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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springs Rejuvenating Treat

x.x Yeah, there is a reason I haven't been using my parents super old and super slow computer. It makes me want to bang my head against the desk. Now that the browser and word processor are open, its not so bad, but getting to that point is like wading through a river of molasses. But I really wanted to type something, proper type. And I had an urge to do a WOTDS. I had a burst of ideas for Modern Day Magic a few days ago, but I can feel the staleness, I needed to brake to something new for a moment and then I feel I might be able to work better. Though part of the problem is I no longer like to write stories by hand, mostly because I can barely read my own hand writing and editing is so much better on a computer. And doing this WOTDS on a computer, oh I feel rejuvenated. I really do. I think I might go crazy if I don't get a new laptop soon.

Also: This isn't a return yet, just a treat because its been so long. My laptop is still dead and I am crossing my fingers to get enough money for my birthday to get a relatively cheap netbook that I can word processor on and also play Minecraft. And type my stories, ah proper typing is so nice. So this is a treat not just for my readers, but me too. Typing feels good. I am still technically on a hiatus, but like my tweet from earlier today, hopefully the hiatus will be ending soon. (my twitter account: @Nekodra) My birthday is April 10th, but like it often is, my family is combing Easter and my Birthday, so I will be getting my gifts on the 8th and I have a large family. So if everyone gives me money for a gift, I should hopefully have enough for a netbook and I don't know what I will do if I don't get enough. >.< But ^_^ Think positive, I am sure it will all work out.

I have managed to work quite a lot on Modern Day magic. I slightly dread the moment when I will start to take those notes from pen and paper to the computer. I have such horrible handwriting and I have a rough estimate, that at last count, I have written about 5,500 words in that notebook. I took a sample of 11 pages and found the average word count and that's how I am getting that number- the average word count times the page number. Could be more or could be less. Also I think, if I remember correctly, that puts me at about a total of 38,000 words for the overall count for Modern Day Magic. Wow. 

So anyways, I won't bore you too much longer and then I will post the WOTDS and that will be my Spring Gift to my readers and something new and better then that last post. 

I have been playing a lot of Pokemon the last week or more and looking forward to Black and White 2. Though admittedly I am a little disappointed its not a 3ds game, meaning they aren't utilizing the street pass the 3ds offers. I am hoping that Black and White 2 are throw outs to keep us fans happy while they are working on a new generation that will be for it. I can think of so many possibilities they could do with Pokemon and the street pass tool on the 3ds. I can't image them not making a Pokemon game specific for the 3ds. A lot of my Pokemon playing has been to make a bunch of babies to give away at Sakura-con, because like I mentioned before, my current only cosplay is a Pokemon Breeder. So if your attending Sakura-con 2012 at the Seattle Convention Center April 6-8th, keep an eye out for a light blue apron dressed Pokemon Breeder with a silver bucket of Pokeballs. I have baby Pokemon to give away.

Also, anyone else enjoying the new episodes of Psych, I am. I think my favorite out of the recent, well how can I choose between Shawn dressed as Indiana Jones? But I also loved the Shinning Episode. Though I think if I had to choose, Indiana Jones and then the Shining, but its a close one.
Really is. That character Amy from the Shinning episode, oh she was a riot! Loved it, such great comments. I heard the cast had a hard time keeping a straight face with her lines, and I think its clear why. Also the Indiana Jones episode, the return of Pierre Despereaux, love that. He is such a fun character! Shawn and the Real Girl, not bad. Like all Psych episodes it was funny, though I do still need to watch it the second time. I was distracted the first time and I know I missed things that I am sure will make me enjoy the episode more. I am also really looking forward to tomorrows episode. Marlowe returns. I have been waiting so long to see her and Lassie together again. I have seen a few clips and it looks promising. Psyched for it!

