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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pineapplious Meltdown

Quick Addition: 1/22/12 3:45am
After taking a break and then looking at this sample of Modern Day Magic with a slightly different perspective, some of the description needs work... yeah its iffy. So try and keep that in mind, I know some the descriptions needs work, and also keep in mind its a WIP, so more look at the dialogue between the characters and the idea of the story, when reading the sample. ^_^;; But again, any feedback at all really is welcome, be gentle but also do tell me whats bad and what could use work. And I realized there are a few silly typos I didn't catch before I posed this, but they have now been fixed on the document on my computer. 


I have to admit, I am rather sad the Snowpocalypse has ended. It was a beautiful fun few days. But I also love the rain and it's still winter with summer a long ways off, so I am happy about that. Though it is nearing my birthday-ish (April 10th) and that also means Sakura-con is just around the corner. Sweet! Three day pass is secured, along with a hotel room with friends. I can't wait to see my friends, to see the sweet cosplays, >.> to watch the Zapp's panel *swoon for that cosplayer moment* and to just have fun. ^_^!

I felt maybe the sample of Modern Day Magic was too short to get an accurate reading on if it's a story you, my readers, would want to read. I figure the initial bare bones writing I posted: 
The 1st time Link 
The 2nd time Link 
Went longer into the story. Then the last post:
The 3rd time Link 
There has also been some more editing in this section of the story since the Snowpocalypse post. So here is pretty much the first chapter-ish: 

Modern Day Magic
By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix
(2,269 words)

Once upon a time.....

     'No fucking way, your a goddamn Vampire!' Ember covered her mouth in shock of her own outburst and at swearing to a stranger. That wasn't like her, well talking out loud in general really wasn't like her. Ember was more an observer and its not like swearing was out of the ordinary, it was just rare and certainly not around people she just met, well just saw. Who is a Vampire no less.
     Amber (Ember) Roslin Snow, a college student. Bit on the lonely side but doesn't really notice. She throws herself in other worlds, in writing, in drawing, in reading, in watching. Low on friends, or close friends, single; was simply walking home from today's classes. The streets were empty with the pitter patter of light Washington rain that in this early October chill was leaving the streets a little slick with crumpled crunching abandoned fiery hued leaves. The trees mostly bare and shivering in the autumn breeze.
     Thursday's schedule was as followed: First of the afternoon an hour of creative writing, a 45 minute break then 2 hours of graphic design. Then home, dinner, study then the debate of which show to marathon of until sleep takes over. But sometimes the universe throws something at you, you hoped but never honestly thought would happen.
     About a block or two always from home Ember happen to glance sideways slightly to the right. This small but important tilt to the side resulted in catching movement out of the corner of her eye and there he was; her childhood (adulthood) 'If you could be a superhero who would you be?' Pfft superhero, open that to supernatural creatures so I can answer Vampire; standing before her.
     Excitement sort of bubbled and took over, which resulted in her cursing at the guy. Way to make a great first impression, smeghead. Inwardly she winced at herself. And I should lay off that RD marathon. Perhaps a break from BBC in general. I am not British. I probably shouldn't pick up the mannerisms.
     Mentally she scoffed at the thought. That isn't going to happen. I love 10th Doctor too much to not go through those seasons now and again- speaking of which mental note: it has been too long, time for a 10th Doctor marathon perhaps?-
     She tsk'd herself. What am I doing debating with myself and making plans for the future? An actual blood-loving-creature-of-the-night -Vampire- is standing in front of me and I am arguing with myself about my love of a certain incarnation of a Timelord and my odd crush on a Hologram with my bad habit of picking up mannerisms from a culture I don't belong to. Have I lost my mind?
     Mentally she was pacing around her own head and paused to add. I take that back, arguing with myself is probably better then the possibility of going all Harper on him for the love of his species. Keep your head and wits, and with any luck he won't kill you before you can weasel your way into finding out the facts about vampires and a way to get him to turn you if the truth isn't too much of a let down--
     She paused to take in what the vampire was doing and why he wasn't dragging her to her death, which while she is relived over, still unsure what she was arguing with herself with a vampire standing before her. Smart Ember, smart. Go space cadet with a Vampire in front of--Is he giving me the once over?..Is that a flirtatious smirk?
     She could feel her cheeks flush. I am a lost cause. Ah, bloody hell; he has blue eyes, long hair, and is a vampire. I am going to end up putty in his hands no matter how hard I try to fight it. Vampire equals win.

