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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry: Christmas eve or Holidays

(Okay, format has been fixed because my lappie is working again! yay!)


So my lappie is being a pain, so I will have to make this post from my lovely Ivianna (iPhone, yes I named her.) Vinny laptoplet, my tablet laptop, (get it? laptop-tablet, laptoplet. I love making up words, I am like Shawn ask my Boyfriend of 4 1/2 years, I love slinging made up words or mashed words, two words together. It's fun!) but Vinny has been having big problems lately, I finally fixed it, mere hours after he started this little problem if not being able to get to the internet. I know it's not the internets fault, poor Vinny. Well I haven't been able to self fix it yet, running out of tricks, but I have fixed all his other problems, I will get it done. But obviously not before I wanted to make my christmas post.

So my Ivianna it is, which works, I have two little short snip-it's of a stories that I started on my phone,(wihout Internet to my laptop, I can't transfer) I just have to do some quick minor polishing. Think of these two stories as two prologues that I can't decide between or I will just make them two different stories, we will see. I forgot how powerful watching my top favorite movie which shares that slot with RHPS (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Interview with a Vampire can be with inspiration. Epic casted movie, after watching MI-ghost protocol with my parents, I had to watch Interview again, so I have the last few nights and it had to keep pausing it as it boosted story ideas. So, these two are results from watching Interview, one will be pretty obvious, with references.

But before I go polish the stories really quick, I just want to say to my readers and those who stumble here:

Merry Christmas (eve) or Happy holidays to those who celebrate something else!

I, myself am not religious, as stated in my post: Sci-fi love giddyness, which I will link when I can get on my computer again, the Blogger app doesn't have all the useful buttons like the full website has. I will make italics and bold edits when I can get on the internet with my computer again. 

But I celebrate Christmas with my family because that's what they do and I have never seen Christmas as a religious thing, in fact as a child I remember when for class my teacher asked what religion we were, to find out what we celebrated. I became distraught, I felt stupid because I didn't know, at the time I thought the teacher said I had to have a religion to celebrate a holiday with my family, but I didn't have one. But after the teacher asked whither we had a tree or - she didn't get to say anything else because I said tree. I was relieved, I did still get a holiday. I think I thought Christmas was a religion about believing in santa, (young 'Kodra was young) for a little while, but anyways, I technically have never seen Christmas having to do with religion, but as another excuse to spend time with family, have a delicious buffet of food and the added bonus of what used to be mounds of gifts for 8 years before my cousins came along >.> I did and do sometimes have a jealously issues towards my younger smarter and more confident cousins, who get all the attention because I am 8 years older then the first one that came along after me. In fact he just turned 16 and has a nice car and a drivers license... I am out a job, no car because I lack the confidence and fearlessness to drive... *sigh* anyways it's the holidays! So no mood dampeners.

Here are the two, yes two! Short stories like I said prologues I need to pick between before I expand the story farther. They are also currently sorta untitled because I am not sure yet where I want to go with them yet, they have tempt titles.

Story one: possible title: Modern Day Reveals

'No fucking way, your a goddamn vampire!' she covered her mouth in shock of her outburst and swearing to a stranger.

He smirked, amused, of all people she didn't seem the type who would have paid attention to stories or movies about his kind. He gave her another once over.

She stood, both hands on her mouth, a cross of shock and awe etched over her pale and lightly freckled ruby cheeks, not sure if the rosy color was from the winter chill or emotions. Her hair was of a burnt auburn, but in the dark with his eyes he could see the tips growing out with a light wispy brown with a hint of orange in the right light. Her eyes, standing out with their icy blue, almost crystal, depth; he could see the way she was looking him over in be withered belief and he couldn't help but note the wide eyed hope.

She was simply dressed, a grey baby doll styled shirt, with an image he couldn't piece tougher due to the black fuzzed scarf that was wrapped loosely around her neck. She wore a black and blue styled hat that was often associated with artists with a few buttons scattered on one side, and pants that look like black men's cargos. A nice military styled black coat, with several pockets. The messenger bag that clung to her shoulders had weight to it, and didn't seem to like to stay where it was because she would fidget and replace it farther up her shoulder.

