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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mr Kill Without Asking

'Mr. Kill without asking...' - A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

Lol, I just like that line, it amuses me so.

So, progress on A Vampire Romantic Comedy is going, AMAZING! I have written over 50 pages of just dialogue and minor notes of actions. Let me repeat that, over 50 pages of just dialogue. Can you tell how excited I am? How motivated I am? Not only am I putting my heart and soul into this story, and I feel what I have done so far rather reflect that, but I am so- excited and inspired to work on this. It probably helps that it is fueled by the hopes of it being made into a movie and dreaming of certain actors playing the roles of these characters, and the silly idea of being Nataline. Not that it will happen, but dreams are pleasant and motivation is good.

Aside from the over 50 pages of near pure dialogue, I have about 17 pages worth of the novelization. Everyday I am writing and working on this, even work days. That is how much I am loving this story, I fight through groggy tiredness from a 10 hour shift to type up the ideas I had that day. (I don't want to make the same mistake as I did with Modern Magic and fall behind on the typing up notes. x.x Oh Modern Magic, I swear I haven't forgotten you...) I have discovered that I really like this method of writing, working mostly on dialogue first then moving to writing it as a novel. I find it helps to pin down the plot and what will happen, getting that worked out first before getting off track with descriptions of everything.

Image from Amazon
Though I will admit, that due to Rick Gualtieri's Bill the Vampire series, I did slack of a bit on writing this week compared to previous weeks. Though I still managed to get some work done and finish the first two books of the Tome of Bill. Not that I am really complaining, I have a new favorite Vampire, Bill Ryder. There are three books out for this series. Bill The Vampire book one, Scary Dead Things book two, and The Mourning Woods book three. Which just came out and I am currently reading. So far loving it as much as the other two. If you enjoy comedy, horror, vampires and nerds, then I suggest this series. I laughed on almost every page. Kinda of makes me want to hide my attempted at a comedy book. >.<.....

Did I mention I have a new favorite vampire? Bill Ryder, give me a moment while I swoon some more.

Also speaking of Modern Magic. I do and still plan to finish that, but it is a long story. It will be a long-ish series, and for me that requires a lot more work and thought to plan all that out. I should try my new writing method. Plus I don't know what it is about Madori, but I am struggling to pin down her character and background. Aside from her, I have a lot on Modern Magic written down. Which is part of the problem. o_o Don't really want to type up all those notes I made when my laptop was broken. Goodness, I made a lot of notes.... Comedy, the dorky romantic comedy I have in mind doesn't really require a thick interwoven plot like a series....Although the last few scene ideas have seem to turn it a bit more complicated that originally intended. But it is fun and relaxing to write and everything is type up. (._. ) Also WOVaN vol 01, as I have said before is done story wise, for the most part. I feel it lacks something I haven't figured it out, plus it does still need editing which I plan to do. I should do, shame on me. Currently my goals have reversed. I want A Vampire Romantic Comedy to be finished and published first. Though maybe I should give WOVaN some attention again... While setting goals is important, I think tweaking them on occasion is still okay. Right? I am still on track for my main and original goal, have something publish ready by the end of the year. I have a good feeling about A Vampire Romantic Comedy.  And if not, I have WOVaN sitting right there.
Bill Ryder -Image from his Facebook

I shall cross my fingers and although being distracted by Bill Ryder in all his Sexy Nerd Vampire-ness, I will/must keep making good progress and work on my own stories every day.

Regardless of which of the two I feel are publish ready before the end of the year, I will have something. I am determined. One of these stories will be finished and published. The problem with having too many ideas. x.x Its hard to know which I will managed to feel is ready first. But finish I shall, but in the meantime, back to stalki- I mean reading about Bill Ryder in The Mourning Woods.

Umm..... Here take a sample from A Vampire Romantic Comedy by Nekodra K.D. LaCroix
*scurries off to read more The Mourning Woods*

The Morning After
There is not enough coffee to clear the fog of coming back from the dead in a strangers bed.