I have also just gotten into The Vampire Diaries. I don't know how that show slipped three seasons under my radar, but it did. I have completely caught myself up the last 3 weeks, and have found myself falling hard for Damon. Yum. So I look forward to Thursday nights, Wednesday and Thursday nights are currently the best days of the week. Once Doctor Who returns, there will be a third night, but they are currently filming the next season so it will be sometime before then. Anyone else sad we are loosing Amy and Rory? I know it has to happen the companions can't stay forever, but its still sad. I will probably cry as much as I did for Rose and Donna. Though admittedly I am really curious bout who his new companion is, I think I read that it will be officially announced tomorrow. So curious.

Okay, enough yammering. Like I said Hiatus still in effect, this is just a gift to re-awaken my muse and a gift to those who maybe missing reading my blog and my short stories. I know it had been a while before the hiatus since I have posted a Short Story. So here it is:

Note: I think I fixed all the weird spacing errors, that don't know what caused them in the story, but it should be readable now.

March 20th 2012

Word Count: 1,507
Vernal- Appearing or Occurringin spring
Scivolare (Italian)- To Slip
Benefictium (Latin)- Kindness,Benefit
Silere (Latin)- to be silent, tobe still
Timor (Latin)- Fear
Alainn (Irish)- Beautiful
Alag (Hindi)- Different

Benefictium of Death

She smiled with a sad sigh at the vernal beauty of the landscape as it shifted before her eyes. The stark difference of the death winter held, then to melt into the warmth and rain of spring. While it wasn't her favorite time of year. While the comfort chill of winter gone. While the frozen landscape gave away to blooming buds. It was still beautiful, it was still the natural glory of nature. The crisp green of life. The crisp colors of living. 

Picking up her almost forgotten bag from the still growing grass as it stretched and yawn from its slumber, shaking the last chill weighing it down to stand tall and to once more continue its ever struggle to reach and touch the burning rays of the sun. Now to head back into town with the gathered herbs collected to begin her first dinner alone.

In the shadow of the trees loomed a darkened figure, cloaking itself in the shade of the newly leaf endowed tree, who shivered with excitement at the mornings gift to stretch it's branches out, no long a skinny knot of bones but bloating to touch its neighbors in glee. 

Pulling the hood tight around his hidden face to dashed from the safety of darkness and rushed for the young women of pale skin and soft eyes. New to adulthood and independence, still full of childish naivety to the world. Forgetting one simple rule of safety when near the woods, never wander alone.

Suddenly she found herself shoved under the cooling shade of a tree that had been several feet from where she had once stood. Strong iron gripping arms held hers down and against the scraping bark of the tree. She could feel her arms scratch away skin by the stinging that crept along back of her arms that kissed the wood.
Gathering a moment of overwhelming curiosity that had nothing to do with being brave, she opened her eyes to a frightful scene. Red blazed eyes pierced hers and suddenly she lost all will to struggle, fear crawled up her spin, but she had no reason to leave his strong arms and so she stilled herself and didn't dare speak a word. 

A breeze rushed up and the hood fell away to reveal his face, now no longer a pair of flamed eyes. His skin looked like it was once tanned but now forgetting how to hold pigment proper it was white as a ghost, as silver as the moon and such a wonder to the dark as a forgotten cave hair that frame his face, most having fallen from the tie that held the rest back. A Strong face of a man who one knew hard times, and perhaps a battle ortwo.

“That’s better, its going to be okay.” His voice hypnotically soothed with its devil charm. “Tell me your name, pretty thing.” He released one arm to stroke her soft freckled cheek with a smile that hid bad intentions. 


“Nataline, what a unique name.” He stepped closer, pressing himself against her body and took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of grass and spices, cinnamon. “Such alovely thing. How old are you?”

“19” Her blue eyes dazed, and tone even and without fear, though deep down she wondered if she should be, but his voice soothed her once more.

He released her other arm, both hands now cupping her cheeks. “19, so young, so innocent. Oh, but the most apparent of innocent are always the ones who end up being the most fun. Maybe I will give you a gift. Would you like that, a gift?”His smile became a knowing smirk.

“Gifts are always a lovely surprise.” Her lips broke into a childlike grin at the sight of a Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

“Yes, yes they are.” He began to brush his cold fingers through her long darken hair, moving it off tothe side exposing her neck, watching the vein beat with her even calmed heart that held hands to the occasional flutter of speed washing in like a tide, before he spoke again, locking eyes once more. “Do I frighten you, lovely?”

