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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello Internet >.> Some About Me

To the internet world, I am Nekodra K.D. LaCroix, but just call me Nekodra. I prefer my pen name. If I ever publish a book, I hope I can use that name and not my legal one. The image above is a small collage of me, its about a year old, but I look about the same.  In case your oddly curious about what I look like.

I thought I might try my hand with a blog, what mostly will be posted here are short stories I have written and perhaps some doodles here and there. I would like to write and have published some novels at some point in my life *crosses fingers* and I have been told by family I should do something with my art. I honestly don't think I have the skills for it. So many artist who far out shine me, but I enjoying and continue to draw non-the-less. I sorta of want to use this blog as a way to get honest feedback or comments on some of my stories. Or to just talk about writing, etc. Please don't be mean about my stories and also don't steal me stories. Thank You. I understand some people are just jerks- oh I know that well, you will simply be ignored.  There is a difference between just being an ass and honest criticism. Please, note that when you make a comment.

That's just a sketch from a week or so ago, I like it. I am mostly an abstract artist, but I like to try and draw people on occasion. I have gotten better over the years, but they are still iffy and I can really only draw the one person, my Oc Nekodra. Who yes, I have stolen my pen name from, because really she is basically me/better version of me.

I figure this first little post, I will do a more detailed 'About me' Which by the way, it does sort of bug me that the profile does not have a 'Favorite Show' section, there is always a favorite show section. So I am going to post that here. Which note, the first 5 aren't in an particular order, because well I honestly can't put one above the others:
Forever Knight, Psych, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Coupling, Red Dwarf, Farscape, Charmed, Firefly, Star Trek: TNG, Buffy/Angel, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch- (added later--> ) Now also Wizards of Waverly Place.

Movies, books, and such can be found in my profile if you are curious, I just had to post about favorite shows, mostly to make mention to Psych, because on that list is the only current running show, Doctor Who and Torchwood currently in-between seasons, although up coming is the Christmas special. I am on a major Psych 'high' I am just about to finish re-watching all 5 seasons and so far in season 6. (Currently watching Dual Spires as I type this) although I hear something about new Red Dwarf, so I am excite and curious about that.

What else? My next post (unknown when I will post) will be likely be a short story or two, I just want to flush them out some more before I post them. Oh, I don't know how this whole follow thing works on this site for the blog, but if people want, or something, here is Nekodra's Twitter account, if you follow me, I will be sure to tweet right after I post, with a link to my blog and such. Let me know if there are people who are seriously interested in that. Honestly I only use Twitter to stalk Psych and Doctor Who, mostly for the cast of Psych. I have only made two tweets and that was to Psych cast members, one was silly and I kind of want to take it back because I am embarrassed I said that to him. >.> I hope it got lost in the wave of tweets to him, because I am sure he gets a lot. Again, let me know if anyone is honestly interested in following me for the purpose of knowing when I make a post. 

Lets see....I am currently out of a job, so I know its not much but I hope I get lots of views simply to get a little cash from the ads on the page. >.<; *sigh* I have sorta lost the will to even try to get a job, I get a blinding headache whenever I think about filling out another application... But I am using all the free time, not simply to only re-watch Psych an insane amount of times, but semi-doodle practicing, and I am trying to work and flush/finish some stories. I have a idea for a novel series, which is heavily inspired by Psych, ( <.< it did start as a fanfic) but it has morphed into a story of its own, so I plan to re-work it some more, and change names and alter a few things enough to not be a complete Psych rip off. I already have ideas for the first 2 maybe 3 books. *crosses fingers* I am actually really enjoying writing it. I just hope I can finish it. I am currently stuck on where to go next on where I am currently at on the first book, but perhaps I can work on other parts of the book and go back to it. (I have decided its just not the same and will stay as a fanfic no one will ever see but me, and I started on some other stories.)

Hmm, Oh I am 22 1/2-ish, April I will be 23. My iPhone and I are attached to the hip, I love it and so many amazingly fun games, Angry birds (yes, I am addicted like the rest of the world), Dungeon Raid, Sneezies (so cuute), Jetpack Joyride, and many more. <.< The Psych app to get exclusive Psych videos. Still waiting to win that $200 amazon gift card from this one app.  Then I could get the other 4 Psych books and then the Doctor Who books I haven't gotten yet. I will win it. >.< because I don't have a job and I really want to read those books! Which if you are curious, <3 10th Doctor! He was my first and I am slowly working to watch the original seasons of Doctor Who.

I am probably boring you, I will stop, if you are curious to know anything else about me, just ask. I will likely answer, in fact I could at the end of every post answer a question or two about myself that has been asked of me. *shrug* Assuming any of you readers are remotely curious, doubtful, also assuming I get any readers...but just putting it out there. Also, if you want as a way for myself to practice, and maybe fun for you, the reader, give me a prompt to write, to stretch my fingers and type a story around it. I will post it, unless I really really hate how horrible it turned out. That could be fun, no?

Have a good night, I am going to go back to watching Psych and working on stories.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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