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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hiatus on Hiatus

Heh, took me a while to actually post this because I got distracted by typing up my notes for Modern Day Magic and then what was going to be a WOTDS turned into this interesting Sci-fi story idea, that I want to polish up and maybe try and submit it to Asimov's Sci-fi Short Stories Magazine. Maybe. >.<
My parents now have a decent working computer- it can't run Minecraft, but it actually opens windows in a reasonable time frame. So this means the hiatus is more or less over. (assuming I don't get distracted by other story ideas again)  I will also be sure to no longer neglect the fact this is a blog to house my Short Stories of a Vampiric Nature and post a WOTDS with each post. This also means I have started attempting to decode my horrible handwriting and start typing up all my Modern Day Magic notes. Yay. I am excited. So modern Day Magic word count updates and WOTDS will start up again. I hope you all enjoy, and if you do- don't be shy in saying so. ^_~ Things are looking up. I am also working on a Facebook page for the blog, for those who may not have Twitter to get news of when there are updates for the blog. Still iffy on it, so unsure when it will actually open it for public view. For those who do have Twitter, don't forget you can follow me and get a tweets when I post a blog update. @Nekodra

It feels good to be actively thinking about and working on Modern Day Magic again- I wake up in the morning with a jolts of ideas again. I took a break for a while, lack of ideas and I just don't like writing it by hand. I also jotted down several pages worth of notes while I was out and about doing a few things. I also recently found an old collection of short stories I wrote when- I think 12 or somewhere around there- which I titled Twisted Universe, sort of a twilight Zone meets graphic horror. -Thought sadly there is one I want to find that I can't, but I have a few ideas of where it could be, but I can't get to that for a while. I think on the side, I might go through those -touch then up, edit them- and make a collection of short stories that I haven't posted here and maybe a few I have (only edited and perhaps expanded, maybe I will finish that story I started, To Hell With It, Part 1 )and put together a book of short stories. Would anyone be interested in buying that? I would probably do it through the Amazon self-publish, to test the waters so to say. ^_^ Don't know when though, or if I will, just an idea.

Okay, hmm- Do I have anything else to yammer about today? Have I mentioned recent books I have read or starting reading, or want to read? Lets start with that. So many books I want to read. I have over 80 samples on my kindle. The two samples I recently read and I am debating which to buy first and read are- Gunship by John Davies (@Johndavisbooks) or Wired Kingdom by Rick Chesler (@Rickchesler). Though the more I think about it, I am leaning towards Gunship first because the description mentioned Vampires and when I read the sample I couldn't help but be reminded of Firefly. So while the format, in the sample was a little hard to read just because there were a few spot it was hard to tell who said what, but other then that. I enjoyed the feel of the story, partly because of the reminder of Firefly and the anticipation to see what type of Vampires it will be and how it will be done. Yup, I just made up my mind, Gunship first then I will read Wired Kingdom. Annnd- Bought- Gunship is being sent to TARDIS (aka my Kindle). I will read will that once I an done working on the computer for a while.

There is also a Series I came across called In Her Name by Micheal R. Hicks I am curious to read too, I have the sample, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Same with Crater (A Helium-3 Novel) by Homer Hickam and Frozen Past and Near Death by Richard C Hale. So many books that sound so good. >.<

I also realized a few days that I had downloaded the Complete works of H.P Lovecraft for .99 cents a while ago because I remembered someone told me once I would love his stories, they are my kinda of stories. So I also read a few of the stories from there and I am enjoying them a lot. I now know where Cthulhu comes from which is awesome and I enjoyed that story. I like knowing- I have seen Cthulhu things, demoed the dice game at PAX and seen pictures. From the Grab bag did a while ago and I got a Cthulhu Cookie monster shirt. Now I enjoy it more because I actually know what Cthulhu is. 
Image from Gallery of past T-shirts.

Daily word count for Modern Day Magic is:
April 20th- 811 
April 21st- Worked on another story
April 22nd-Worked on another story
April 23rd-

April 23rd 2012
Finis (Latin)- End
Metus (Latin)- Fear

            That’s it, that’s the end. I am done for. Screwed, totally screwed. I can’t fight this. I can’t win. This is terrifying. What the hell can I do?
            “That’s no fair! Your reflexes are insane! I am surprise the controller can keep up with you!” Sighing in frustration, she flopped back on the couch, laughing; the controller left forgotten at her side.
            “It can’t, it lagged really bad.” Cole remarked nonchalantly, then joining in the laughter.
            “I don’t know why I even bother-” Sitting back up with a small glare that wasn’t serious.
            “Because secretly you’re hoping to beat me, but even if you became a Vampire you couldn’t.” He pulled her into a hug as she continued to glare at him. “You also probably thought you could easily win because I haven’t played many games, but no ego boost for you.”
            She continued to playfully glare.
            “Aw, don’t be a sore loser.” He added.
            “I am not being a sore loser; I am pointing out how the scales are unfairly tipped in your favor because your reflexes are inhuman.” She replied defensively.
            “I could fix that.” He brushed her hair off to the side, fangs becoming visibly longer as he grinned in what could only be described as a hungry predatory smirk while attempting to not smile like a goof.
            Ember put her palm on his forehead and pushed him back, which he could have resisted but didn’t, and was now laying, awkwardly on the couch as Ember stood up and stuck her tongue out at him.
            He just shook is head and laughed, then got a pillow in the face that Ember tossed lightly, actually aiming for his stomach and upon seeing it land on his face, darted up the stairs.
I know, its really short. It turned into a weird goofy playful scene between Cole and Ember from Modern Day Magic- Link to the post with an old version of the first chapter. I have edited it and change some things in the current format, but its an idea of the first chapter. Is it a story you might want to read? Keep in mind that post was a WIP of the chapter. I like to think it sounds better and I fixed things that sounded weird. I don't know if this scene will be cannon or not. It seems a possibility for when they grow closer and better friends, but not sure. It was fun to write, its an amusing video in my head. For other- longer- stories here is the Guide for WOTDS and Guide for Short Stories.  I need to go update the WOTDS Guide its a few stories behind now. >.< Must remember to do that.

Okay, I think I have ramble on enough. I actually managed a WOTDS today, as short that it is. >.>; *cough* Anyways- Back to Typing up notes for Modern Day Magic and the currently Unnamed Sci-Fi Vampire story I started the other day in place of a WOTDS. Enjoy.


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