“Your kind, you thinking of giving me a gift, why should that frighten me?”

“My eyes.“ As they blazed brighter. 

“My teeth.” As the canines sharpened and grew.

Her heart fluttered then took off like a shot, chest tightened for a moment and then curiosity took over again, masking itself in bravery.

“Are you a demon that hides in the skin of a man?” She asked with wonderment. 

“I am a demon, who tends to be more human then a man.” He answered simply with the memories from past scenes swimming and rising a moment of anger that he stilled and returned his focus on Nataline.

“Are you going to kill me?” She asked.


“Then I have nothing to fear.”

“I think you do deserve a gift, Lovely. To make up for past days and undeserving attention.” He commented, in possession of knowledge that wasn't thought to be know.

“How?” Wonderment crossed her face once more, as her mind refused to bring thoughts into consciousness.

“I often go unnoticed in shadows and I see things, or over hear conversations that are miles away. My poor lovely.” He stroked her cheek again.

“Whats your gift?” She shivered unsure, curiosity still taking control. Her mind once again thrusting unwanted memories deep down into a never ending chasm, though they will still snake their way to the top again. 

“The gift of life and the world.” Tilting her head gently to the side, almost unable to control the need that weaved its way around him and escaping as a low growl from the pit of his stomach, before he rushed to sank his teeth into her throat. Blood rushed over his lips and down his throat, he tried to tame himself, but he gulped it down with greed, pinning her to the tree with his body as his arms held her tightly against him, one snaked around her back and other lost in her hair. 

Unexpected passion rose and wrapped around them both as she gasp in surprise and expecting pain, but it was more a pinch and it was gone as quickly as it began and feelings unknown and made her warmth, coiled in the pit of her stomach and fogged her mind. What else she felt was an odd sensation of emptying, it was the most curious feeling like once soul is melting into another. Feeling herself being pulled into his thirsty mouth and yet not moving an inch. Images brushed against her mind and then faded again, like a forgotten dream. 

Images of times long gone and deathwitness some by his own hand and many not. Of countries and worlds she had never dreamed of. 

They everything began to fade, she felt herself slip down the tree, lengthen those scraps along her arms from earlier, before the stranger took all her weight upon himself and they both slid to sit upon the shadowed ground, as he pulled his lips from her neck. Licking a trail of blood that began a path down his chin.

“Shh, not to worry.” He calmed as she began to struggle for breath. “Just a moment and it will get better.” He paused, to give his body time to absorb and change her blood before he bit into his wrist and brought the dripping wound to her mouth.

“Drink, Lovely, drink.” He cradled her to his chest, that rose and felt with heavy breaths of passion, relishing the blood that now coursed through his body and recalling the satisfaction as he recalled the nights ago when his slowly and painfully drained the life of the one who had hurt her. 

One hand bracing her head and the other still held to her mouth, as he focused his attention once more to her, a few nervous beats went by before enough blood trickled down her throat to awaken and energize enough and then she begin gulping it down on her own accord. 

“That’s it, take as much as you need.” 

The wound began to heal itself and when it did, he was a shocked when she gasped in pain at her teeth lengthening for the first time and then she bit down to have more.

He chuckled under his breath, “My-my.”

After a beat he pulled his wrist away.“Don't drain me dry, Lovely.” 

Another beat and her body stiffened a moment and then she screamed and in a flash she stopped, slipping unconscious as her body began to change and her heart stilled. 

“Everything will be better now, the world awaits for your eyes to view.” Picking her up and walking back to the darken woods that no one dares enter alone.

(The End)
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Alright, hope you enjoyed it. Back to Pokemon and watching Doctor Who. Just went through all of 10th Doctor again, such a bittersweet story and his last line before he regenerates, just kills. I will admit, I ball my eyes out every time I re-watch 10th Doctor, so many sad moments, bittersweet moments. Now onto crazy and goofy 11th Doctor. Who has grown on me, but 10th will always be my first. 

As always, please remember the story, Benefictium of Death was written by me. Thank you. 

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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