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Monday, April 16, 2012

Late Birthday Surprise

Still going to have sporadic posts, no laptop yet. I got almost half of what I needed to get a cheap-ish netbook- But I had a job interview! Super excited. It was the day before my birthday. It's a weeding process so there will be at least one more interview and it's unknown when that will be, because they don't have openings yet. They will have openings in the next few weeks and that's when the next interview will be- so any day now. The way my interviewer talked about it, sounded like I am a shoo in for another interview. Cross your fingers for me, it would be the best birthday present. And if I get the job, then screw getting a cheap netbook, I could get a new tablet laptop. I am so happy, just have to be patient. >.< Patience.

So in my excitement, I will wade through my parents crappy old old computer to give an update and write a WOTDS. Also fyi, it took me a few days to make this post merely because this ghastly old computer was driving me nuts and I could only handle it in small, very small doses. x.x I need a laptop, for the love of gods, let me get this job, for my sanity.

Zapp from Sakura-con. Photo from his Facebook page.
So Sakura-Con was fun as always. I love spending the time with my friends. So far I haven't been able to find any pictures of me and my fellow Pokemon Breeders. So if you were at Sakura-con 2012 Seattle, WA and you took any pictures involving a blue Pokemon Breeder with a cute small Lucario Plushie, that could be me and I would love to see the picture. There were three of us, a Red Breeder, Green Breeder and me, the Blue Breeder. Other then the one I showed in Split Musings I don't have any pictures of my cosplay. We did a 'photo shoot' with our friends who were Kagome, Sesshomaru and Naraku, but we ended up not taking pictures of the Breeders. So if you took any, please share. Next year, I will be joining the other three and I will be Rin. I likely will still bring the Breeder Cosplay and spend one day as a Breeder. But I am excited to branch out and try another Cosplay and as a group it should be fun.

Anyways, share pictures please and I can't wait for next year. Love Sakura-con. Zapp was there once again, love him. I hate the character Zapp from Futurama, but I love that cosplay of him. Weird, I know. The Zapp Loveline and Zapp Starship of Love was once again, AMAZING. They have a facebook- Zapp Branigan and His Spaceship of Love. Also of course, Cosplay Chess was so fun to watch. I kinda want to join next year, but I don't know if I have the guts. x.x

Spoilers for Hunger Games, Psych, and Doctor Who. Though if you keep up with the twitters of Moffat, Doctor Who news and other such Twitter accounts its not so much spoilers. But for those who want to know nothing, I should be courteous.

First Psych. The season finale was just last Wednesday. I can't believe they ended it like that! Honestly, I will be pretty upset if Henry doesn't pull through. Though I wonder if that's how they will lead into the musical episode, Henry loopy on pain killers. Lol. That would be funny. Until fall I will be worried about Henry. Can't wait. I believe they have started or are about to start filming. Aside from the ending, the episode was -as always-awesome as Psych has a habit of being, I just don't like the ending. See my crush favorites are Lassie and Shawn, then my favorite non-crush is Henry. He is bad-ass, remember the Deadman Curve Ball episode, tackle from no where for the win. Jules is also awesome, and I would at least steal a kiss from her. lol.

The Hunger Games: I actually only just read all three books for the first time just under a week before the movie hit theatres. Those three books had me by the balls, no joke- By. My(non-existing). Balls. I finished all three in about 2 and half days. I had trouble putting them down. Wonderful. I am late to the game I am sure, but if your of the few who haven't read them, I really suggest it. You won't be able to put them down.
I think they did a pretty good job on the movies. Things got glossed over, left out, it happens. I did like how hey unitized the game announcers. I feel there are just a few things I felt needed to be put in the movies that weren't there, because they play parts in the next books and I assume they plan to do the other two books into movies as well. All in all, I enjoyed the movie. I felt they captured the crazy style of the capital amazingly. It's was hilarious and how I imaged it. I think they picked actors who fit the roles well and I look forward to seeing the next two movies.

