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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ohh We're Halfway there- Ooh Living on a-

Doodled yesterday/today, it was super fun. ^_^ I like it

Modern Day Magic:
YES! Over 20,000 words. I feel accomplished. 21,543 to be exact. I have a few new 'scene' ideas. I expanded on chapter 2, which I also made a decision about the detective. So Chapter 2 is coming along nicely now. The next thing is when I visit my boyfriend from the 13th-20th, I plan to play some Magic and use that 'battle' for a scene between Danny and Ember. So we'll let the fates decide who wins, aka he will kick my ass. >.< But we will see, he plans to make several new decks with his two boxes of Dark Ascension he got, so maybe the one I play against won't do so well against my Human/Spirit Token Shitting deck...maybe. >.> *cough*

So the conversation is moving along once more for Chapter 2. The ball is rolling again with ideas for Modern Day Magic. It feels nice. Still feeling out the characters, I have Ember down pretty well. Still have decisions to make with Cole. Edward is hard to write, because I don't have a brother. Though there aren't really any scenes to write with him yet, but there is a past scene I am working on and its a little hard. I always wanted an older brother, someone who would have stood up for me through grade school, someone who I could have talked to. Someone to have played with. I was a lonely child, well I had my books and Tv Shows. Heh. But still a few big things that need to be figured out, but its coming along. *Bounces* Over 21,000 words! *Plays Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer* Ooh, better idea:

Only my boyfriend works at Gamestop and I am the one out of a job, but he is what keeps me going. I don't know what I would do without him, his support and love, honestly. I don't even what to think about it. *shivers* I would say that songs fits pretty well for this point in my life.

So Modern Day Magic:
I have plans for holiday chapters, the story starts off in early October. One holiday is pretty-- gruesome, so far at least. And with the magic, of course there is going to be a little Harry Potter tossed in, really, it can't be helped. lol.

Modern Day Magic Sample
The Most recent and last post with actual parts from Modern Day Magic for those who may have not read it and are curious. Please don't steal. lol. ^_^;; If you have opinions, please don't forget to say them. ^_~

Here is the current word count from the last few days:

2/01/12- 18,639
2/02/12- 19,759
2/03/12- 20,161
2/04/12- 20,967
2/05/12- 21,543 - so far today

Yay. I woke up this morning at 10am to my dad calling from Nairobi and I tried going back to sleep and I ended up writing about oh-- 200 words on my phone with ideas before I could pass back out of which I promptly did once my muse let me.

Then I had 4, yes 4, of those dreams where you think you're getting up. Then you suddenly wake up again, only once again you didn't. 4 times. I woke up with a slight headache from that. x.x Man and my boyfriend had bought me a pretty sweet swiss army knife and we were at this strange amusement park that apparently we both use to go to as a child. It was pretty nifty, old and rustic, I may add something like that to the story, it was actually pretty cool looking. Its so strange how dreams tend to re-write your history, fun, but crazy.

One of the times I 'woke up' all the light bulbs had decided to go out in the house and me and my mom had no way of getting more till my dad got back from Africa.

One time, I was at a pretty nifty school with past teachers I liked and I think Harper from Wizards of Waverly place was there. So was Ian from the first season of Doctor Who. I watched several episodes with the 1st Doctor before I went to bed. I admit, small crush on Ian. I was about to buy a Chai Tea latte with white chocolate from the star bucks on campus and I woke up! Gah, of course. I haven't had a Chai tea in so long because I don't have money and my dream couldn't let me at least have a sip before I woke up? No, instead in one of the dreams I ate a raw ball of meat, yes raw ball of meat. It tasted like a flavorless ball of mush. >.< uck.

Then one dream, I was in an art store and apparently wanted to learn to knit, but all the balls of yarn were 100 dollars, the starters kit was 1,000 dollars. I had no money, so I don't even know why I was there. The salesman was trying to get me to buy it all, he wouldn't listen when I told him I only had 6 dollars to my name. He kept showing me things I couldn't have. It was mean. My unconscious can be very torturous a lot of the time. 

Info on the Blog: 
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In case you haven't notice, I went through and put tags on my posts. A suggestion I got from another blogger. Here are some lovely tips from another blogger My Name is Not Bob and his post on 25 Ways to increase blog Traffic. I hope the words I pick work okay... I may have to go through and mess with them more, but I think I picked decent words for lack of better words. ^_^; So now you can see which posts I talk heavily about Psych, Red Dwarf or Doctor Who. Which ones have WOTDS, short stories, and when I talk about Modern Day Magic.

Psych Count Down:
(USA's site from Psych Calender Countdown)

Can't wait! Love you Lassie! And Psych is the only reason I will tune into the superbowl at 5pm on Sunday (aka later today <.<;; ). Just like I recorded White Collar just to watch the other promo, which of course was at the very end. >.< lol, I called that. I also don't know how many times I have watched it, >.> but more then I probably should have.....

Anyways, I think I have yammered on enough for 5:30am >.< I should probably go to bed. lol. But I will probably work on Modern Day Magic a bit more before I do. <.<;;

Night! or Morning!

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So excited here is a Link to a trailer for the second half of season 6. Here is the new promo. I am so excited, can't wait for 2.29.12!

-- Please remember, Modern Day Magic belongs to me, thank you.

~Nekodra K.D. LaCroix

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