He chuckled when she realized he was giving her the look over. Her blush deepen and she took a nervous step forward as he spoke, "What would give you such a silly idea?"

She merely pointed to the partly visible foot the poked from behind the garbage container on that alley way. She coughed, clearing her through before she could speak. "That and the trickle of blood on your lips." pointing to her own to indicate where on his lips it clung.

She was intriguing indeed, "That's absurd" he really did damn this day and age sometimes, what happened to the days were sure people had heard myths of the demons so called Vampires, but now they didn't run in terror, instead he found damn groupies. While it can make things easy for prey and but often their dull witted blind obsession creeped him out to be honest. Plus they were always so... Bland or one demential that obsession drove their life and not only that, but they had it all wrong. He had never met a Vampire who didn't enjoy life to it's fullest, and these (often angst teenagers) Harp about some dribble on lonely path of eternity, forever brooding. Screw that, if I am living forever, I am going to enjoy myself, travel, and have all the time in the world to study varies topics and ologies.
But they were an easy meal, most of them didn't actually want to live forever, but instead were suicidal, and he was sure no one actually missed them.

But this girl, was an oddity. She not only knows what I am, isn't running away screaming, but also isn't throwing herself at me begging to die in my arms.

He licked his lip before speaking again, "It's just a bit of sauce-from dinner." Wasn't a lie.

"Yeah, sauce called blood and dinner consisting of death." She took another step forward, craning her neck to look at the body. "Cause that doesn't suspiciously look like bite marks on her neck, and at least according to crime shows, that unnatural paleness is a sign of massive blood loss, and I don't see any pools of it on the ground." She looked up at him with a look that dared him to explain that, he almost laughed out loud as he noticed her height compared to him now that she was standing right in from of him.

"Well your short." he cringed, what was that? "Your just a child with an over active imagination, Vampires don't exist."

She glared, "I am 23, and there is a kernel of truth to every myth. All around the world, almost every culture has a myth that involves a vampire. Different names, different depictions of what they look like, varies 'abilities' and such, but one thing they are agree on is needing the blood of mortals, sometimes animals with do, and living forever. With as many cultures that have a myth as such, it's more likely that there is is something out there that inspired those myths all across the world, then there not being."

He likes this girl- woman he corrected.

"what makes you think I would want to a vampire?" she refused to look at him, but instead presenting to read a book.

"That blush and longing look in your eyes."

"Rubbish." She continued to stare at her kindle, clicking to flip to the next page.

"So what are you reading?" He leaned forward to look over her shoulder, smirking at the title which she had failed to turn of the screen before he saw it.

"None of your business." She stuffed it into her bag.

"That was a Vampire novel."

"Your point?"

"You completely want to be turned." he smirked again, leaning closer. "you find me attractive, and that scene where he was bitting that girl, you found it erotic." he paused, his lips brushing against her ear. "I can smell it."

She leaped away, "Your creepy, did you know that?"

"Okay, yeah I admit, that last bit was unnecessary, but I am still right. You want to become a Vampire." he was amused and throughly enjoying himself. She was fun to tease.

"It may have crossed my mind." she turned away, trying not to blush.

He leaned forward, brushing her hair from her neck, hovering above her neck. "I could."

She resisted leaned against him, instead pulling away. "No"

"Why, you want it?"

"Because I don't know you, for starters and the act is very intamate. secondly what if you are lying, I may have my bad days, but I don't want to die. I have yet to travel overseas and there is still so much to see and learn and what if you just kill me? and third, I have 't questioned you on the details."

He raised an eyebrow, "details?"

"the truth behind the multitudes of myths, what parts are right, what parts are dead wrong, and what are the half truths. I not going to step into such a drastic life altering decision just because I have fantasied about it since I was 4."

"Since you were 4?" that caught him off guard, she was more of a fangirl then she let on, she maybe a fangirl, but at least she was nothing like those tween Cullen fans. The thought made him cringe at memories.

"Yeah, so." she blushed, shifting nervously.

"You knew about Vampires when you were four years old? Where did you learn about them?"

"I don't know, or don't remember, I was four, but I distinctly remember a sleepover at my friends for her birthday and we decided I was a Vampire and she was a werewolf because of the shape of our canines."

