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Monday, December 12, 2011

I am not Completely Ms. Fluffy Vampires


Alright, like I said yesterday, I cannot keep up with this Fluffy Vampire-ness, because as much as I can and do romanticize Vampires, that is not always the case. I cannot become know as Ms. Fluffy Vampires. I refuse, I may have a soft side, but I am a Horror fan and I need to indulge that side every now and again. This isn't as graphic as I could have written it, believe me the depths my mind sank to when creating this story, makes me shiver a little, but I didn't want to do too far down the Horror Rabbit Hole just yet, because honestly. <.<;; I have no idea who is reading this and I don't want to scare any young readers who may find this. Plus, well I don't know who would enjoy reading that, so I kept it a little tame. But that being said, there is blood and there is death. So if you are a major softy, and squeamish when it comes to blood, as example Mr. Burton 'Gus' Guster from Psych who was frozen after Shawn accidentally squirted blood at him (hilarious scene by the way, from the episode 'This Episode Sucks' current season which is 6 of Psych. I can only image what fun they may have had to probably try and get Dule' Hill to move or something, I wish they showed us bloopers from that scene.) this may not be the story for you. Just saying, and just warning. Death, Blood, Horror, Implied Rape. Only implied, don't worry. Like I said, regardless of what my mind came up with, I did keep it tame.

Why so Random, Hell?
By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

He rushed forward, slamming the man against the wall, a sickening crack could be heard as the young man’s head collided with the worn brick wall of the run down and forgotten theatre. The assailer inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of the man’s blood that started trickling down the back of his neck from the fresh and throbbing wound.  Pleasure filled his being at the scent and thoughts to come.
            The young man, Ric, head lulled, his vision swimming before him, seeing three, four, five versions of his attacker drifting in and out in front him; like a swarm of identical ghosts weaving in and out of each other as they sneered at him. The Demons eerie red eyes, tripled before him and he felt a wave of nausea wash up from his stomach and into his throat, where it stayed; no ones eyes should glow like that, and who grins like that? Only a psycho, only a killer, a serial killer would grin in such a predatorily way. Only something that wasn't human.
            The hand on his neck tightened and his head was wrenched to the side, exposing his jugular to the demon before him. Ric could feel his cold breath on his neck, as he leaned down, those large abnormal sharpened teeth grazed his neck, small bubbles of blood welled up from the scraps. It stung, like paper cuts always do, for such a small wound it was like salt had been tossed on for added torture.
The demon chuckled deeply at the sharp intake from the man below him, the tensing of his body when he thought it was the end for him, no he was going to have fun with his first. His hand which gripped Ric’s shoulder to hold him in place, tightened, slowly, agonizingly, as his nails slowly tore through his shirt and into his skin, blood seeping out around his fingers which he left in place, the blood flowing out and around them, the pitter patter of the blood as it slipped down his arm, around his hand and off his finger tips to the dusty ground below. It wasn’t long before a good sized puddle gathered itself with partials of dust and dirt swirled in the ripples with each new collection of blood fell.
Ric gritted his teeth, trying to refuse the satisfaction of the demon hearing him scream, but when he twisted his fingers, tearing then wound open more increasing that rhythm of each new drop of blood to join in the puddle, one slipped from his throat, one that wasn’t so manly and he wasn’t proud of, but that was the least of his worries.
Out of no where, someone else swam in his vision, no,no, run! But the words won’t leave his lips, they hitched in his throat as another scream tore in front as the Demon twisted his fingers again before pulling them away and licking the blood that clung to his unnaturally sharp talons and moon pale fingers, the words sat in his throat lost and right next the need to vomit, which mingled where his breath barely squeaked by it all with the Demons hand squeezing tight enough to be uncomfortable and just loose enough to keep him semi-conscious.
“Let him go, please, I beg you, let him go!” She beat fruitlessly against the demon’s back; all fear of him was overpowered by her worry for the survival of Ric, her 6 year long boyfriend, her love, and who she was sure had been hiding a ring in his coat pocket for the last week of which he keep playing with, toying with, as he tried to keep the courage to pull it out of that pocket, but hadn’t gotten there yet.  He would, given the time, but it seems his time was running out.
The demon chuckled again, almost a cackle. He turned his head to look at the young women, Marline, with his still bloody hand it lashed out and took her by the throat.
Clawing, tearing, her feet tangled as he picked her up off the ground, and grinned, wide with bloody lips and crimson stained teeth. “You’re a sight for sore eyes.” He licked his lips, hungrily, greedily as perverse thoughts swam in his mind.  The fun I can have with her.
Marline’s eyes widened, she had never seen a expression like that on anyone’s face, but she was sure what it meant, and she struggled with all her strength, with no success.
It was that look, that Ric saw in the Demons eyes, that gave him new strength, “Don’t you dare touch her, you filthy-“ Snap, such a simple sound, but it echoed off the dang moldy walls and high ceilings. Those resounding snaps, that bounced back, continued when they stopped. Ric’s body went limp, eyes wide and mouth opened in anger and rage the word still lingering on his lips without a sound and Marline watched in horror as the Demon tore into his throat, messy, savagely like a animal who hadn’t eaten in weeks and knows it could be weeks before another meal. For as animistic as he fed, not another single drop joined the puddle at his feet.
Once done, he released the body and it fell with a hollow thud and puff of dust that jumped unexpecting the body and rushed to stay away, causing Marline to cough with teary eyes, still transfixed on the empty shell of a body, refusing to acknowledge what happened and denying what was going to happen. She felt hands roam her body in places they didn’t belong, but she was numb, she was behind a glass barrier aware of what was to come and what was happening, but as much as it touched her, hurt her, she didn’t feel a thing.
Until she was wrenched back to reality by a hand shoved deep where it shouldn’t be and tearing from talons that were covered in Ric’s blood and now her own, and she concluded she must have died long ago, because that only place something this bad, this painful could happen, had to be some form of Hell; there was no way she was on Earth anymore. 

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I feel a little at war with myself, between my Fluffy and my Horror. But also, this isn't the initial story I came up with when debating what to write with horror in mind. I have another story I started, or more have down what I want to happen and now I just have to figure out how to write it. Once I realized that story wasn't going to be finished tonight, I opened a new document, and typed the first thing to come to mind, which ended up being someone's head getting smashed into a brick wall. Ouch. >.< It makes me head hurt thinking about it, and the story fell together from there. Just completely free written, no real story, no direction, just something scarey unfolding across the screen. I feel a little better now, Mr. Horror side has calmed a bit, and Ms. Fluffy is wanting to watch a bit of Psych to laugh and not think about what just happened, and instead have romanticized thoughts of Shawn and a midnight 'snack' >.< I worry about myself sometimes, but hey. ^_^ Its all good, but as much as I want to watch Psych, which I should squeeze in one episode, but I have been re-watching Red-Dwarf all day...well all day since I got up, which I won't say when, but just that my sleeping schedule is all wonky since I don't have a job and I don't have anything that I need to get up to do, and leave it at that.

I hope I haven't scared away any of the few readers I may have. Not all stories will be like this, don't worry. Ms. Fluffy will appear again, but do let me know if you don't mind Mr. Horror, in which case I can let him out of his cage more often. ^_^;;  'Kay?

So the side notes and then its back to Red Dwarf and Psych Fanfics:

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         -Also if you have never seen Red Dwarf its a great British Sci-fi comedy, and a new season after many years with air September 2012 Red Dwarf X.
        - Please remember feedback, I can’t grow as a writer from silence.
        -Also remember unless stated otherwise, these stories and drawings belong to me, I wrote/drew them, please respect that.
                                             ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix 

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