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Friday, May 4, 2012

A WOVaN Questions of Plans

Sorry its been a while, distraction, projects, and was feeling under the weather for a few days.

I purpose a question-

Modern Day Magic:

If your a new reader perfect, if you saw Modern Day Magic or Modern Magic written on the spine of a book that's chillin' on a shelf would you pick it up and read the summary? What would you expect it to be about? --  Please comment your response to this question or email it to

If your a returning reader, well forget what you have heard so far about the story, if you can set that known knowledge aside, understandable if not, once you know something it changes your perceptive. What would you expect a story titled Modern Day Magic or Modern Magic to be about? Would you pick up a book titled that? Knowing what its about, does it have your interest? -- Please leave a comment with your response or email it to

I am just curious if this title fits this series. I am having 'is this the right title?' worry. Does it fit the book, does it catch peoples eyes? I figured who better to ask then my readers or those who stumbled across this blog entry. ^_^; I am worried it doesn't give the image I want it to and the more I think about it, I feel it fits but that could just be that I have been calling it that for months now and gotten used to it. Though I omitted day, and I am growing to like 'Modern Magic'. The Modern Magic Series. But its hard for me to answer that question. There is going to be a lot of magic in the story, but first and foremost its a Vampire story, and Modern Magic says magic not Vampire. But what would fit, that speaks both Vampire, Magic, and a little fairy tale?

What about Bloody Magic or Bloody Hell? While I want it to be humorous and sometimes light hearted, it is also going to be a horror book. Bloody Magic, I think works on multiple levels. But does it give the right image? x.x Normally I feel my titles work well, but for some reason I am getting unsure about calling it Modern Magic.

You Missed a Spot By Miha - Her Deviant Art
I still have time before the story is to be publish, lots typed up, but it still needs lots of work. ^_^; So for now I will just refer to it as my Modern Magic novel, but the official title is not set in stone. When I do eventually publish it, I will be sure to leave a link and title.

I do have a side project I am working on that I have dubbed WOVaN, which are the initials. Unlike Modern Magic where I am unsure, I absolutely like the way the initials worked out and I like the title WOVaN. I am still heavily working on Modern Magic, but everyday I am also working on this smaller project, that will likely be published well before Modern Magic, because its not a novel series -well- it is a series, but not the same. You will see when the first book is ready to publish. ^_~

The cover art has been commissioned and I look forward to seeing the result. Its being done by my amazingly talented friend, Miha. She is the artist that the image I used for my Twitter picture.

 Yay, I finally found a picture from Sakura-con of my cosplay, I am the blue one. He also has LOTS of picture of other cosplays if you want to look at them. If you also took a picture of us at some point during the con I would love to see them, thanks!

This was found on Flickr and taken by DTJAAAAM

Those who follow me on twitter already read some of this, but I will put it on my blog because I can actually talk about it- I have such issues with the 140 character limit! Another reason I should finish with the facebook page, most of the time I really only need another 10 characters, but like Corbin Bernsen from psych, I could post a bit of a longer 'tweet' and share it to twitter.

So Van Helsing, the awesome movie from 2004 with Hug Jackman, Kate Beckinsale and Richard Roxburgh- I love that movie! I am not sure how I feel, I just found out they plan to do a  reboot of it and Tim Cruise is playing Van Helsing. I Love Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing. If the Gods are kind maybe Alan Rickman will be cast as Dracula- then I would squeal aloud like the fan girl inside me which I haven't done since highschool <.<; and that one 10th Doctor cosplay a few years ago... *cough* IF Alan Rickman by some miracle was cast Dracula, I fully admit he would not be Dracula in my mind, but a Vampire Severus. We all have our fanfics that play out in our minds from things we read, or watch, right? I am not the only one that does this am I? Though I keep mine to myself, I will never post a fanfiction anywhere, they are personal and the bulk is someone else's world. Plus I will admit, I tend to image certain characters as vampires. Okay, I tend to change most stories/movies/shows to involve vampires, in my mind. So all my personal fanfictions is just me bending the story to include and accommodate Vampires-- Back on topic of Van Helsing Reboot, of course this is just all me being very hopeful that something amazing comes from the reboot- I LOVE the original. It will always have a special place in my heart regardless of the outcome of this reboot. I watched Van Helsing twice while working on Modern Magic yesterday, for awesome background noise and the sexy distraction of Dracula. *cough* So if the universe wants to be awesome, someone of my list of actors I would like to see as Vampires will get cast as Dracula in this reboot. Keeping my fingers crossed. Though regardless of casting, I will watch the movie when it comes out because I am sucker for anything Vampire. Well almost anything -well- yes if it has vampires I will watch or read it no matter what. Whither I end up liking it is a completely different story, but if it includes Vampires and I cross paths with it, I will be drawn to it and won't get it out of my head till I give it a shot, for curiosity sake and for my love of Vampires.

There won't be a WOTDS today, but instead I am going to post a few quotes from Modern Magic, a couple others from a the WOVaN project. Let me know if the quotes have your curious about the stories. ^_^

"..Eyes glinted from the nearby porch light reflecting off them now that he was standing, his grin became soft. His whole demeanor inviting, calling. Hypnotizing. Like the Evil witch tempting children with a candied house of death.
“Again with the yet.”
“Come on, take a chance.”
“A chance of Russian Roulette.”..." - Current title: 'Modern Magic' by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"...Patted paws with deadly claws scratched the dirt and another howl rang through the woods, deafening from behind her, the hot breath sending terror through her body..." - WOVaN Project by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"....“If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask me. I am just putting away-” She peeked her head around the corner and almost dropped the books in her arm. “-some books...” Last night flash back in her mind, his hand holding tight to her upper arm as he threatened her life...." -Current title 'Modern Magic' by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"...head lulled, his vision swimming before him, seeing three, four, five versions of his attacker drifting in and out in front him; like a swarm of identical ghosts weaving in and out of each other as they sneered at him..." - WOVaN Project by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Do those quotes make you want to read the stories? Do they sound good? Are you looking forward to when I post a link that will lead you to buying the books? The WOVaN project, I am hoping will be ready soon. It partly relays on me tracking down this old story I wrote in middle school. I know its in a notebook somewhere, it just a matter of finding it. I never toss my notebooks, even school ones. I just have to find the box they got put in. I was damn proud of the story at the time, and I hope I still am. But I can't recall it well enough to just re-type, I need/want to find the original copy. Which I am working on finding between working on other parts of the project.

Also-- I did get the job I was hoping for! Yay! But I will still of course work on my novel ideas, no worries about that, but it will be nice to have a job again. Less stress which hopefully will lead to being able to work better. ^_^ Anyways, I think I have yammered on enough for today, May the 4th be with you! I am going to go work on 'Modern Magic' and the WOVaN project.

Please remember those quotes came from my novels, they may not be published yet, but they are mine.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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