Nataline groaned, placing a hand to her weirdly throbbing head. Talk about feeling like your waking from the dead. Nataline groggily thought.
“Ugh...I only had one drink..” She spoke a loud to herself, shifting under the chilly sheets, settling back in a more comfy spot, still partly wrapped in the warmth of sleep and unwilling to fully let go of its comfort. The last images of her dream etched on her mind yet out of reach to really remember. Someone had been holding her and that was the only abstract feeling she needed to not want to let go.
“I need coffee...” She muttered to the pillow and began moving to sit up and that is when she notice something was off about the feeling of that pillow. It was not the fuzzy softness of her space themed pillow cover.
“..and this is not my bed...” She commented, having yet to open her eyes, still unsure if she was ready to wake up and find out what reckless thing she might have actually done. She could feel cloths setting off the nerve endings of her skin, so that is a good sigh, right? Though she felt like a minor panic attack was hoovering on the edge of her near future, but her heart keep its oddly very slow and steady beat, yet her chest felt tight like it was racing.
“You had half a drink, but it was what I drank that knocked you on your ass.”
The voice came from her immediate left, and though it registered on some level as familiar Nataline still found herself making an embarrassing squeak of surprise and a comical flail of her arms as she slipped off the edge of the right side of the bed and unmistakable thump of her ass landing on the not so forgiving ground next to it.
“umpf...” She groaned, cracking open one eye to be greeted with Mikael bursting with laughter as his face peeked over the edge of the bed, where he was laying on his stomach. His long hair a bit frazzled from the nights sleep.
“Your a graceful one.” He commented, still laughing as he rolled onto his back.
“My eyes where closed, I was in a strange bed; not a proper judge of my gracefulness.” Nataline try to defend herself, with a glare.
“We will see about that.” He rolled back over to look at her, still chuckling.
Nataline paused to think a moment, studying his face. Feeling herself drawn to his eyes, but shook it off. He face was round but he had more of a square chin and his grin was a little lopsided. He had a very animated face, and she had a feeling that he was someone who could pretend to be just about any personality that he felt require to get what he wanted. She wondered if the way he was last night was anything true to his personality or just he working to get what he wanted. If she was honest with herself, he was damn fine looking and the suit he was in last night had lead to a rather attractive air, if you set aside the fact he was overly cocky for her liking.
“Mikael, right?” She recalled his name, that was a good sign she remembered meeting him at BRB Tavern last night, the image was slow and flitted across her mind of him getting cozy and introducing himself in that very attractive suit. No, that does not excuse him from kidnapping her!
“Good, you have a mem-” He started and was rather taken back by her sudden outburst.
“You sick pervert! Trust me, you said! Most fun you'll ever have! - No quote 'I will show you an eternity of fun'! Did you rouffie me?! You sick-” She rushed up to give him a piece of her mind and found herself already standing on her feet impossibly quickly.
“Whoa, head rush...” She held her head with both hands and closed her eyes as the world caught up with her. Feeling displaced from time for a moment. She took slow careful breaths that felt odd but a habit.
“You will get used to it.” Mikael waved it off like it was no big deal.
Maybe I am loosing it. She thought, and started patted her pockets for her phone which was not there. Shit!
“One, please tell me that being in my clothes is a good thing and you didn't just simply redress me and two, where in the fuck is my phone, pervert.” She turned to glare at him accusingly that he had taken her phone and this was a kidnapping after all. And while she should be scared, oddly enough she was not and instead just irritated that it had to be an rather a attractive and well off looking man had decided to drug and take her home with him. What did scared her was she couldn't remember anything after telling him that large ego's were not attractive as she walked away.
Well it was time to stop beating around the bush, Mikael pushed himself up to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Hey, just because I am a Vampire, does not make me a total monster. Name calling is hurtful, and you will get your phone back after I explain everything, and your panic attack is done.” Then waited patiently for her response, her pleading for life. For her to freak out and try to run away.
What he didn't expect was her lack of shock.
“Great. Lovely, as much as I would like to geek out that you are obviously a Vampire fan. YOUR NUTS! If you tell me you sparkle in sunlight, I am staking you myself. Regardless if you are or not.” She poked her finger towards his chest, glaring.
Ah, well once again she did not react as expected. Unsure if it was due to doubt or her being just crazy, Mikael resolved to put doubt completely off the table and see where that takes things. In the blink of an eye, Mikael had her pinned to the wall using his body to hold her still. He had one hand pinning her's above her head and the other held her to her side. He lavished her neck with a few kisses before he sank his fangs in the same place he had last night, opening a new wound over the healed one.
Nataline curled her fingers in attempt to hold onto something as the pleasure washed over her body.
“Oh~ Gods~” Nataline groan with passion and last night came flooding back. She tried to say something else, but she lost all train of thought, and suddenly it was over far too soon, and that moment of ice dumping on her washed across her body as he released her. Her eyes were half open as he looked down at her, licking his lips of blood....

-End of Sample-
 By Nekodra K.D. LaCroix
Bill Hader - image from google
It still needs some work, I am sure. I make silly mistakes that I haven't caught yet, and some I won't catch thus why will have others look at it at a later point. Hope you enjoyed the snip-it from the story. The dream cast for Mikael is Bill Hader. 
Have a good night.


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