"at four?"


"Your weird."

"You Mr. That's-just-sauce-from-dinner Vampire, are calling me weird." she laughed, placing her hand on his kneel as she doubled over laughing.

"Well you want me bad and you know it." again, what kind of come back was that.

"I think it's the other way around."

He gave her a mock glare. "Fine, ask."

She raised an eyebrow, "Ask what?"

"Your questions for the truth behind the myth." he paused, "you already know I drink blood."

"You have a supersniffer and your eyes glow."

"Oops, I usually pay better attention about my eyes. I guess I have been distracted lately." he leaned close, making a move for her neck.

She rolled her eyes, and blocked his path with her hand.

"You know that wouldn't really stop me."

"So super strength too?"

"Yeah, but your so petit I don't need it to over power you." he patted her on the head, "I am still not sure I believe you are over 18. I am worried I've been flirting with a high-schooler."

She smack him on the arm.

"You dare hit a Vampire, are you crazy?!"


To be continued?

Story two: possible title: Baffled (not likely to stick)

(notes: this is probably, pg13? There is some.. Not completely adult, nothing really described, or more, hmmm. There is heavy petting, I think is the best why to describe it and it's only like short two paragraphs)

This wasn't something she would normally do, go home with some stranger she met at dinner. That wasn't her, but she would never regret that night.

She giggled, a little tipsy from the two rum shots and a large hot buttered rum, enough to know what she was doing, but blushed and easily influenced.

His eyes, that's what really drew her in, that's what called to her, what made her walk up to him at the bar in the restaurant after her dinner alone, having kicked her blind date to the curb not long after he arrived. She had no idea why she had let her friend talk her into that and oh, was she going to get an ear full tomorrow.

But there he was, hair light orange and pulled back into a low long pony tale, reminded her of Lestat as played by Tom Cruise, and maybe that was the reason in her buzzed state that made her want to talk to him. He screamed vampire, he looked like Lestat and her light alcohol dazed demand at least a good snog from Lestat in a three piece suit.

He watched her watch him, as she downed another rum shot, she made her way to him. He eyed her up and down, short deep red hair, dyed, and brilliant icy eyes. In a simple grey shirt, black scarf and a good winter military styled jacket. The tint of rose on her pale freckled cheeks was cute, but what really made her adorable was her height of 5ft. But she was clearly of age, by the shot she downed.

Taking one sip of his wine, he gave her his best sheepish grin and set the glass on the counter, giving her his full attention as she slid onto the bar stool beside him. Tonight's meal came to him, and he wasn't going to argue with his luck. Though it was a shame, she was beautiful almost didn't want to let that beauty go. You could preserve it, but no, like everyone else he had turned for company, all killed themselves, his attempt to preserve her beauty wouldn't last long.

"Hello" he greeted, brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear, with a light touch and he could see the way she shivered in wanting.

"Hello, I am Natalie." she grinned shyly and looked away, ordering another rum shot from the bartender.


"I-" she stammered, and looked down at her shot, pausing for only a moment before she downed it for courage. "To be honest, I don't know what to say." she set the glass down, it disappeared in moments as the bartender walked by. "Your Hansom, and I want to kiss you." she covered her mouth, shocked at herself, blurting out before he could respond. "I am sorry." she laughed at herself. "I think it's obvious now that I don't try and pick up guys very often." she shook her head at herself. "I didn't even attempt a cheesy pick up line, couldn't even think of one."

He chuckled, taking a sip from his wine and letting her babble for a minute before setting his glass down and sliding off the bar stool, holding his hand out to her. "It's perfect, you saved me from using a bad pick up line on you."

She took his hand and slid off her stool.

He leaned down near her ear, his breath tickling it. "I would have to agree, I would love a kiss from one so beautiful, but I prefer somewhere more private for that."

Her voice caught in her throat, and she nodded. Beautiful?


She sat down on the couch, and in a moment he was on top of her, one knee between her legs. One hand exploring her neck and then down to her chest, the other planted on the back of the couch for support.

She feverishly kissed back, her hands in his hair pulling him close. I am snogging Lestat how sexy is this, was really the last coherent thought she had.

