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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hologram Crush

Working on Modern Day Magic
I have done a lot on Modern Day Magic the last few days. I won't post another sample. For one I don't know if anyone wants to read it and second I want to publish it when its finished- so I shouldn't give anymore away or anything like that. In the words of River Song, "Spoilers, Sweetie, spoilers." (I need to watch more Doctor Who, I can't recall if that's how she said it or not. >.< I feel ashamed.)

I feel a lot better about some spots in the beginning of Modern Day Magic. I sat down late that night after I posted Pineapplious Meltdown: Link, 3am-5am (I am a night owl as you can see but the date and time on this post) and I just really studied what I had in that beginning part. I re-work a lot of it. It still needs improvement, but I think its getting there though. I fixed some awkward spots, at least I hope so. ^_^;;

I read/studied a some of Neil Gaiman's American Gods that I bought for my kindle, just hours before the sale ended to gauge what a published book looks like. I mean- I read all the time and I inhaled books as a kid. You should have seen my book shelves as a youngin' I was so proud of how many books I had. You should see my first few Harry Potter books, book 4 mainly; the poor bindings are falling apart from how many times I re-read them. My grandma pre-ordered the hardbacks for me as each new book came out. I grew up with Harry and fell in love with Snape. His death hit me the hardest, along with Headwig. I think there are even tear stains on those pages. I always took at least two of them with me, refusing to leave them at home despite their size. My mom thought I was crazy keeping so many large books in my backpack that I took everywhere. That's why I love my kindle. I do miss holding an actual book in my hands, but being able to carry so many books with me and not break my shoulder is a dream come true. I honestly have wanted a kindle since I was like 6 years old. I swear to the Gods, I dreamed of owning a kindle when I was 6 years old.

As I was saying, I used to inhale books as a child. But now when I read, I make sure to take a moment and look at it from another prospective. A tip I have taken and heard from many sources. To study in order to help improve my own writing abilities. I also went and got a few samples for my kindle on grammar to help improve on that level, which reminds me. I need to go through those and find the one that's best for me and buy it. I am up to Tip #25 in Travis Thrasher's 101 Writing Tips, reminding me I should read a few more before I go to bed. I really recommend it. Its reassuring when you come across something you've already doing and its inspiring to learn new tips.

I wish I had someone I could go to for editing/advise. Someone who has publish books and knows all about it, the process, whats its like, ya know? I won't name names, but I had a dream the other night where I became good friends with an actor/wrote a few scripts for a show; who was willing to help with my writing. Give me tips, comment his thoughts on some ideas. Though I hate dreams like that. It was one of those hyper realistic ones. When I woke up for a split second I was baffled the text I got from him wasn't on my phone, then I was fully conscious and cursed my cruel unconscious for toying with my emotions. I guess I just sort of want a mentor, a friend who has published works. >/<;;

I mean, I follow a several writers on twitter and there is a website, Writing Forward, that I frequent, along with the writing tip books- but reading all that advice while amazing and helpful, doesn't really replace specific help and tips towards a project your working on. I can't keep posting stories on here for the public that I want to publish for risk of someone taking it and such; just in hopes for feedback. I want someone to correspond with one and one. Someone who is also a good friend. Its a nice thought. But I am just going to post random little short stories that I am not too attached to and talk about the progress on the stories I want to publish without giving too many details.

So here is the progress via word count on Modern Day Magic, because I am trying to do at least 500+ words a day:
1/21/12: 9,583 words
1/22/12: 10,365 words
1/23/12: 10,854 words
1/24/12: 11,035 words so for today/technically

Oh! I almost forgot, I finally worked out a good amount on the back story for the Evil Queen and what her evil plans are. *bounces* I am so happy. Also a small 'map' so to say of some of the things that are going to happen via the Queen and such, along with miscellaneous things in the relationship between Cole and Ember. Though I still can't decide on a name for the Evil Queen, so for now she is just Queen. I have also flushed just a bit more out of Ember's past. 

I have also flushed out Danny, which is Edward, Embers brother's friend from highschool. And currently Ember's college buddy, when Edward disappeared Danny and Ember grew closer as friends. So they hang out on occasion and have a few classes together. 

I have never actually finished a story before, most of my short stories I feel could have so much more, so I have never felt like I have completed any of them. I am determined to finish this story. I have the ending, I have the plot pretty much worked out and I am working to write at least 500 words a day on it. And you know what? I am having so much fun writing it. I am growing fond of it and passionate about it. I will finish this story. I hope its the first story I publish and I hope it does well. I really do. I think its really starting to come together.

I personally feel rather proud of myself right now.

In other news:

Here is amazing article about the newest filming of Red Dwarf X for episode 5, which was last Friday. It has me wishing once again for the TARDIS, although when don't I wish for a TARDIS? Driven by 10th Doctor of course and a hopeful wish of snogging, give me a moment while I cue a day dream scene. *cough* But here is another wonderful -Spoiler free of course- article on a recording or Red Dwarf Link

I really wish I had the money to go down and see a recording of Red Dwarf just to see some of it, its sounds so wonderful! Did you read the article? If your a Red Dwarf fan and you read the article, then I am sure you know how I feel right now. There is talk about how gloriously funny the script has been. Talk on how Rimmer has more of those tongue twisting quick lines which Chris Berrie (Arnold J. Rimmer [Aka Smeghead]) is delivering wonderfully. Part of what makes Rimmer so awesome is the things he says, plus he is the most handsome of the Boys from the Dwarf. *Swoon* I'd like to hard his hard light-- yeah....*cough* Apparently episode 5 has a scene with a moment between Lister and Rimmer that has my dying of curiosity, but no spoilers. 8 Months is so far away.

So I am going to go watch Rimmer- I mean watch some more Red Dwarf. Well after I work some more on Modern Day Magic. I am currently working on this one chapter and I think its turning out well and the ideas are just flowing. So enough fixing up and completing this post and back to writing the story. *bounces of excitedly* ..... *pauses*... o.o Or not. I just stumbled across marathon of episodes of Full House, let the nostalgia explode. Omgoodness! I haven't watched this since I was a tike. Wow....

*distracted*...oh-The side notes. Night:

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--Also if you have never seen Red Dwarf it’s a great British Sci-fi comedy, and a new season after many years will air September 2012 for Red Dwarf X. So excited they are currently filming, can’t wait! Seasons 1-9 on Netflix.
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