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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thank Gods is Psych Day!


I am so excited for tonight’s episode of Psych! All the clips look amazing; specially the one posted this morning with Gus, Lassie and Henry at a club! Omg, lol! And this time it is Timothy Omundson on the character chatter, which I will also look forward to. I don’t have any questions for him myself, I figure I have tweeted him once about Marlowe and I tried asking Tim Meltreger about it too, and no answer, so either they just never saw the question or its something under wraps, so I won’t be annoying and ask again. Just have to wait and see, also I mean I still have time before the chatter so maybe I will think of something between now and then.
The only thing that is sad is it’s the last new episode for awhile. I don’t know when Psych will return, but I am sure, or at least I hope it mentions it at the end of the episode tonight, so that I can mark my calendar and count the days till its return. But, its okay, I can re-watch old episodes, and I am also in the middle of re-watching Red Dwarf which is keeping me amused. Love for Rimmer! Don’t worry Rimmer I would be willing to snog you, if I ever met you. And I also need to watch more of Castle, I am only partway through the first season. It’s pretty good, I mean Nathan Fillion, of course it’s good. Which Castle is still giving me the urge to re-watch firefly, which I may have to do after I finish re-watching Red Dwarf.
Also question to my readers, I do have 105 views last I saw, I don’t know if you are returning readers, or if they were all single views, but here is my question, do you want a ‘About me’ page on here? With a more detailed info on moi? Just curious. Not sure if I should or not, most sites usually have an About page and such, so just asking.
Anyways, I think that’s all for the rambling, at least for the moment, after the story I do tend to ramble on some more, so we shall see, and about that…I need to find something to put for today’s story. I would have made a post last night, but the story I had started just wasn’t working out. It kept trying to go in an awkward direction that I just didn’t like. It starts out okay, and I sort of know what I want the end to be. It’s the middle that’s being a little pain in my ass. It’s still early, so I am going to work on that, go eat, work on it some more and hopefully it will be acceptable before Psych is on.