     Meanwhile Cole smirked, amused. Of all people she didn't seem the type who would have paid much attention to stories or movies about my kind. The smirk lingered on his lips as he took in the details.
     Both hands were covering her mouth, a cross of shock and awe etched over her pale and lightly freckled ruby cheeks. Unsure if the rosy color was from the winter chill or emotions. Probably both. Burnt auburn hair was pulled back with a few loose strains framing her face. Even in the faintly lit street with his eyes it was easy to spot the stark difference where the roots had started growing out her natural light wispy brown with a hint of orange in the right light.
     Her eyes.
     Her eyes stood out with their icy blue, almost crystal depth. The only thing that could make her eyes anymore beautiful would be the addition of iridescence. Or green. He had a thing for green eyes. In those iced orbs, he could see the way she was looking at him with wavering belief and couldn't help but note the wide eyed hope mixed with fear.     Interesting.
     Ember was simply dressed in a gray baby doll styled shirt, which he couldn't help notice how tight it fit on her frame; in the chest area. She had curve to her hips, and a little bit of pudge to her stomach, probably from too many energy drinks and sodas for the caffeine boost to get through the day after a late night. The image on the shirt couldn't be pieced together due to the black fuzzed scarf that was wrapped loosely around her neck. A black and blue styled hat that's often associated with artists, only with a little more poof to it and a few buttons scattered on one side, a patch with a mouth biting a ruby red lower lip in the center of them. Moving down he noticed the silver ankh and star earrings dangling among her hair. The pants she wore looked like black men's cargos with the large pockets and a bit of bagginess from the lack of proper size for her frame. Snug in a nice military styled black coat with several pockets, it also looked like it was also men's due to the square cut it had.
     The black messenger bag at her side, looked like it had be painted and doodled on, probably not from the factory; clung to her shoulder with weight to it and didn't seem to like to stay where it was because forcing her to fidget and replace it farther up her shoulder each time it tried to inch down. She looked like a college student or senior year of high school, the weight probably from textbooks, a laptop, and from the bit of paint on her hands, some sketchbooks.
     Cole chuckled when her blush deepened after she realized he was giving her the look over. Ember took a nervous step forward as he spoke; answering her outburst accusation.
"What would give you such a silly preposterous idea?" He crossed his arms.
She merely pointed to the partly visible open toe heeled foot that poked out from behind the garbage container that blocked part of the alley way. Coughing to clear her through before she could speak again.
     "That and the trickle of blood, right here, on your lips." pointing to her own to indicate where on his lips it clung. Good, haven't thrown myself at him yet. I'd say I deserve a pat on the back for that. --I could swim in those blue pools...and cue cliché. She tore herself from his eyes and watched to see if she could catch a glimpse of fangs when he replied.
She is intriguing indeed.
     "That's absurd" He really did damn this day and age sometimes as he kicked the foot out of view. What happened to the days were sure people had heard myths of the demons so called Vampires (Or the multitude names over many cultures and languages)? They used to scream and run. Beg for salvation from the devil. Now he finds damn groupies or people who no longer scared due to over exposure in the movies. (With exceptions of course) and while it can make things easy for prey when they don't run. Some with an obsession drove their life and not only that, but they had it all wrong. He had never met a Vampire who didn't enjoy life to it's fullest, and these harped on about some dribble on lonely path of eternity, forever brooding. Screw that, if I am living forever, I am going to enjoy myself, travel, and have all the time in the world to study varies topics and ologies.
     But they were an easy meal, most of them didn't actually want to live forever, but instead were suicidal. He was sure no one actually missed them. But this girl, is an oddity. She not only knows what I am, isn't running away screaming, but also isn't throwing herself at me begging to die in my arms.
     He licked his lip to remove the blood before speaking again.
     "It's just a bit of sauce-from dinner." Not a lie. That definition of sauce was what; a thick liquid poured over your meal, or sometimes inside? Blood is a thick liquid and it was dinner.
     "Yeah, sauce called blood and dinner consisting of death." She took a few more steps forward, craning her neck to look at the body, not realizing how close she was now standing to him.
     "Cause that doesn't suspiciously look like bite marks on her neck and at least according to crime shows; that unnatural paleness is a sign of massive blood loss and I don't see any pools of it on the ground." Ember looked up at him with a look that dared him to explain that.
     I really need to lay of the crime shows, she thought to herself, was that even true? I can't remember. I am pretty sure they mention the skin color, though what was that even called, when there is extreme loss of blood? She tried to conjure up a mental video, particularly of Ducky from NCIS because that was the most recent she had seen and while recalling a still image of the scene, but couldn't recall the words used. Screw it, I will look it up later.
     “Or much on her neck, where the wound is.” That's true at least, you'd think there would be more blood on the neck from wounds that looks that deep. He's a neat eater- drinker, at least.

