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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Forgotten Rose


Sorry, I got distracted by friends I haven't seen in a long time. I have been bad and I haven't written anything sense I posted on new years. Heh. ^_^; But, that's okay, I should write every day, but taking a day off or two isn't that bad so long as I don't make a habit out of it. But, possible luck on jobs, keep your fingers crossed for me!

So here is todays, WOTDS:

Jan. 3rd 2012

Loke (Hawaiian)- A Rose
Conservare (Latin)- To preserve
An beal (Irish)- The mouth
Tani (Polish)- Cheap
Di ung (Vietnemese)- Allergy
Lekhiika (Hindi)- Writer
(Korean)- Face, features, looks

Writers Forgotten Rose

The room came into view, rustic, old, forgotten in time. Paintings of fantastical worlds hung, once of bright colors, now some were sideways, some rested where they fell, faded, ripped. Everything was in layers of dust, and that dust had a layer of dust, but for a patch in front of a broken mosaic window of blues and golds from the wind that breezed through. 

There was one thing in the room, that time preserved, a ruby rose hung in the air, slowly turning with a slight bob..|

The writer pause, unsure, wavering with the idea of what should come next. Should it suddenly wilt, breaking, the head of the rose snapping off and falling to the unforgiving ground below? Perhaps, the dust should stir, whirl up in a vicious breeze, sending the rose hurling into the wall, the spell snapping, and the rose aging in seconds becoming another layer of dust on the crackled stone floor?

Suddenly the writers face scrunched up unbecoming, hand hoovering to partly cover her face, and then sneezed violently, with a curse to allergies. 
Though she was typing on her laptop, cozy and relaxed on the couch, she had a cheap BIC pen dangling from her mouth, partly chewed, fiddling with in one hand, glaring at the computer screen. 
With a sigh, she saved the document, and with a grumble closed the laptop pushing it off to the side, still glaring at it, chin resting in the palm of her hands.

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It may not be much of a story, but what matters is that I wrote something. WOTDS is just an exercise to make sure I write and to help inspire something to write. It doesn't have to be epic, or really a plot, just to practice, to set a mood, to paint a picture. Normally I like to write about Nekodra, to help actually write Dreaming Reality, but just could think of anything with these words. 

 Oh, I feel like pimping a fellow blogger. A Legend in the Making That's her blog, she doesn't have many post yet, but here is a link to a post that has a lovely micro-fiction story, that I personally enjoyed and maybe you will too. Trip Down Memory Lane

So I hope you enjoy that, I will do my best to not slip on writing again, and to work on stories I should finish. That was part of my New Years resolutions after all. So here are the side notes and have a wonderful night!

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--If you have never seen Psych, and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! Currently on a mid-season break and will return on Leap year, Feb. 29th 2012. So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6.

--Also if you have never seen Red Dwarf it’s a great British Sci-fi comedy, and a new season after many years will air September 2012 for Red Dwarf X. So excited they are currently filming, can’t wait!

-- Please remember feedback, I can’t grow as a writer from silence.

--Also remember unless stated otherwise, these stories and drawings belong to me, I wrote/drew them, please respect that.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix


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