To Hell with it
By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Part 1

That was it, she had to tell someone, anyone, otherwise it was going to eat her alive. It’s just not something you can hold in and have in not effect you with a likely negative outcome. Taking a deep, shaky, attempt for a calming breath, she fretfully fiddled with her long deep auburn hair. But who, who could she tell, who could she trust?
She pulled out the braid for the 4th time, the now wavy hair feel loose and she restarted it again. Dividing the hair into three parts, then folded one of the outside divisions over the middle, then doing it with the other side, over and over, working her way down to the bottom where the braid thinned and the three sections became uneven and tried running away from her quivering fingers. Stretching a purple strip of cloth, she placed it a bit above the last of the braid and wrapped with several times then tied a bow, releasing it to fall back along her spine.  
She took another deep breath. But yet, she wanted to keep it secret, leave the alarm bells silent and allow him to continue his work. She had loved him for so long, from a distance, because why should he notice me in such a way? She looked at herself, the reflection of a pale skin and freckled girl- no of a women- not that anyone noticed that, seeing the a short girl barely 5 feet and they think child, but she was 23 damn it, and I should be married off by now.
Maybe she’ll tell him, tell him that I know his secret and I am willing to take it to my grave. Which is probably were I will be if he knew. But why should she tell anyone else, it’s not like I owned them anything, in fact they almost deserved it. No, she couldn’t think like that, yet who cares, they never cared for her, so why should I give damn about them!
She fiddled with her braid again, but let it be. Re-doing wasn’t going to calm her nerves and taking those deep breaths aren’t going to calm my nerves either. The scary thing was, despite what she witnessed, she still loved him. Regardless of what he was, I still loved him. Maybe it was crazy, and maybe she should be locked away, well I am already locked away, not that it was locked well, but still locked and perhaps that is the cause of her insanity. Who could handle being told to stay in her room all day, every day? Who else could be denied a coming of age celebration and not go peculiar when all the dust is settled?  But even if he never looked at her in the way she looked at him, he was still the only friend she really had, which wasn’t saying much, because is it really friendship if its only felt in one direction? Perhaps I should say loyalty; I am loyal to him no matter what he does. I will love him till the day I die.
That’s it, my mind is made up. She stood up from the stool, it wavered but didn’t fall over, and she grabbed her black cloak from where it hung on the hook nearby. I will find Sir William and tell him I know and any result of telling him is better then sitting here, alone, scared, torn, and talking to myself in the mirror. She glanced back at herself, a look of determination and acceptance etched along her face. I will love you Sir Williams till the day I die.
            She snuck out through a deserted servants corridor and out through their garden entrance. Knowing how much William enjoys the garden, resulting in almost always being found there this time of night. The only light was that of the full moon that grinned down in mocking laughter for her misfortune. She sent a glaring eye, but mouthing thanks at the light it provided, it was enough to see where the statues stood and shadows of movement, be it the trees in the wind or to be able to someone roaming the path. She looked up at the stars, avoiding the mocking moon and watched for a moment as the stars winked at her, some laughing and some encouraging her, but perhaps they just all want to see me die.
            She saw two shadows shift up ahead and ducked behind a statue as they headed in her direction. She faintly heard the giggles, recognizing it as one of the cooks. She scrutinized the scene before her and drew to one single blindingly obvious conclusion, he was going to do with again, and here I am watching transfixed one more. Here I am about to witness his acts again, out here in the garden like the first time. Only it’s another servant, another girl who has gained his lusting eyes only to be struck down. Because none of them are good enough and of course not they are only servants. If I could get him to look at me in such a way, I surely would survive the stare. The wind whistled through the trees and she fixed a glare at them for laughing at her. She was the Kings daughter, regardless of the treatment, and that still put her well above a single simple cook.
Unable to look away she focused on his hand as it snaked up along the arms of the cook, watching as the goose bumps rose to meet his finger tips, up and along to her neck, his other buried in her light and curled hair. Williams hand then gripped her hair and pulled her head off to one side. The silent scream that echoed nowhere, was etched on the cooks face with wide eyes which the Princess saw all too clearly as a cloud shifted to brighten the scene.
            Both her hands reached to cover her mouth, to keep from screaming. As his mouth, sharp and demonic tore into her throat, blood seeped past his lips, and yet she still watched as he drank deeply from the cook’s neck till there was nothing left and just let the body fall with a thump to the ground, empty, drained, hollow, he turned then and she was sure her thumping heart had portrayed her location.
            “Princess Niasha.” He grinned, stepping towards her, “You know your not suppose to be out of your room, and yet, here you are, again.
            He knows. She straightens up from her spot behind the statue of a fallen solder, her hands dropping to her sides, but I am so happy to see him. She grinned with a blush creeping along her cheeks. ”Sir Williams, it’s an honor to see you again.” She leaned against the statue, biting her lip nervously. “I know, but it was such a well lit night, with the moon so full, I couldn’t resist walking through the gardens instead of viewing it from my balcony.” She gave him her best attempt at a coy grin, turning more Cheshire cat, then a lusty young girl.
            “You’re a naughty, Princess.” He smirked, wagging his finger, like a scolding father. “But, someone who shares the same views on walking through a garden on such a wonderful night, how can I discourage that.” He winked at her, and started off in the opposite direction from the body of the cook.
            “Sir William!” She called after him, and caught up quickly.
            He gave an amused grin with an accompanying twinkle in his eyes. “Yes?”
            “May I walk with you?” She blurted out, more nervous then she was hoping to sound. I am being childish; there is no need to be shy, other then enough to look appealing.
            Sir William, smiled down at her, and brushed his hand along her back. ”What is a night walk in the garden without some company?”
            Her heart skipped a beat, perhaps this is the start. Perhaps he will try for my hand. Her mind buzzed happily and she leaned just a little closer, not enough to touch, but enough to where she could take a deep breath and inhale his scent of a burning fire and a hint of iron. She smiled contently, feeling the warmth of his energy as he walked beside her, it seems to crackle and was dense, and she relished in the cocoon of it.
            They didn’t speak, till they reached the pond and frogs croaked out of sync from one another, and ripples navigated through and off each other from the fish and frogs lingering and jumping around.
            Sir William stopped and she followed suit, turning to face him.
            “Here, I thought you might like this.” He held up a necklace, with a simple sphere of a stone, which was a crystal blue and something was etched inside, but she couldn’t see what it was. It looked familiar but she pushed that aside, it’s a gift from William.
            “Its beautiful.” She reached out to take it.
            “Here, I will put it on.” He stepped behind her and placed it around her neck, tying a knot in the leather material that was used as the chain.
            “Thank you, Sir Williams, your too kind.” Her hand brushed the stone fondly, it felt warm yet icy to the touch. 
            She shivered as his hands ran along his shoulders as he still stood behind her, and she recalled what had happened to the cook, her heart raced not in fear but in excitement, at least it would be at his hands.
            He leaned down and kissed along her neck, and she leaned back against him. She whimpered when he suddenly stopped, and his chuckled tickled her ear, where he whispered. ‘The merchant said this stone holds magic to those who are deserving. But he didn’t say what it was, but I thought of anyone who was deserving, it would be you, my Princess.” 
None of the other girls could get it to work, time to try her, her energies are much stronger then the other girls, she is also more stubborn, and strong headed then those simpletons were. If anyone actually could unlock it, it had to be her.  
To be continued…

