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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dreaming with Starry Eyes

"You have to dream big while bracing for a possible fall, right?" -Nekodra

Jimmy Fallon (Image from google)
I am so giddy and excited! I finally thought of so many scenes for what I have decided to call: A Vampire Romantic Comedy. Its simple and to the point. I actually have dialogue now! I like to think its funny. It makes me laugh, does that count?
Well it also amused my boyfriend, so hopefully its decent. He already has a favorite character. Yay!

Goals this weekend: 
-Continue adding scenes to A Vampire Romantic Comedy
-Continue restructuring Luminescence in the Darkness
-Work on WOVaN vol. 01 if I get both samples. back

A Vampire Romantic Comedy:
I do still wish I could work with Seth Meyers or just a comedian to help make it funnier. I say Seth Meyers, because I know (according to his Imdb) that he is a Head writer on SNL. But really, I think anyone from SNL would be fun to work with. Hence also why 4 of the dream cast members are/or were once on SNL.

Jason Sudeikis and Seth Meyers on SNL (image from google)
Speaking of dream cast members, I added another. Here is how it currently looks for My Dream Cast:
Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, David Tennant, Timothy Omundson, Jimmy Fallon, Jason Sudeikis and me as main love interest's best friend. ^_^

Though things could change, turns out the character I was working with David Tennant in mind took some odd turns and now I might swipe Bill Hader's as the actor and David Tennant's will get Bill's original character. >.< So there is shuffling and changing, but for the most part I want to have those as my dream cast members. So I will need to think of something so David Tenannt is still there, because I am unsure if I will be keeping Bill's original character. I hope that isn't confusing, half the characters still don't have names and the other half, are only partly fully finalized.We will see how it goes.

Regardless I am making leaps and bounds in the story! That makes me happy. I am first writing it as a script and then I am going to adapt it to a novel and my goal is to have it published by February, we will see how it turns out too. That should be enough time. I have the plot written out, its just a matter of filling in those gaps and thinking of funny one liners. I have a few. Teehe, I am rather proud of a MineCraft pick-up line I created. That whole conversation is one big 'Nerd Alert!' which makes me giddy and double over with laughter. /sing "...Nerds are sexy and you know it.." /shot

Speaking of changing words in songs, I am loving working as a game tester. Though... There are frustrations just like any other job. I won't say details, NDA and all. But I will say, we need to make a Testers soundtrack. lol, we have broken into song, changing words to ones that apply to game testing more then once. I love the people I work with! Work days are full of laughter and nerd. Its heaven.

WOVaN I believe I mentioned was finished story wise, now is major edit time. I am so excited! Because of the subject matter, I am shooting to have it ready and on Amazon by October. Which feels so far away, but that is what I am shooting for. The cover art hasn't been started yet, so I'd have to wait on that anyways. Plus I can't afford my new laptop till next payday (Thorsday! so close! -note: misspelled on purpose-) and I need that to polish that stylized title I was talking about. Which again, I think it is boss. I can't wait to share it.

I sent a sample of WOVaN to an editor and also another person. I have gotten one back and once I get the other back then maybe I can decided if I will go with a professional editor. I haven't quite decided if I can afford/ will go with a professional editor, yet. x_x I don't know. Its expensive and what if I never sell enough copies to make back the money spend on an editor and the cover commission? I am also doing my hardest not to mess with the stories or any of my own editing yet until then. Just patiently twiddling my thumbs and focusing my attention on another projects so I am not idling sitting there panicking over how horrible story probably really is: They are going to think I am an idiot to want to publish this and its not ready yet to see the light of day! Yes, I panic easily. Yes, that is pretty much quotes from my mini self in my head, you can add to it, her running around like a chicken with its head cut off. WOVaN is my first to be published baby, I am worried its not as good as it could be, but sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, put the pen/keyboard down and let your baby fly.

o.o Yeah, I kinda think what was a weird metaphor too.....

Some quotes I shared in the past from WOVaN:

"...Patted paws with deadly claws scratched the dirt and another howl rang through the woods, deafening from behind her, the hot breath sending terror through her body..." - WOVaN vol.01 by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"...head lulled, his vision swimming before him, seeing three, four, five versions of his attacker drifting in and out in front him; like a swarm of identical ghosts weaving in and out of each other as they sneered at him..." - WOVaN vol.01 by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"-crash from the front room, both in unison looked in that direction. Before their feet touched the ground, Seth found himself against-" WOVaN vol.01 by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

New quotes from my projects:

[N] "-Gee wiz, way to make a girl feel special."
[E] "You didn't let me finish, it was quite lucky. Fate, clearly. That I ended up with you."
[N]"You make me feel all bubbly and warm my un-beating heart."
  -A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

[N] "..and I won't be too much of a pain in the neck. Unless you want me to be."
[G] "Cheeky, I like it. You can certainly be a pain in my neck."
[E] "I don't know either of you."
  -A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

[V] "Uh- Shit..."
[N]"You knew about Vampires and NEVER told me?!"
Starts punching his arm, pissed.
[V] "Ahh-You have enhanced strength, please remember that."
[N] "Who said I forgot?!"
   -A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

"...She stiffed at the sound of heavy foot steps. She had dropped her guard in a moment of confusion. Angry at herself for getting distracted, it would cost her life, this mistake..." -Luminescence in the Darkness by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix
End of Quotes 

Reply to Comments:
I want to say thank you, Rick Gualtieri who's book, Bill the Vampire, I am currently reading and absolutely loving! Laughing out loud almost every page. I want to thank Rick, for your comment and tips on my post Little Advice/Help
^_^ It helps to know that what I was thinking and so far what I have been doing is good- on the right track so to say. Its reassuring, so thank you! Also no worries about the cover art, its all her own work. She is doing a picture for the banner on my blog right now, and I have seen her Work In Progress. Plus, also I have known her for about 8-9 years, from my close knit high school group of friends.

Miscellaneous Other Things:
Last post, The Giddy Delusions of Dreams, I wrote the short story For Evergreen. I actually kind of liked how it turned out. I am thinking of perhaps adding to it (editing it). I may put it in WOVaN Vol 2 and add more to the beginning of the story. Little more of how and why it got to that point, but we will see. Would it take away from it?

I have also since that post, added to my document of my Silly SNL monologue ideas and making fun of my own stories with skit ideas. Is that sad? >.> One: doubtful I would get a chance to host SNL; and two: doubtful my ideas are up to par for their show. But heh, why not. It amuses me. I am having fun and that is all that matters.

Also on the subject of SNL-ish. I mention I added Jimmy Fallon to the dream cast, I watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on occasion with my dad and a recent episode he did an adorable video with Carly Rae Jepsen and the Roots 'Call me, Maybe'. It is forever what I see now when I hear that song and I makes me enjoy it even more.

I love Jimmy Fallon, I really hope he and at least most of not all of my dream cast members will want to play their respective characters- if I even somehow by some amazing luck, get to make A Vampire Romantic Comedy into a movie. Heck, I would be A-okay if they want to swap characters around! And Hell, if they want to change the story, add what surely would be better dialogue, I could could die on the spot and be euphoric! As I said, I would love to collaborate with them. Hey, nothing wrong with dreaming big.

I will leave you with that and now I will get back to work on A Vampire Romantic Comedy. Can't make the dream come true if I never finish the story!

Enjoy! And if you want to read random short stories...That I should probably go over again and edit them better. x.x But here are links..
The Short Stories Guide
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  1. You're welcome. I'm happy to help. When I first started doing this I met a ton of cool writers who were more than happy to share their experience and give some advice. I'm happy to spread the good karma.

    ps: super happy to hear you're enjoying Bill.