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Friday, February 17, 2012

Split Musings

Checkers are so fun! <3
Oh my goodness, I just had the most insane burst of inspiration on my story the other day, I wrote over 4,000 words in one day! One day! That's so crazy compared to my average of about 500 - 1,000 a day. I am at over 31,000 words to my story. Its crazy! Its hard to believe. And it makes me so happy. I made such a leap in the story line too. I have separated some of the scenes into book one and book two. Most is in book one. Oh and I really hashed out the ending to book one, makes me happy.  Chapter 4 and Chapter five are coming together decently. While I have also written several other chapters that aren't quite in order yet, but have nice girth to them. I have actually started writing the Queen, so I am getting to know her better and she is about to make an Undead attack on Ember. I am starting to sort of delve into her personality, understand her and why she is doing what she is doing/going to be doing.

Though since that burst of inspiration its slowed down quite a bit-ish. I have two muses and I can seem to only be able to listen to one at a time. Currently my drawing muse is speaking a bit louder then my writing. While I have at least written a few hundred words each day, roughly, otherwise I feel guilty, I have more passion in my drawings then my writing at the moment. But it will pick up again, I think part of it is that its hard to focus on writing when I am visiting my boyfriend. Seeing friends I haven't seen in a while, actually going out of the house and spending time with people, makes it hard to get myself absorbing into writing. This post alone I have been working on for several days, maybe a week. >.< And who knows when I will actually post it, its hard to type when I really want to work on this drawing more. lol.

Modern Day Magic Recent Word Count:
Please remember, this drawings belong to me, Thanks!
2/08/12- 23,394
2/09/12- 24,432
2/10/12- 24,949
2/11/12- 29,024
2/12/12- 29,771
2/13/12- 29,859
2/14/12- 30,114
2/16/12- 30,854
2/17/12- 31,475 -so far today

Have I talked much about Once Upon a Time? Just a beautiful new take on old tales, wonderful. I eagerly look forward to Sundays. The recent episode, Sunday 2/12/12, had the wonderful Sage Brocklebank, who I normally know as the lovable, adorable, and just huggable Buzz McNab from Psych. Buzz is such a sweetheart with the cutest large grin. I don't want to say too much in case you haven't seen it. If you enjoy new takes on fairy tales, I suggest taking a look. You'll have to play catch up, I think its around 12 episodes so far, and its one of those shows that you really need to follow in order.

Again, did I mention fun? lol
Also, who else has been pulled in by The River? Wonderful, everything you love in creepy and heart stopping fear. The dolls, made me shiver. Something about dolls, they can make your blood run cold. Or losing the ability to see, that would be terrifying. Its wonderfully done. Its by the guys who did Paranormal Activity, so if you loved those movies, oh you will love this show. I still need to get my hands on Paranormal Activity 3, haven't had a chance to see it. Since I no longer work at a movie theater, I don't really get many chances to see movies anymore. Its very rare. I miss getting to see them for free, mini dream come true, free movies at a theatre. I love going to the movies. Anyways, The River, if you enjoy horror then you will enjoy it.

I have also now fallen for Sherlock, created by the same guy who is currently doing Doctor Who, Steven Moffat. Only on episode 3, but I enjoy it. There is just something about really smart guys who are hyper observant like him and Shawn Spencer (Psych). So fun to watch.

The only picture I could find, I am the blue one. >.<
In the world of games, I am currently taking a small break from Disgaea 2 to pick up Pokemon Black again to start breeding pokemon for Sakura-con. See I cosplayed as a PokeBreeder last year and well being a Pokebreeder I gave away eggs of various pokemon. So I am getting a start on getting a good selection of pokemon. Breeding them with my Ditto, and also leveling up and training a few pokemon to make them stronger before I use them to breed. So if you see me, a light Blue Pokemon Breeder with a tin bucket of pokeballs, ask me about my Pokemon eggs. That is if you want some baby pokemon. My Vulpix's are born with Flamethrower, will-O-Wisp and Ember.

In the world of Psych!
From USA's webpage for the Psych Calender Countdown.
Also, is anyone else excited when this saw this video? So close, its almost here, just under two weeks!

One last thing, I can't wait to get see The Secret World of Arrietty later tonight! I was really excite for this movie before I knew who was voice acting and finding out David Henrie is, I really can't

Okay, I think I have spend enough time working/writing/editing/yammering on this post. I am off to patiently wait to go to dinner at the Ram and see Secret World of Arrietty, by doodling and watching more Sherlock.

--Okay one more thing! Holy shi-! The epic long trailer for the next Kingdom Hearts game, its all in japanese, but still! Can't wait! Its almost 10 minutes, but if you are a fan like me, that's not long enough. Currently no date yet for America.

Okay the side notes and that's it for today. I may have to go play some Kingdom Hearts instead of drawing, now.

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So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6.  I am so excited, can't wait for 2.29.12!
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