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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lemony Delicious Inspiration

Modern Day Magic Progress:
I just have to say and my friends have also said it. They/I am proud of myself with this story. Its become my new baby, sorry Dreaming Reality your going to be on the back burner for a while, though its always sort on the back burner. I have ideas and such but its not quite...I am not a point to really write it. Perhaps someday. Though the more I delve into Modern Day Magic, the more I can sort of...commandeer aspects from Dreaming Reality into Modern Day Magic and then just sort of toss the rest to the side.  

Modern Day Magic is really coming together.

I have confirmed with myself that this will be a series of books. There is just so much I want and can do with this story so long as I play with it right. There is so much potential here, but also its a challenge. I have a currently minor character, who is a Detective and his personality needs to be serious. The book is overall planning to be humorous, but there will need to be some serious parts and there should be a serious character. Which is going to be so hard for me. Writing a serious character, oh gods... >.< But that's a good thing, you want a little challenge, right? ^_^; 

So remember how I said I had an ending written, but now that I have gotten to know the character, I don't know if I can end it like that? Well I have decided but you will have to just read the books and see what you think.

I have a question:

So I know I want this book to take place in Washington, because Washington is what I know, the weather and the way it looks, etc. I have grown up here, nearly 23 years and I love it here. My character loves it here, because she also has live here all her life, like me <.<;; She absolutely loves Washington and its rain, its what we know, its what we enjoy.

The question and problem I have is: where town wise does it take place? Because I don't know if I can really pick that, so should I just pick a town, or make up a town? Would making up a town be too weird?

I am leaning towards making up a town, I think it would be easiest for me. Then I can also shape it to how I want it to look, because honestly as far as I know the image in my head so far of how the town looks isn't any town I know. Also then I can justify making up a college and its name, along with the local high school and such. So its completely my own world if you know what I mean, just located in Washington. ^_^;;; What are your thoughts? 

Here is the word count progress for Modern Day Magic:

17,093 - so far today

Nearly half way to the requirement to be a novel. I am still really excited and I am loving working on this story. I think when it is finish, its probably going to be one of the most...I don't know really what to say. Satisfying thing I have achieved to date? I am really eager to see what happens. To see where I can really take this story. I hope that if I am this eager to see where I can take this journey to, where it could go- I hope that really translates over to when others read it. That's the fun in reading something right? You try and guess where its going, you try and see as far ahead as you can, the shock of unexpected turns, twists? Seeing the characters grow, feeling a connection, a relation to them? Crying with them, laughing with them? That's why you read- to take a journey, an adventure to a destination you don't yet know.

A cooking moment completely off topic & random:

1) All cut, but the beef & ready to cook.
2) Addition of the eggs
I don't really like to cook and I don't really have much cooking skills. But I have to say I can make one thing from scratch that I completely made myself without any cooking recipes. I don't know if something like it already exists, probably does. But Damn, I am eating it right now and it just tastes so good. Admittedly, I would hope so seeing as I made it and its has all ingredients I enjoy, because why would I put something I don't like it in? lol. The final product may not look like much, but its full of delicious flavor, at least to me.
3) Cooked Eggs turn it white-ish
1) Its been marinating in the fridge and I obviously can't eat that all in one day, so the longer it takes to work through it, the longer its gets to marinate. Yummy.
4) In the bowl, just has to cool.
2) Meat and such has been cooking a bit, so the addition of the eggs. because I love eggs and they are also delicious. Also I have to say at this step, it looks the most visually appealing.
3) The eggs have started to cook and this is when my soup thingy starts to get the weird color that makes you wonder if its going to taste good, spoilers, it does.
4) All done and ready to eat, well once it cools down a bit. I like my yokes runny, that's what that yellow blob is.

Is it egotistical to absolutely love what I made? >.<; I don't even know what to call it, I just refer to it as my Meat Marinate. I should give it a name. Its not always soup like, it depends on my mood. Its cold out and the broth its really tasty, so I decided to see if it works as like a soup and it did!

Hmm, possible names. Lemon Beef Soup? Lemony Love? Lemony Thyme? I think I like the name, Lemony Thyme. Yes, I think its settle. I shall call my concoction Lemony Thyme.

Here an awesome music video: 

Hayley posted over twitter that she wants to try and get her song 'Hunting man' to 100,000 views and I am helping by sharing it here, because I love this song. I wish I could download it, I want to put it on my iPhone playlist. (About 10+ views are just from me listening to this song several times today. <.<;)

My reply to comments:
^_^; Well I don't want to load it up, so to say. I maybe okay with swears, but there is a line, a limit to swears per sentence or paragraph, where its just..not needed. But I don't see the harm in tossing a few once in a while. They are just words and everyone takes them differently, defines they just a little differently based of their experiences. I would like to think a few swears thrown in, even if someone isn't partial to liking them, would still read the book if they enjoy the rest of it.

Side notes:
Well today was quite a range of topics. ^_^;; Here are the side notes and have a wonderful day. I am going to go work some more on Modern Day Magic and watch more Doctor who before the Magic the Gathering: Dark Ascension Pre-release tonight! So excited! I can't wait! *bounces* Funfunfun!

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  1. Ha, I was just kidding about loading it up with swears. :)

    As for where to set the story, anywhere but Forks. I hate that place. :p