     He stifled a laugh when he noticed her height compared to his 6ft to her 5'1, though that one inch was probably from her shoes, now that she was standing right in from of him.
     "Well your short." he cringed, what was that?
     "Your just a child with an over active imagination, Vampires don't exist." He added. Yeah, that was a great comeback, your over 200 years old and that’s the best you can come up with the deny what I am?
     She glared, "I am 23, and there is a kernel of truth to every myth. All around the world, almost every culture has a myth that involves Vampires. Different names, different depictions of what they look like, various 'abilities' and such, but one thing they all agree on is needing the blood of mortals, sometimes animals with do, and living forever. Well except one book series, but still several hundred years is quite a feat compared to our maybe 100 at best, record at 114, but average is what, 80, 70? I don't know for sure, but with as many cultures that have a myth as such, it's more likely that there is is something out there that inspired those myths all across the world, then there not being."
     He liked this girl- woman he corrected. I think I will follow her home. But first I'll need to be sure and eat again, or I won't be able to control myself around her. Cole licked his lips, his fingers gave a twitch at his side.
     “Interesting view point, but doesn't prove anything.” He commented. Come on, be smart about this, say you didn't actually see with holding the girl. I don't want to have to kill you.
     “I think that body does.” She pointed to it again, though now that the foot was moved, she was actually pointing at a rather smelly garbage container that she didn't even what to think about the coating of unknown filth that scattered along the metal surface. She winkled her nose at it, breathing through her mouth. Uck, I want out of this alley way, I think I am going to be sick to my stomach. She winkled her nose again and focused back on Cole pretending the container wasn't there.
     “Who says I have anything to do with this, perhaps I happened upon this poor deceased women and I was planning to call it in before you shouted, Vampire? Hmm?” He raised an eyebrow,
Come on.
     “By the fact that she was in your arms up until I cried, Vampire.” I should probably put my foot in my mouth, I probably should have said; yeah you have a point there. Should have denied it, smegger.
     Cole pitched the bridge of his nose and took a few steps back, pulling Ember with him. Leaning down he whispered harshly in her ear.
     “I gave you the perfect set up to deny what you saw.” He didn't relinquish his grip on her upper arm and felt guilty for the look of fear that flash across her eyes.


Remember, still a work in process. I tried to mostly fix up this part before posting it, but I may have missed things.

And for those curious, I have worked on some over my other stories here is sort of a process update on the ones I have worked on in the past few days:
Modern Day Magic: 8,969 words
This what I mainly have been working on. I have 6+ separate scenes that I know I want to happen and I am slowly flushing out those scenes and filling in gaps to tie them all together, while giving the scenes more volume.
To Hell with it: 2,719 words
Now instead of three broken up pieces its almost completely filled it, just a little more to tie part 2 and 3 together, and then work on part 4, aka the end. Admittedly I could make part 3 the ending and add something between 2 and 3 to fill the story out more. Still unsure exactly what I want to do. ^_^;
Of the Deep End: 2,323 words
I have worked on it a little, but its no where near done.
I am starting to get really attached to Modern Day Magic with grandiose dreams for it. I want to try and make it sort of a collection so to say of stories with these guys, in hopes maybe one day it could be a show or something in the long away future. >.<# Which worries me, the more proud I feel about this the harder it will be when it falls flat. Cause I am assuming that will happen. I would like some serious comments and criticisms. I am looking too far ahead and that's going to start hindering any real process. I need to step back and perhaps work on odd spots or something. Idk. But its my current baby and I would love honest thoughts, crush my ego -not too roughly- but a little.

On some other notes: 
Half way there fellow Pysch-O's! Just a little over a month till we are back to watching new Shawn Pineapplious Shenanigans! Shatner comes back at some point and other awesome guess stars are appearing. I personally am crossing my fingers for more Marlowe. I like the sound of an episode called Heeeere's Lassie. I don't recall why, but I remember Timothy Omundson talking about it a few times over twitter, if I recall and also the title helps sell it, its a Lassie centered episode. Love for Lassieface! There is also apparently a Indiana Jones episode. Then also, that means season 6 is nearing its end, which means we are that much closer to the glorious Psych Musical episode! *Bouncing on toes with excitement*

Also, its getting harder and harder to be patient for Red Dwarf X. Not till September. I think I need to go and have a Red Dwarf marathon again to scratch that itch. ^_^; Love for Rimmer! I follow Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) and Danny John-Jules (The Cat), along with the official Red Dwarf twitter, so all these teasers of Red Dwarf while awesome, is also taking the cake on "I see you shiver with antici......!" (Tim Curry, RHPS). In September when I watch the first episode and if I remember, I will end that quote. <.< Its a love/hate relationship following them on twitter. Plus have you seen the videos they put up? Its brilliantly cruel, talking about the cameras and such, because they don't want to spoil anything, so they aren't actually going to show anything, but odd angles and the tiniest glimpse of the stage, the audience seating, and an actor or two. Its mean, but also hilarious. Same with some pictures they have posted.

Okay, I think I have talked enough for today. ^_^;;; Here are the ending side notes and off to work more on Modern Day Magic:

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--If you have never seen Psych and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! Currently on a mid-season break and will return on Leap year, Feb. 29th 2012. So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6. Seasons 1-5 are on Netflix. Also, YAY officially confirmed for a 7th season!

--Also if you have never seen Red Dwarf it’s a great British Sci-fi comedy, and a new season after many years will air September 2012 for Red Dwarf X. So excited they are currently filming, can’t wait! Seasons 1-9 on Netflix.

--If you enjoy silly Disney shows <.< me, a 22 year old is currently loving Wizards of Waverly Place. Netflix has the entire show, but for the show ending episode. Yes, sadly the show has ended. Its silly and Disney, but I am loving it. <3 David Henrie a.k.a Justin Vincenzo Pepe Russo, which is a super fun name to say.  Netflix also has the movie.

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