He kissed his way down her jawline and to her neck, while his hand traveled down her pants and into them, bypassing the panties.

She moaned the moment he nipped her neck, but didn't break skin. "Please-" she attempted to speak, but his hands were rather distracting, and he moved to kiss her again. After a moment she broke the kiss, "Please, bite me again."

Oh, she liked being bitten, then he will deepen his bite, if a meal was going to beg like that, that how can a Vampire feel guiltily when she asks for it. He smirked down at her, eyes aglow and teeth sharpened. He didn't see the look of shock that quickly became lust before he turned to focus on her neck again, sinking his fangs into her neck.

"oh-oh gods" she cried as his fangs broke skin and she could feel him drinking. She tried to form a coherent thought, struggling, and too busy moaning.

His grip on her tightened as he drank deeply, grinding against her. He had never had anyone moan like this while feeding, it was a pleasant ego boost, then she said something and that made him stop before he killed her.

"Gods-" she moaned, trying to hold it back by bitting her lip, her grip loosened as she grew weaker from the loss of blood, but determined to hold him close. "I was right, your Lestat-" she leaned her head against his, refusing to release any way she could continue touching him, rubbing her cheek against his. "The Vampire Lestat." at those words he pulled away and she whimpered, "You stopped." her eyes were fogged and she placed her hands on his cheeks. Pulling him into another kiss and she could taste her own blood on his lips.

He was too shocked to pulled away at first, but after gathering his thoughts he broke away, looking down at her confused. "Your not screaming, you not scared." he tried to pull away, but she clung tightly with a rapidly weakening grip and though he could easily break it, he didn't want to hurt her. "Do you wish to die ?" though he realized the cruelness of the question, he had already taken too much, she was going to die.

She took a few breathes, it was hard to find the strength to breath. "Gods no." she paused, dragging up any strength she could find. "I am only 23, I haven't traveled the world yet, I haven't finished my books, I haven't studied enough, there is so much left to read." A tear slipped down her cheeks, and she placed her hand into his hair at the base on is neck, with a weak tug to say she wanted another kiss.

He didn't know what to say, she didn't have long, he indulged her wish and gave her a gentle kiss before pulling back.

She looked up at him as she began to shiver, "But I am dying in my ideal way, that I never thought would happen." she smiled at him, a true smile.

"Your dream death is by a Vampire?" he had met so called vampire obsessed freaks, but she didn't fit the typical profile, and most had it all wrong and he didn't feel one bit of guilt by just killing them.

She nodded, "Not that I want to die, but I can't expect a random vampire to-" she couldn't speak anymore, the loss of blood was too great, her eyes slid shut, all she could do was breath, but that was rapidly declining.

"you-" he didn't know how to respond. He had wanted, no had turned people before and they either gave him a no, or those who said yes, didn't understand and later killed themselves. "Do you want to join me?" he could hear her heart giving out, she was just about out of time, and at first he thought she was too far gone to hear him, then he saw her nod.

To be continued?

Page of other WOTDS
Page of other Short Stories-----

So what do you think? Which did you enjoy more? Or should I finish them both?

I am personally enjoy the first story more, the second was a inspired by the more lusty side of my obsession, the first is from my more logical and I really hopefully side of not wanting to be lumped with the typical Vampire fans, let alone the twilight fans. Vampire's shouldn't sparkle!

So the second might just stay a one shot, the first will at least have a lot more written at the very least. So now I have a erotic Vampire story (though I will have to add more adult-ness to it for fully get that theme) and a more comedy styled romance Vampire story added to my growing list of being determined to have all sorts of Vampire genre stories. Read 2012 incarnation inspiration post to understand that more.

But anyways. ^_^ two short stories prologues as a Christmas (holiday) present to my readers! I know they aren't Christmas themed, I hope you can forgive that. ^_^;

Like I said, I will edit this post when my
Computer can use internet again. So please excuse the lack of decent format.

So Merry Christmas and Happy holidays my dear readers! I hope you enjoyed your gifts!

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    -Also remember unless stated otherwise, these stories and drawings belong to me, I wrote/drew them, please respect that.
                                             ~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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