Doctor Who: So, I watched the Titanic mini series, which has Jenna-Louise Coleman. For those who don't know, she is the next companion after we cry our eyes out when Amy and Rory sadly leave us. Good news to that very very sad news, is that I personally think she will make a wonderful companion. When I first saw her I was unsure, mostly because I love Amy and I will miss her, but when I saw her in Titanic- I adored her. Simply put, she seems like she will be lots of fun. So if your unsure about her as the new companion, watch the Titanic mini series, it comes to DVD April 27th, I am pretty sure. Watch it. I think you will love her too.
Also am I the only one who picked up a hint about the Statue of Liberty being a Weeping Angel next season, or am I crazy? If its true, this sounds like a sad but Epic season.

Okay, I think I have talked enough. Next I will work on the WOTDS and then finally post this post.

April 16th 2012
Nox (Latin)- Night
Vacuus (Latin)- Free from
Idir (Irish)- Between
Kaafii (Hindi)- Enough


The room fell dead silent, someone slipped slightly and you knew in these silence they were blushing at the fact they broke it for a second. Someone shuffled nervously,t heir rubber shoes sliding to and fro without being pickup from the hardwood floor. A heavily annoyed sigh came from her left and she restrained from rolling her eyes and instead mimicked his sigh and spoke in a more lady light tone, but her bitterness was stillevident.

“I believe I am my own person, and there for have every right to make my own decisions. I have made mine and I don't think it is really right to chime in for or against it-”

But chime in they did, becoming an almost in-audible jumble of words and phrases. In the between the jumble words stuck out, a sentence make sense, before others swallowed the rest.

“Not right-”
“I have never-”
“What a ghastly choice-”
“What are you thinking?-”
“What is wrong-”
“How dare-”

This time he came to her rescue with a caring hand on her shoulder, with a hidden wink, his voice boomed above everyone else, and silence stuck. Sure even the owls paused inthe trees nearby.

“Let her finish!” His hand left her shoulder and she quickly stole it to her side, not wanting to loose the support.

“Thank you, Gavon.” She looked out at everyone again, knots tying and untying in her gut, not at her choice, but at her peers and her family. They just can't understand, and I can't understand that.
“Love knows no shape or conformity. Love is simply what it is and I love Gavon-”

“But he is-”

The glint of red, reflecting as flecks of burning embers in his blue eyes direction at the one who spoke and it was like a zipper had zipped and locked into place by invisible hands to close his mouth and keephim from finishing his sentence.

“I know, and I know you all know-”

Someone dared to expertly throw a wooden knife at the chest of Gavon, who not only caught it with eased but barely seemed to notice it had been thrown, simply released it to clatter to the floor. The room was silent again. Only one person can throw knifes like that, her brother. All thinking they would loose their lives as the cost of his reckless attempt.

“Please.” Her hand tightened its hold, anchoring her in place, otherwise she feared all would well up and swallow them whole, alone, without love; an unforgiving ocean of disapproval, of fear, of rejection, or worst of all- a mob to kill them.

Gavon turned to her then, and she knew that look. The look of I told you so. The look of why did you bother? The look that they would never understand as you do. She looked back to the unruly crowd, of those who once loved her, but now can no longer accept her for who she is and what she loves. She whispered quieter then any mortal ears could hear, words only for the one beside her. Once I finish talking, just take me away. I just want to be free from this, free with you.
“I thought I would give you all the curtsy of informing you that I was leaving, that I was in love. That I want to spend my days with the one I love. I simply did not want you to waste your days searching for me, thinking I was lost, or worrying if I had died and my body lost. My leaving is not up for discussion. Good bye.”

Dust swirling up was the only indication that someone had once been in that spot. No one spoke, for a moment they didn't even breath. Then one by one, sure they had not been killed by the beast, began to draw in air and release it. Someone fell to their knees, crying hysterically for the lost of a child, at what she believed to be the death of a child. Soothing masculine hands try to console the grief. A knife whistled through the air and lodged into the wall where the monster once stood. Others filed out of the house to leave the family to grieve in peace over a child lost to the night.


Please remember these stories are written by me. Enjoy.

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