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So this story ended up longer then I was expecting it, so I am going to break it up into 3 maybe 4 parts. The beginning is now finished, the end is mostly worked out and much of it is typed, and the middle is still giving me a little trouble, but I know where I want this story to go, and I know some key things that I want to happen. I just need to work out the middle a little more, which is why I am also breaking this up in parts. I don’t know if I will have part 2 finished tomorrow or not, but I will be working on I some more later tonight, after Psych and the character chatter, and I will work on it tomorrow and post it as soon as I have it worked out well enough.
Though its getting close to Psych and character chatter time, which is making it hard to concentrate on this anymore for now. >.>So I am going to take a break, watch some Red Dwarf until Psych is on.
Yay for it being Wednesday, and also the 14th, which is a good number, twice as good as 7, so that must mean today will be good. Well yeah, so far it has, I got Korean BBQ for breakfast/lunch, and the story I started yesterday that I was unsure about is actually turning out quite well and I wonder if I can polish it enough to submit to some short story magazine or something, somewhere? Also the two clips I saw today for tonight’s episode of Psych have me so anxious for it to be on, tonight’s episode looks amazing and it looks like it has a good dose of Henry, which makes me happy. Yay!   
Today is a great day, and I am going to enjoy it happily, and relish in my current good mood and high inspirations, if I can keep rolling with this positive mindset, then everything that has been crappy for the last few months will get better. But for now, some Red Dwarf till Psych. Yes! Goodgood times!
So the side notes, and that I am up, up and away to lovely sci-fi humor, I <3 you Rimmer, you’re the best:
   -Follow me on Twitter, because I will tweet every time I post on my blog and I will post a link.  Nekodra's Twitter and remember Sharing is Caring, retweet to your friends if they might enjoy this.
         -Have fun and toss me writing prompt, I would love the practice. I will credit you for tossing the prompt when I post the resulting story.
         -If you have never seen Psych, and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! You will laugh so much. Psych airs tonight on USA. YAY <3
         -Also if you have never seen Red Dwarf it’s a great British Sci-fi comedy, and a new season after many years will air September 2012 for Red Dwarf X.
        - Please remember feedback, I can’t grow as a writer from silence.
        -Also remember unless stated otherwise, these stories and drawings belong to me, I wrote/drew them, please respect that.
                                             ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix 


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