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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Delicious excitement explosion

I just can't contain myself and I must exclaim my excitement somehow and that's sharing it with you, my readers!

(Oh and obviously I did not draw that image, that I got from twitter which is the final image of the puzzle pieces we were given over Twitter before the announcement.) 

Edit: I realized I forgot to link a few things, I fixed that >.>

Psych has been officially picked up for its seventh season!! And we will be getting our promised musical, and Tim Curry returns!!! (being that Rocky horror picture show is in my top three favorite movies, I can say I love Tim Curry and the ep. American Duos is one of my favorites) I am bubbling over with excitement! Still have have over a month before season 6 starts up again, but I am head over heels happy about seventh season!

Here is a Link to the awesome reveal from James Roday (Shawn) and Dule' Hill (Gus) watch it, if your a Psych-O you'll love it.

Here is a Link to the article about 7th season! It's short and if your a psych-O you start bubbling with excitement too about all this!

I wonder what delicious flavor they may have in store for the 100th episode? The article says season 7 will have 16 episodes, the current number is at 88 according to so that means they will have their 100th episode in the 7th season. They have to do something pineappleliously epic, right? I can't wait, have I told you my love for the number 7 and 14? This just makes my love grow, I am so unbelievably eager for the musical episode!

Okay, enough about psych for the non-Psych-O readers I have and on to my writing.

I haven't posted in a while because I have been working on my stories I intend to publish, so those I don't want to post on the internet. I plan to publish those. And I don't want to post without a short story because that's the point of my blog, to post my random short stories and writing exercises for peer review and tips.

Speaking of tips, I have started reading this really awesome 101 Writing tips by Travis Thrasher link to amazon about the book. I just bought it, after reading the sample on my kindle. And I plan to read more after I post this. I personally recommend it, also Orson Scott card does amazing fiction writing tip books as well, link to his amazon. I also recommend those and his Ender series.

Now I need to scramble for a short story to share, I will return: 25 mins later
Yeah, this was the story I started for yesterdays WOTDS and I just edited and finished it.

January 9th 2012

Harcelement (French)- Harassment
Guileless- Without cunning; innocent
Ashlar- Squared stone used in building walls.
Dubitare (Latin)- to hesitate, to waver

“Ha, that’s funny!” Dr. Nianna Rosa Lerox doubled over laughing, after a moment she took some deep breaths to calm herself and stood back up again, trying to keep a straight face. “Oh, that’s cute, you think I am guileless.” She smirked, a suddenly and unnerving change from the honest and innocent smile her lips had been forming just moments before.

That gave him pause. “What do you mean?” he backed away, unsure, scared. This petite women terrified him. They had just shared a wonderful dinner, that he had spared no expense on and he didn't make that much, he sat pretty average when it comes to wages, but he was always taught to treat a girl well.

“Is anyone really innocent?” She smirked, she had to admit, perhaps her power was getting to her, but why not have a little fun now and again. Normally she just killed them and was done, not that she had killed may yet, but she didn't really play with them, didn't want to risk it. But it she had to admit, this was fun.

“What the hell, are you crazy?” he bumped into the stone wall behind him, he was trapped, with some insane chick.

“Insanity is pretty relative.” She chided, placing her hands on either side of his shoulders on the square stone wall, feeling the rough cold texture on her fingers. “In fact, in a few moments, you'll probably start believing your the crazy one, so far that's been the case.” She grinned at the memories, and it fascinated her that so far out of the 5 she had killed, there had been 5 completely different reactions to knowing they were about to die, but all clearly struggled for at least a second with the thought, 'Have I gone mad?'. 

“Wha-?” Then his eyes widen and he did, for a moment wonder, have I gone mad? Before his world shuttered and burst with pain. He panicked, he could feel his body surge and his heart raced, loud and painful in his chest. He eyes stopped working, he saw nothing but the burned image of a creature that was killing him. As cliché as the the images was, fire red eyes and two sharp canine teeth, and that’s when he registered such pale skin, normally its not something you noticed being Washington, you rarely saw the sun, so why would such pale skin raise any flags here?

He could feel the grip on his shoulders, he knew this petite creature was far stronger, but he could feel his life fading, he could feel the blood as it left his neck, and he could almost swear his soul was being devoured, but in the base need to survive, the most primal ache, and the despite fear of death of becoming nothing, he clawed with his last strength, with futile effects to escape, and with his last thought, Maybe people should respect such old myths.
Then he was gone.


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Is it too egotistical to get chills from your own stories? Cause the ending to that did. 

That was Ms. Nianna Rosa Lerox, and some unnamed dude. Nianna is from the story I am working on titled Off the Deep End. One of several stories I hope to publish one day. I figured it can't hurt to post this, its such a short snip-it and the words worked too well and I finally have a scene with her killing someone. I haven't actually written much on this story yet, but I wasn't quite sure how to treat her killing someone and now I have something and I think it fits her pretty well. 

What do you think?

I think I have yammered on enough to you for today. Now to go back to watching more Wizards of Waverly Place on Netflix and finding out about dinner, because I am starving. Have a wonderful night and please, someone review, someone have any tips? Honestly, I am posting here because I would like peer review, and I am not asking for undeserved pats on the butt, criticism. I know I am not perfect, and hell I know I have comma issues, I am sure there are still several errors despite how many times I re-read my stories. 

Anyways, have a wonderful night! Here are the side notes:

--Follow me on Twitter, because I will tweet every time I post on my blog and I will post a link. Nekodra's Twitter and remember Sharing is Caring, re-tweet to your friends if they might enjoy this.

--If you have never seen Psych, and you love comedies or crime shows, I highly recommend it! Currently on a mid-season break and will return on Leap year, Feb. 29th 2012. So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6. Seasons 1-5 are on Netflix.

--Also if you have never seen Red Dwarf it’s a great British Sci-fi comedy, and a new season after many years will air September 2012 for Red Dwarf X. So excited they are currently filming, can’t wait! Seaons 1-9 on Netflixs.

-- Please remember feedback, I can’t grow as a writer from silence.

--Also remember unless stated otherwise, these stories and drawings belong to me, I wrote/drew them, please respect that.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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  1. You have a bit of a problem with run on sentences. I can go more in depth if you like.