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"Our Milky Way Galaxy is but an atom of dust in an endless mansion, that in all of existence, has never been dusted." -Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

My Books & Projects

Quick look at the projects I am working on.

Modern Magic:
An epic fairy tale of vampiric proportions and magic.
Book 1 (Plot and lots of chapter written)
Book 2 (Just the basic plot idea-ish, one or two chapters have a few paragraphs)
Book 3 (Possible two sentence idea noted)

Collection of short stories on the topic of The Wonders of Vampiric Nature.
WOVaN Vol. 001: Published
WOVaN Vol. 002: Getting close-ish, few stories still need tweaking then major edit time.
WOVaN Vol. 003: Concept, few skeletons of stories started, and a few mostly finished stories.
WOVaN Vol. 004: Very early concept stories started

--Likely more WOVaN to be written over the years.

The Experimental Sons:
A Mad Scientist, a trio of Vampires and a few zombies thrown in- how is this not a mixture of fun? I am certainly having fun writing it.

Luminescence in the Darkness:
A short story being written to submit to Asimov Magazine.
(This story is completed, story wise. Now needs to be majorly edited and a little restructuring.)

A Vampire Romantic Comedy:
As the title says. This story is actually a movie script. I have almost all the dialogue written. I am writing it first as a script, then I will turn it into a novel. 
Part 1: Script nearly done, then it will be novelized
Part 2: still rather iffy 
Parts 3 & 4: still majorly just concept

Dreaming Reality:
^_~ Will be Nekodra K.D. LaCroix's story. One day it will be written down.

There are a few ideas in the works, but its too early to say anything.

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