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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Of Vampires, Pumpkins & Winter's Bite

I know I disappeared for a good while, busy with work (crunch time for a game I was testing, I worked 18 days straight and most were 10 hour shifts at one point. Actually wasn’t so bad and nice bonus with the overtime pay.) Also in general busy with stuff and writing. Distracted, etc… Hopefully this makes it up to you, I finally took the plunge, my first book is on Amazon now for the Kindle and eventually I will look into paperback. First though I plan to work on fixing some things before doing that. 

Also Remember you don’t have to have a kindle to read kindle books, there is the kindle app and you can download kindle for the PC - just throwing it out there for those who may not have a kindle, you can still buy my book. 
This is a collection of several short stories of a Vampire Nature, there are also some doodles for fun. Yes, there are one or two stories you might recognize that I may have posted here, but there are also many that have never been seen. Also they have been edited and altered, slightly.There are a total of 12 short stories of various lengths and I suppose 3 are actually poems -so 9 shorts stories, though not sure I am much of a poet, but they are formatted like a poem I suppose. Shrug. But besides the random poems, there are several stories, please if you enjoyed any of the short stories I posted here then you may enjoy these, so please buy? Please enjoy! 

I did change the cover art, for a period of time this had been the cover art:


Also note Vol.002 is well on its way and I will surely post here when it is completed and publish on Amazon. I am also still working on AVRC, have no worries if you were worried. In fact I did a bunch of writing on AVRC just yesterday. Modern Magic is still under construction as well. I will be adding a tab on the navigation bar for my books which will note progress on the ones I am still working on. 

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