain likes to twist to be otherwise. I love you.” Pressing her body close to Nicky’s, Lea fangs pierced the delicate sensitive skin.

Nicky arched up against her body, eyes slipping shut in pleasure. She clung tightly to Lea’s sides, her small hand tightening their grip on her shirt as the pleasure escaladed. The feeling of Lea fangs felt so much better then she had imaged. That sharp piercing pain in her flesh. The feeling of her tongue and lips, pressed against her skin in such a way, and that feeling of Lea absorbing drinking her blood, her life, her essence.  She had always dreamt of the bite of a vampire. Had always known that it would be something that she would enjoy above so many things, but the actual feeling was more addicting then she could have known. It was unbearably addicting. Almost a need, a want, a pleasure that she wanted to feel over and over, that she never wanted it to end.

Lea withdrew her fangs, worried that she took too much. Smirking, she wasn’t sure if Nicky lack of response what that she was in such pleasure, or if she had passed out from the pain or the lack of blood.

With the lack of Lea fangs, her mind stopped abruptly and she felt as though something was missing. She leaned on Lea, resting herself for a moment, not only to the lack of blood, but also to recover and re-gather herself from the sudden lost of something she had only just gained. She was trying to re-adjusting herself to be used to that feeling. She knew it was going to be hard and it was going to popped up and be a sudden strong need and want to feel it again, but she had to try her best, because it’s not something she would always be able to feel. It would be hard, but she will try her best, she would have to.

The gears of her mind started up again as Nicky felt Lea start to gently pet her head. Taking a breath she looked up at her and smiled brightly. She went to go say something but all that came out was a pervy male teenager’s giggle almost moan. Her blush deepened having tried again but that was all that would come out of her lips.


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Yup >.< that’s today’s short story, honestly not sure how I feel about it. Although now I have an urge to write a very bloody horror Vampire story, hmmm, I will let that stew in my mind a bit. Figure out a good angle, but maybe I will be able to post something tomorrow, depending on how quickly I can type out this idea I have. I think it’s because I have been posting all these…more fluffy Vampire stories, but I am also big Horror fan and I need to write something more….gruesome. Yeah, that’s for sure. I need to write a short gruesome Vampire tale. Otherwise, I might be known as a Fluffy Vampire writer and that’s not right, I need to find a good mix between my Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror, with a dash of romance, maybe, but I need to hop off this more romanced view of Vampires for a little bit, and get on the more evil side of them.

So, after my short break for food and Psych, I will have to work on this sinister Vampire story I have creeping into my mind.

The side notes and then that’s all for today:
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         -Have fun and toss me writing prompt, I would love the practice. I will credit you for tossing the prompt when I post the resulting story.
         -If you have never seen Psych, and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! You will laugh so much. Psych airs Wednesday on USA
        - Please remember feedback, I can’t grow as a writer from silence.
        -Also remember unless stated otherwise, these stories and drawings belong to me, I wrote/drew them, please respect that.
                                             ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix 

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